Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 451 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 451 Mori Aikkos Tears 1 Part 2

After getting off the phone with Jong-Suk Park, Gun-Ho made a call to the accounting director in GH Mobile.

"I need to know the production team's Director Jong-Suk Park's bank account information."

"Yes, sir. I will give you his bank account information where we send his salary."

"Please text me with it."

"Okay, sir."

Gun-Ho sent 1 million won to Jong-Suk's bank account once the account manager texted him with his bank account number. Gun-Ho then sent a text to Jong-Suk.

"Jong-Suk, congratulations. I'm sending you 1 million won. Use it to buy some seaweed for your wife. I appreciate her for having a baby with you as well."

As soon as Gun-Ho sent the text message to Jong-Suk, Jong-Suk called him right away.

"Bro, why did you send me money?"

"I want you to get your wife good nutritious food like seaweed with it."

"You make me feel sorry, brother. You're being too nice."

"I didn't send it for you. That's for my sister-in-law your wife."

"Thank you, brother."

It was Saturday.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun went mountain climbing together to Cheonggye Mountain.

"Oppa, I won't come to TowerPalace next weekend. I have to work a night shift on Saturday."

"But you are a newlywed. Don't they consider that when they assign you a night shift?"

"If I wasn't a newlywed, I would have had to work more night shifts. Doctors often work a night shift. That's normal."

"Why don't you move to another hospital in this area closer to our home in TowerPalace? If you don't want to open your own practice yet, you can work with some other doctors in a small clinic."

"It's too early to quit. I need more time."

"I actually won't be at home in TowerPalace either. I have a business trip to Japan scheduled for next week."

"To Japan? I didn't know you have a business with Japan."

"I do. I have some business with the U.S. and China as well."

"I'm leaving on Tuesday and coming back on Thursday evening."

"I see."

"And, I'm going to China the following week."

"For how long?"

"I have to be there to see when I can come back. I go to the area in the west, called Guizhou Province."

"Guizhou Province?"

"Right. It's all the way to the west, and if I can go a bit further to the west, I can reach Tibet."

"Wow, that far?"

"Geographically yes, but since I take a flight, it won't take long to get there in time-wise."

"Have a safe trip."

There were lots of stairs in Cheonggye Mountain. When Gun-Ho realized that he climbed far up, Young-Eun was behind.

"Young-Eun, come quick. Are you tired already?"

A middle-aged lady who was on the way down smiled and said, "Are you a married couple?"

"Yes, we are."

"You are calling each other's name, huh? You don't use 'honey'?"

"Oh, ha. Hmm."

Young-Eun finally climbed to the spot where Gun-Ho was taking a rest.

"Gosh, I need to breathe. What did the lady say to you?"

"She pointed out the fact that we call each other's name even though we are a married couple."

"She'd better mind her own business."

"You know what? I will start calling you honey from now on. Honey!"

"Honey? Look at the goosebumps on my skin."

"Why don't you call me honey? Try it."

"Honey? Haha. Well, I prefer to call you oppa. I feel more comfortable that way."

Young-Eun laughed.

That night, Gun-Ho called Young-Eun 'honey' when they were in bed together.

"Honey, come close!"

Young-Eun laughed out loud.

"Honey, why are you laughing?"

Gun-Ho said while kissing Young-Eun on her cheek.

"Call me honey. Honey, I love you!"

Young-Eun couldn't stop laughing.

"Goosebumps again! Hahaha."

"Honey, I'm not asking you to do something weird. This is more natural between a married couple. Call me honey."


Young-Eun finally said 'honey' before hugging Gun-Ho. She was still laughing.

It was Tuesday.

Gun-Ho got on a flight at Gimpo International Airport in the late afternoon, heading to Tokyo. Gun-Ho bought some gifts at the duty-free shop at the airport before going to the condo in Daikanyama, Shibuya. He was having mixed feelings on the way up to the condo.

