Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 461 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 461 Expanding Logistics Business Into Overseas Market 4 Part 2

Chan-Ho brought a small box of some first-aid medicine. The box was a first-aid kit with all kinds of medicines and items such as digestive medicines like Cheong Ro Hwan, cold medicines, an antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, compress dressings, etc. They were placed in the box in a very organized way.

"Wow. You are very well prepared."

"Actually, the madam gave it to me."

"Madam? What madam?"

"Your wife, sir."

"My wife? Really? When did she give this to you?"

"She stopped by the building in Sinsa Town the day before we left. You didn't see her?"

"She did?"

"She came during lunchtime and gave this box to me, and she said she wants us to have a safe trip. She said she couldn't stay long because she had to get back to work as soon as possible."

"I see."

Gun-Ho was touched by his wife's thoughtfulness and care.

'Young-Eun, thank you.'

Once he took Cheong Ro Hwan with warm water, Gun-Ho felt much better. He laid down on the bed and thought about Young-Eun. He missed her, and he missed her tender and fair skin.

'I guess this is how a married man feels like. I feel sorry for Young-Eun. I haven't done much for her. I feel extremely sorry for the fact that I slept with Mori Aikko the other day in Tokyo. I will buy a gift for her at the duty-free shop at the airport on the way back home.

But, Young-Eun doesn't seem to like an expensive gift that I buy at the airport's duty-free shop.

Then what should I get her? I want something fun for her, something that would make her laugh.'

The rain stopped. Gun-Ho called for Chan-Ho Eum.

"A car will be here to pick us up at 1 pm. Because of the rain, I canceled the city tour that was scheduled for morning. Let's just walk around the city on our own."

Chan-Ho looked excited and followed Gun-Ho to the street.

The street looked cleaner after the rain, but there was stagnant water everywhere along with a bad smell.

"Sir, what does that business sign say?"

"It's a laundry."

"What about that one?"

"It's a barbershop."

Chan-Ho was busy taking pictures whenever he saw a three-wheeled rickshaw or a person in a Chinese ethnic costume while following Gun-Ho around. Gun-Ho entered a traditional craft shop and bought two wooden figures that were wearing a Chinese ethnic costume.

"This one is for you."

Chan-Ho, who was holding the wooden figure, looked excited.

Gun-Ho and Chan-Ho took the car that the president of the terminals sent for them, and they arrived at the airport in Guiyang City around 5 pm. Gun-Ho gave two packs of Korean cigarettes to the chauffeur as a gift.

When they arrived at the airport in Suzhou City, Min-Hyeok Kim was waiting for them.

"President Goo! How was the trip to Guizhou Province?"

"It was okay."

"Hey, Chan-Ho! You are here too!"


"You haven't eaten yet, right? Let's go and get some food."

"Can we eat Korean food, not Chinese food? I think I ate too much oily food. I had diarrhea."

"Sure. I know a decent Korean restaurant around here!"

Suzhou City was beautiful, especially at night with splendid street lights.

"Wow. It is a big city."

Chan-Ho commented while looking out of the window.

Min-Hyeok took them to a Korean restaurant in a hotel.

"I will have a Doenjang-jjigae (a Korean soybean paste stew)."

"Okay. For Chan-Ho Since he is young, he will need to eat meat, right? How about Bulgogi*?"

"I can eat anything."

Min-Hyeok ordered one Doenjang-jjigae and two Bulgogi.

Min-Hyeok talked about how things went with their business in China, "We are lucky that we have the Suzhou Industrial Park. The Korean companies occupying there place lots of product orders from us. Currently, our monthly sales revenue exceeded 700 million won."

"That will make the yearly sales revenue by more than 8 billion won. Last year, you achieved the annual sales revenue of 7.8 billion won, right?"

"This year's goal is 10 billion won, and I have good feelings about it. We are providing good quality products on time, which satisfies our customers. Moreover, ever since we are working with Dingding's sales company, we are doing even better now."

"It's good that the company in China is being stabilized."

"One of the reasons that helped to stabilize our business is the reliable machines. They used to produce defective products, and I had a hard time apologizing for it to our clients. I no longer have to do that these days."

"That's a big relief!"

"We have now the former factory manager. He is very reliable. Since he is healthy even at his age, I want to work with him longer."

"He is okay with his current salary of 10,000 Yuan, isn't he?"

"He seems to be satisfied with it. Our company pays for his room and flight tickets to Korea. He visits Korea quarterly. He once told me that he felt sorry because the company pays for his personal expenses."

"I see."

"The major source for our sales revenue is the productAM083 Assemblythat goes to S Group, in addition to our existing products. Also, the window manufacturing company that Seukang Li introduced to us is our major client as well. Dingding received a product drawing from the company in Yangcheng the other day, and we just sent it to Korea."

"Did you send it to the GH Mobile's chief officer of the research center?"

"Yes. He said they can complete the mould and send it to us by next week."

"Hmm, I see."

"If that goes well, we will make the sales revenue of 9 billion won this year without any problem if not 10 billion won."

"Are you still the general manager of your college alumni association in China?"

Min-Hyeok smiled and said, "Yes, I'm still doing it. One of my college friends there is working in the Mandong Company's factory in the Beijing location as a manager. He said he would visit me someday. I'm planning to make his best day here when he visits me."

"Mandong Company is GH Mobile's second major client. If you could make a business with them here in China, that would be great."

"The thing is that since their factory is located in Beijing, the transportation cost will be high. But, if they order expensive products, then it will be worth making business."

"Sounds good. I hope it goes well."

"You can stay in this hotel. I made a reservation for two rooms. You are leaving for Korea tomorrow afternoon, right? I will come back tomorrow at 10 am."


"You can stop by the GH Parts Company tomorrow before visiting Dingding's office. I told Dingding to make a reservation with a nice restaurant for lunch."

"Sounds good."

Gun-Ho felt much better after having Korean food. Also, he felt good when he thought of his factory in China.

'When I acquired that factory, I paid 100 million won to Mulpasaneop's president's son. And then, I put an additional 300 million won in it when it started the business. I just received 950 million won as a dividend from the company. So, it's like I picked up this company for free.

Moreover, Min-Hyeok is having a successful life by operating that company. Also, the retired plant manager is working here too. Anything that company makes from now on, that's extra money. As Master Park from Goesan Town told me the other day, Min-Hyeok is making money for me, and all I have to is to count that money.'


Bulgogi Grilled beef which was marinated with all sorts of vegetables and soy sauce