Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 476 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 476 Transfer The Ownership Of Dingdings Sales Company In China 2 Part 1

Min-Hyeok Kim called Gun-Ho from China.

"I told Dingding about the change of the major shareholder of the company."

"What was her reaction?"

"She said that maybe it would be better for the sales company to belong to a business entity rather than an individual; maybe the company would receive better support financially. On the other hand, she worries if the major shareholder would interfere with her managing the company, especially with personnel matters."

"She doesn't have to worry about it. It won't happen."

"She also said that even though the sales company would become a subsidiary company of Dyeon Korea, since President Gun-Ho Goo owns half of Dyeon Korea, maybe she wouldn't see any difference."

"Oh, she said that?"

"When I told her that she would lose her stock option, but instead, her salary will be 20,000 Yuan, she was happy."


"It seems that she felt pressure with the 5% stock option since she hasn't really done much to procure clients, and 90% of her current clients are Korean companies. Moreover, the potential client in Yancheng that she has been working on hasn't made their decision yet."

"It's good to know that she prefers to get an increased salary rather than a stock option. I was worried about it because I promised her a stock option. The appraisal for the land hasn't come out yet, has it?"

"No. It will take time. I've already made a request for it to the appraisers. I told them that I will use the appraisal to take a loan from a bank, so I will need a high price shown in the appraisal. I also told them that I would give them a Hongbao (a red envelope with money in it) as an incentive if I see a way higher price in the appraisal than I expected."

"Good job."

"I will let you know as soon as I hear from them."

It was the moving day for GH Media. They are moving into the office on the 17th floor in GH Building. Since GH Media was a publishing company, there were tons of books to move, and it took enormous time to unpack and organize the new office. The moving was completed in the afternoon.

Gun-Ho visited their office on the 17th floor. The desks and chairs seemed to be efficiently arranged, so everyone could have enough space to work with. Those, who had met Gun-Ho before, greeted him when they saw him coming into the office. They said that the internet was ready to use as well.

The design team leaderMs. Min-Sook Ohhad mixed feelings when she saw Gun-Ho that day. Min-Sook had a crush on Gun-Ho, and Gun-Ho would never find it out. Her crush on Gun-Ho had started when Gun-Ho was running GH Development near the Gangnam Station with a few OneRoomTels. And, Min-Sook was working at a design company next door. At that time, Gun-Ho had a small office with only two workers. Min-Sook didn't know that Gun-Ho was an extremely wealthy man; she thought he was just a small business owner. When she found out that Gun-Ho was an enormously rich man with several companies and a giant building in Gangnam District, she gave up on him thinking that he was out of her league.

On Gun-Ho's wedding day, Min-Sook couldn't stop crying.

On the week when Gun-Ho's wedding was scheduled on the weekend, Min-Sook asked Ms. Ji-Young Jeonga bookkeeper of GH development at that timeto go to a theater with her in Daehakro on the weekend.

"I can't. My boss is getting married this weekend."

"What? You mean, President Gun-Ho is getting married?"

When Min-Sook learned that Gun-Ho was getting married, she couldn't breathe in shock. She was devastated. She took some time to calm herself down and said, "Oh, I didn't know President Goo is still single. Well, you should attend his wedding then. I'm not sure if I should go though."

"Actually, only the executive officers are invited to his wedding. I'm going there to work. I have to sit at the reception desk."

"Who is he marrying?"

"She is a medical doctor. She is working at Seoul National University Hospital."

"A medical doctor? A medical doctor and a businessman of a huge company They should be good together. Well, I will let you go back to your work. We can go to Daehakro maybe next weekend then.

Min-Sook Oh cried when she was left alone.

Gun-Ho knocked on the door of GH Media's president's office. President Jeong-Sook Shin was talking with the chief editor in the office. They stood up when they saw Gun-Ho entering the office.

"It looks like you are all set."

"Yes. Moving is almost completed. I already paid the security deposit to Director Kang as well."

"Haha, you did? If you need anything, please contact Director Kang or me. We will be downstairs."

"Thank you, sir."

Gun-Ho looked at the chief editor. His position was a managerial level which was higher than the position that Jae-Sik Moon had when he worked for GH Media. This new chief editor still had his ponytail. He now had a beard as well, which added an artistic vibe to him. He was four years older than Gun-Ho, and he had feelings for the design team leaderMs. Min-Sook Oheven though Min-Sook hadn't opened up to him yet. That was probably because of the age gap between the two. The chief editor was way older than Min-Sook.

Gun-Ho received a call from the deputy mayor of Antang City, Guizhou Province, China.

"President Gun-Ho Goo? Hi, this is the deputy mayor of Antang City."

"Oh, hi, how are you?"

"I was wondering if you have received the business plan that we sent earlier."

"Yes, I received it. We are reviewing it right now."

"The construction period of the terminal is two years. Since it will take a substantial amount of money, we are not expecting you to bring the funds at once. As to the operating license to run the transportation service, once we sign the contract, we can issue it to you right away."

"Okay. We are strongly considering the possibility of joining you for the project. I will let you know once the decision is made."

"We are planning to visit Korea to have a tour of terminals in Korea. A tour is scheduled in the middle of this month for the director of Antang City's transportation department and the president of the terminals. They will visit Seoul Express Bus Terminal, Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, and Seoul Nambu Terminal."

"Oh, really?"

"We've arranged the tour with the Korea Public Transportation Association. You don't have to be there, President Goo. They might want to visit you while they are in Korea though if that's okay with you."

"Of course. They are welcome at any time. Just give me a notice in advance."

Gun-Ho opened up his email.

"There are just too many spams and advertis.e.m.e.nts. It's a work to delete them all."

Gun-Ho started deleting spam emails one by one as he read their subjects.

"Viagra? Who would take those pills?"

Gun-Ho continued to delete spam emails.

"To Mr. President? Who is it? Oh, it's from GH Mobile's general affairs director."

Gun-Ho opened the email from the general affairs director.