"Should I tell her that I'm married?"

Mori Aikko would feel shocked once she found out that Gun-Ho was married. Gun-Ho always felt grateful when he was with Mori Aikko because she seemed to consider him as her lover rather than just a sponsor. When he slept with her, she actually made love to him just like she would do to her lover. It was certainly not an act of performing a duty for her sponsor.

Mori Aikko was at home. But something was different. She didn't jump to him in excitement or cooked something for him.


"How have you been? I missed you."

Gun-Ho quickly hugged Mori Aikko who was like a little fairy. Gun-Ho expected her to be jumping around or wrapping her arms around Gun-Ho's neck in happiness, but she didn't. She was just standing there like a piece of wood. She placed her hands around Gun-Ho's waist and said, "Oppa, you are not going anywhere, aren't you?"

"Going where? I'm right here."

"You will give me your love for a long long time, right?"

Mori Aikko was crying. Gun-Ho pressed his lips against Mori Aikko's small lips.

"I was so excited when I received your text message that you are coming to see me, and I had a dream last Saturday."

"What kind of dream did you have?"

"You and I were a bird. I was a small bird, and you were a big one."

"Haha, really?"

"You the big bird brought some food and fed me into my mouth, and then you flied away. You didn't come back afterwards. The small bird kept crying and crying but the big bird didn't come back."

Mori Aikko was continuously crying while telling the story about her dream.

Gun-Ho tried to figure out what he was doing when Mori Aikko was having that dream. He was actually making love to Young-Eun in bed while playing with calling each other honey.

"Hmm. It was just a dream. There shouldn't be any meaning to it."

Gun-Ho didn't even bother taking a shower before undressing Mori Aikko who was still crying. He then abruptly kissed her and made love to her. Mori Aikko closed her eyes, and just let Gun-Ho make love to her quietly.

Gun-Ho then fell asleep.

How long did he sleep?

Gun-Ho heard some noise in the kitchen. When he got up and walked to the kitchen, he saw Mori Aikko eating something. Gun-Ho looked at his watch. It was after 2 am. When Gun-Ho entered the kitchen to get some water, he was frightened. Mori Aikko was drinking by herself.

"Are you drinking?"

Mori Aikko smiled. She looked lonely.

"Will you join me?"

Mori Aikko was having a slice of bread along with liquor. Gun-Ho felt a bit hungry and sat at the table facing her. Gun-Ho quickly emptied the glass of liquor that Mori Aikko filled up for him. He then ate a slice of bread. Mori Aikko filled Gun-Ho's glass again with liquor.

Mori Aikko then said in a low tone, "Oppa, it's about the time for you to get married."

Gun-Ho let out a deep sigh instead of saying anything. He couldn't tell her that he was already married.

'I'm so sorry, Mori Aikko.'

"It's late at night. Let's go back to bed."

"You are a young man with a lot of money, oppa. You probably have lots of women around you, who I don't even know. I know that I might be just one of those women. I'm glad that I was once loved by you. You will be in my memory forever."

"Don't be silly. Why do you say that?"

"I'm going back to Taiwan tomorrow. I was in the middle of a drama shooting when you texted me. I came here to see you, and I have to go back."

"Oh, you will be in a drama? What kind of role are you playing?"

"It's a geisha."


"It's about a spy who works against the Japanese government, and he falls in love with a geisha in Japan. I'm not the main character, but just a supporting character."

"Hmm. Really?"

"Taiwanese media talked a lot about the drama because a real dancing geisha is playing the geisha role in that drama."

"I hope the drama succeeds."

"At dawn, I have to go to the airport. I'm sorry that I won't be able to stay with you."

"It's okay. We spent the night together. Take care of yourself, okay?"

Gun-Ho gave a kiss to her cheek. He then held her hand and led her to the bed.

"Get some sleep."

Mori Aikko began crying again and held Gun-Ho's face and started kissing him all over his face.