Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 454 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 454 Expanding Logistics Business Into Overseas Market 1 Part 1

Gun-Ho came back to Korea from his trip to Japan.

"I feel sorry for Young-Eun for that I had fun in Japan with another woman, as a married man."

Gun-Ho remembered that some luxurious handbags were being sold in the Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong Town.

"I will buy her a handbag."

The handbags that were being sold there were worth over several millions of won.

"Maybe I should buy two more of these handbags for Artist Choi and President Shin. They aided me a lot with successfully marrying Young-Eun after all."

Gun-Ho purchased three French designer handbagsChanel. The store clerks were very kind to Gun-Ho, who bought three highly expensive bags from them.

Gun-Ho put one of the handbags at home in TowerPalace and placed the other two in his office in the building in Sinsa Town.

President Shin stopped by Gun-Ho's office just in time, and Gun-Ho gave one of the Chanel handbags to her.

"What is this?"

"It's a handbag. It's a small token of my appreciation for you. You had helped me a lot, so I could meet Young-Eun and finally marry her."

President Shin opened the paper wrapping bag and screamed, "Oh, my goodness! It's a Chanel handbag!"

"I bought two of them. One is for you, and the other is for Artist Choi in Yangpyeong County."

"This must be very expensive. I do love it, but I'm not sure if I can take it."

"It's okay. Of course, you can have it. I just wanted to show my gratitude."

"I can deliver it to Artist Choi if you are okay with it. I'm going to her house anyway in Yangpyeong County this Saturday."

"Sure, thank you. That will be great."

President Shin left Gun-Ho's office with a happy smile while carrying two Chanel handbags.

It was Friday. After work, Gun-Ho was in his car heading to his home. He asked Chan-Ho Eum who was driving the car, "Chan-Ho, did you get your passport?"

"Yes, sir. I gave them my photo, and they quickly issued my passport."

"What about the visa? Did you get the visa to China as well?"

"I'm not sure about it yet. I asked Assistant Manager Jeong as you told me to. She said she would take care of it for me."

"That's good then."

"What should I wear for the trip?"

"Bring a business suit. We will meet with important people in a high class. We don't want to dress casually, but we want to wear a business suit showing them that we respect them, and we take their business seriously."

"Should I wear a tie as well?"

"That wouldn't be necessary."

"Umm, I can't speak Chinese. Will it be okay?"

"No one expects you to speak Chinese. I just want you to stand behind me looking serious."

Gun-Ho arrived home. When he opened the front door and entered home, Young-Eun was already in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"How are you?"

"How was your work?"

Young-Eun didn't look happy to see Gun-Ho. She looked cold.

"Let me wash myself. I will be back."

Gun-Ho went to the bathroom and washed his face and feet. When he came back to the kitchen, the table was already set with dinner.

"Dinner is ready."

Gun-Ho sat facing Young-Eun and started eating. There was a spinach soup instead of Doenjang-jjigae. Young-Eun didn't say a word while having dinner for some reason.

Gun-Ho felt distant from Young-Eun that evening.

'What's going on? How come she is being cold today? Did she find out that I spent the night with Mori Aikko? Did she activate her 'special instinct' thing to detect my affair with another woman?'

Gun-Ho made some jokes to her in an effort to ease the atmosphere, but she didn't really respond to it.

"Oh, you know what? I got something for you. It's a handbag."

Young-Eun lifted her head and looked at the handbag that Gun-Ho was holding.

"This is a very expensive handbag. It's Chanel."

Young-Eun seemed to sneer at him and said, "Give it to another woman who you know."

"What are you talking about? I don't know any woman. You are the only woman I have in this world."

"People like a parvenu carry a handbag like that."

"I bought three of them and gave one to Artist Choi and the other to President Shin. Are you saying they are parvenus?"

"People wouldn't mind if a middle-aged woman carries a bag like that, but they would talk bad behind my back if I carry it around at my young age. You can give mine to some other woman that you know."

It was strange that Young-Eun kept referring to some other woman. She acted weird that evening. There was no way that she knew about Mori Aikko, but Gun-Ho still felt guilty and uneasy.

"If you don't feel comfortable carrying it around, for now, I will keep it until you become a middle-aged lady."

Gun-Ho thought he saw Young-Eun smile slightly in response to Gun-Ho's statement.

After dinner, Gun-Ho cleaned the dishes for Young-Eun. While Gun-Ho was washing dishes, Young-Eun did other household chores such as doing laundry and mopping the room floor.

"Let's sleep in a separate room tonight. I feel tired."

"What's the matter, Young-Eun? We haven't seen each other for the past five days. Come here!"

When Gun-Ho tried to kiss Young-Eun on the cheek, Young-Eun blocked her cheek with her hand.

"I will see you tomorrow."

Gun-Ho felt annoyed by then.

"What's wrong with you? Just talk to me!"

"I just feel exhausted today. That's all."

Young-Eun then covered her face with the comforter in her bed.

'Hmm. I just don't understand sometimes why women act in certain ways. They are just weird.'

It seemed that there was nothing much that he could do for now. Gun-Ho picked up his pillow and went to his room and slept by himself. He couldn't think of any possible reason why Young-Eun was acting so cold that night.

The next morning, Young-Eun said she would go to her condo in Myeongryoon Town because she had to work that day even though it was Saturday.

"Well, then I will have to go mountain climbing by myself."

"Suit yourself."

Young-Eun was still being cold to Gun-Ho.

"Me I have to go to China next week, all the way to Guizhou Province."

"Safe trip."

Young-Eun didn't show any emotion.

"Since it is a remote area in China, I'll have to go with Chan-Ho Eum."

When she learned that Gun-Ho was going with Chan-Ho, she lifted her head a bit and then she went back to the cold version of herself again.

Young-Eun didn't even lay her eyes on the Chanel handbag that Gun-Ho bought her, and she picked up her old bag and headed to work.

It was Tuesday.

Gun-Ho sent a text message to GH Mobile's President Song, Dyeon Korea's Director Kim, GH Media's President Shin, GH Development's Director Kang, and GH Logistics' Jae-Sik Moon, saying that he would go on a trip to China to visit a factory there, so he wouldn't be available for the entire week.

[I'm leaving for China today in order to visit GH Parts Company and Dyeon Korea's sales company there. I will be back after four days. If you need to talk to me or give a report to me, please contact me via email.]