Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 460 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 460 Expanding Logistics Business Into Overseas Market 4 Part 1

The deputy mayor refuted Gun-Ho's claim strongly that they planned to build an unnecessarily large terminal for a small city.

"It is true that the terminal that we designed to build is maybe too big for the current Antang City. However, we need to take into consideration that Antang City will grow significantly. Antang City currently has a population of 800,000, but we never know how large it will grow after three years or five years."

"Antang City is situated inland, and I don't think its population will grow dramatically within a few years."

"That's not true. The Chinese central government is aggressively promoting the development of the west area, and Antang City is part of it. The west area has fallen behind in development compared to the east area. The government wants to develop the west area to the level of the east area."

The director of the transportation department, who was sitting next to the deputy mayor, added.

"Our deputy mayor's grandfather was in the Eighth Route Army. At the time, many people believed that resisting the empire of Japan was like hitting a rock with an egg. However, the Chinese army continued to fight against Japan while living in a cave because they didn't give up their future. Just like they did in old times, we need to look to the future."

"That's good thinking, but I am a businessman who invests in something that would bring me profits. If an investment would bring small or won't profit, I can't make an investment."

"That's why we are offering you a license to run a bus business in order to compensate for the risk that you are taking. It's a license to run intercity buses between Antang City and Guiyang City."

Even though they were sitting in a high-end restaurant, Gun-Ho and the deputy mayor couldn't focus on enjoying the food because they had an important business to achieve. Gun-Ho continued to talk while having a fried freshwater fish.

"Can I take a look at the Kexing xing baogao shu (business plan)?"

The director of the transportation department said, "Hong Kong had previously shown their interest in our project, and we do have the Kexing xing baogao shu that we submitted for their review. We are currently making a small change on it, but I will show it to you if you want."

"Do you allow raising the number of buses if the number of passengers increases?"

"Of course, it is possible."

Gun-Ho, who had vast experience in joint venture business, laughed inside.

'Are they going to allow for his foreign partner to increase the number of buses, so the foreign partner could make more money? I don't think so. They will ostensibly support it, but they will eventually bring a local business to make money.'

"I have one more question."

"Sure, go ahead."

"During the joint venture business, is it possible to transfer the joint venture company's shares to a third party?"

"Hmm That, well, as long as the investment funds stay intact, it would be allowed."

The deputy mayor tried to lift the mood.

"Well, let's have a drink together. I suggest everyone pick up their glass in front of each, and bottoms up!"

Once everyone finished their glass of liquor, the deputy mayor started filling them with liquor again.

"Mr. Director of the terminals, why don't you send the original business plan to President Goo, not the modified one?"

"Okay, sir."

"The bus terminal company is actually the one that will actively participate in the project. The company that manages the east terminalDong zhangis also running a passenger transportation company. Its official business name is Antang Transportation Company. It's the largest company in Antang City."

"I know that. The role of the government in this situation is limited to connect two business partners to form a joint venture company since a joint venture is done between two companies."

When the conversation entered a pause, two male and female staff in colorful Chinese ethnic costumes brought Chinese traditional musical instrumentsErhu. They started playing it.

Gun-Ho's party continued to enjoy the food while appreciating a piece of Chinese traditional melody.

When they finished playing Erhu, the deputy mayor quietly talked to Gun-Ho, "President Goo, what do you think? Are you interested in working with us?"

"I'm not sure. It is a tempting offer, but the initial investment fund is too high."

"You don't have to prepare the entire fund at once. You can bring the amount gradually according to Ji chen gao (completed amount) rule."

"Is it hard to take a loan from a bank by using the land as collateral?"

"That could be done after a joint venture company is established and its initial investment funds are brought in."

"I see. Let me first take a good look at the business plan once it arrives, and then I will give you my answer."

After dinner, when Gun-Ho came back to his hotel room, he had an acute headache.

"Why did I drink that much during dinner? That strong liquorBaiju. I must be out of my mind."

Gun-Ho laid down on the bed and got lost in thought.

'It won't cost much to get more buses once I get the operating license. I would even be able to make a lease for them.'

'The problem is the construction cost for the terminal. It will cost me more than 25 billion won. If GH Mobile was a public company, I would be able to issue some convertible bonds. Honestly, that terminal business will bring good money if not a jackpot. It is a Cash Cow business.'

Gun-Ho continued to think about the terminal project before he fell asleep that night.

The next morning, Gun-Ho woke up feeling a stomach pain. He also had diarrhea.

"I guess I drank too much of that strong liquor last night."

Gun-Ho had to go to the bathroom three times before breakfast.

"My flight to Suzhou City is scheduled at six in the afternoon. The president of the terminals will send a car, so I could take a tour around Antan City before heading to Guiyang City at 1 pm, but it seems that I have to frequently go to the bathroom"

Gun-Ho looked out the window. It was raining. He suddenly felt shivering. Gun-Ho made a call to the president of the terminals.

"I feel tired and not feeling well today. I think I'd better cancel the tour since it's raining as well. Please send the car to the hotel at 1 pm. I will directly go to the airport for Guiyang City."

"Understood. I was a bit worried about today's schedule as well because of the rain."

When Chan-Ho Eum came to Gun-Ho's room, Gun-Ho told him, "You will need to have your breakfast by yourself today. I'm having diarrhea."

"I have medicine for diarrhea. Do you want me to bring it?"

"Oh, you have medicine for it? Did you bring it from Korea?"

"Yes. Give me one second. I will bring it to you right away."

While Chan-Ho went to his room to pick up the medicine, Gun-Ho felt like he wanted to praise him for being well prepared for the trip.

'Hmm. He prepared some first-aid medicine for his trip abroad. I didn't know he was that type.'