Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 483 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 483 Wood Carving Exhibition In Yokohama City 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho and President Jeong-Sook Shin continued to converse.

"I'm going to Japan the day after tomorrow to visit Mr. Sakata Ikuzo's wood carving art exhibition. I'm leaving by an early morning flight and come back to Korea on the same day in the evening."

"Is Mr. Yoshitake Matsuda going with you?"

"No, but we will meet in Tokyo and go to the exhibition together. He will stay there for several days. Since he is now working with us as a freelance journalist, he wants to discuss some business with Japanese costume play magazine, and he also wants to stop by his home there."

"I was told that his home is in Tokyo."

"That's right. I'm not sure where in Tokyo, but he said he is living in Tokyo."

"I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow as well. Let's meet up in Yokohama City. I will introduce Mr. Sakata Ikuzo to you."

"Oh, you have a business trip to Tokyo scheduled for tomorrow, I see. Well, sure I will see you in Yokohama the day after tomorrow."

Gun-Ho sent a text message to Young-Eun to let her know about his business trip to Japan. He didn't want her to speculate about the trip.

[My business trip to Tokyo is scheduled tomorrow. I am meeting with the world-renowned engineer Mr. Sakata Ikuzo to discuss some business about mold design. He is also holding a wood carving art exhibition there. I will visit his art exhibition as well. If you have time, I'd love to go with you. President Shin will be there as well. She will meet with Mr. Sakata Ikuzo to discuss the possibility of his art exhibition in Korea.]

Young-Eun replied.

[I don't think I will be able to make time for it. Have a safe trip.]

After verifying that Young-Eun wouldn't come to Tokyo, Gun-Ho sent a text message to Mori Aikko.

[I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow for a business trip.]

Gun-Ho received a call from Seukang Li in Shanghai, China.

"I was told that people from Antang City are coming to Korea for a tour on terminals."

"Yeah. I received a call from Antang City's deputy mayor the other day about it. The deputy mayor is not coming, but the director of Antang City's transportation department and the president of the terminals will be here."

"That sounds more practical. You should expect to have at least four people then. They will come with their assistants."

"If they happen to come to visit me after the tour, I will make sure that they have a good time in Korea."

"So, you made your decision to invest in the terminal project?"

"I'm still thinking."

"Yeah, it's very you. You are always careful and take your time to think through before making any decision. I remember that you took a long time when you made your decision to invest in the industrial complex in Jinxi Town."

"Of course. I will have to put my money into it. I have to think about a lot of things."

"The terminal project is public investment. You might not hit the jackpot by doing it, but I'm pretty sure that you won't lose money. When the transportation department issues a license to run the bus service, they do their own homework, especially about the supply capacity. They are careful in issuing the license."

"Of course."

"By the way, I have something that I'd like to discuss with you. Do you have any plans to visit China anytime soon?"

"What is it?"

"Remember that I talked to you about a production company business of soap operas? I told you that there are, of course, large production companies in China, but there are also small production companies here."

"Yeah, I remember that."

"Is it a good time to talk? It might take time."

"Sure, go on."

"Among those small production companies, Shanghai TV made a contract with one of them to produce a soap opera that would be made with 40 episodes."


"They have shot 10 episodes so far. But the thing is that their investor recently withdrew from the contract. President Goo, are you interested in taking it over?"

"Nah. I don't think I have enough funds to invest in Antang City's terminal project and the production company."

"Is there anyone you know who might be interested in it?"

"There should be tons of wealthy people in China, who would be interested in investing in it. Why do you need a foreign investor? I understand that Antang City wants to bring a foreign investor for their public service project in order to show that they successfully brought foreign investment money in the community. However, producing a soap opera is a different business. They don't care whose money they use, but they just need to succeed, right?"

"The problem is that the Chinese investors usually want to take over the production company itself even though the ownership or operating right is not on the table. They just want an investor who would invest in a soap opera that they are producing and share the profits. The investors are not invited to jointly own or manage the production company."

"Well, I don't know what to say for now. Let's talk after I get back from Japan. I'm going on a business trip to Japan tomorrow. I will be back after a few days."

"Didn't you just come back from India? You are going on another business trip overseas? Man, you are indeed an international businessman."

"Let's discuss further about the production company investment after I return from Japan."

"Sounds good. Bon voyage."

Gun-Ho arrived in Japan.

When he thought of meeting Mori Aikko, his heart started beating hard. He actually enjoyed sleeping with Mori Aikko better than with Young-Eun. Mori Aikko knew how to please her man. Gun-Ho felt more comfortable with Mori Aikko since he didn't have to lead all the time. Gun-Ho sent a text to Mori Aikko.

[I just arrived in Tokyo. I'm heading to downtown right now.]

A reply arrived.

[I'm waiting for you.]

"Huh? Is she home?"

Maybe she took a day off after she learned that Gun-Ho would visit her today. Gun-Ho headed to the condo in Daikanyama, Shibuya.

"I should get her something like a present. I don't want to go see her with me empty-handed."

Gun-Ho got off at Shibuya Station, and he took the exit towards Hachiko. He then entered the Ichi Malukyu shopping mall.

"What should I get for her?"

When Gun-Ho picked a bright-colored t-shirt and a handbag, he received a text from Mori Aikko.

[Where are you right now? Come quick.]

[I'm at the Ichi Malukyu shopping plaza. I want to get something for you.]

[Just come home. I don't have much time. I can't stay home longer.]

[You have to go somewhere?]

Gun-Ho quickly paid for those two items that he picked, and he took a taxi.

Gun-Ho finally arrived at the condo in Daikanyama. He entered the condo after putting a passcode at the door. Mori Aikko was sitting on the sofa. She was fully dressed up.

"Mori Aikko!"


"I missed you so much! You have no idea how much I missed you!"

Gun-Ho abruptly hugged Mori Aikko and pressed his lips against her small lips.

"What took you so long to come home?"

"Are you going somewhere? To where? Why are you dressed up like this?"