Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 486 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 486 Costume Play Event Part 1

When Gun-Ho arrived at his office in Dyeon Korea, Asan City, he started reviewing the doc.u.ments that Mr. Adam Castler showed him. Each doc.u.ment was written in Chinese, and there was a translated English version attached to them, and they were notarized.

"Let me see the doc.u.ments."

"The doc.u.ments look perfectly normal as expected."

"I see a deposit slip for the paid-in capital, the appraisal for the storage land, the list of customers corroborated by their tax invoices They all look good. Min-Hyeok sent us the ownership transfer form for a business entity as well."

"Sir, I know I asked you to sign the contract with me simultaneously, but I think I'd better sign it after I come back from the trip to China. It would be a violation of the head office's procedure if I sign the acquisition contract before I conduct a proper inspection of the company."

"Sure. Either way, I'm fine."

"I made a flight reservation to China for tomorrow. Since I don't speak Chinese at all, I asked Ms. Dingding to come and pick me up at the airport."

"That's good. Since she speaks English very well, she will be a good guide for you."

"I will stay there for two nights and three days."

"You do what you have to do. If you want to stay longer to visit a few tourist attractions, that is fine with me too."

"I will do sightseeing later. I'm planning to visit China again later during my vacation."

"Sounds good."

After Mr. Adam Castler left the president's office, Gun-Ho made a call to Min-Hyeok Kim.

"Dyeon Korea's Mr. Adam Castler is leaving for Suzhou City, China tomorrow."

"Yeah, I was informed."

"He wants to verify things in person if everything is matched to what the doc.u.ments that you sent depict."

"Those doc.u.ments are all notarized; nevertheless, does he still need to verify them?"

"I guess it's just a part of the procedure that he has to conduct. Once he arrives there, just make sure that he has a good time. Keep in mind that he loves to drink."

"Hahaha. Got it."

"Tell him that you and I spent a lot of our personal money in developing the clientele."


"And tell him that the storage land price will go up dramatically in the near future. Just give him some hope."

"Understood. I will do that."

It was Saturday. While having breakfast with Young-Eun at home, Gun-Ho talked about the costume play event that GH Medial was hosting.

"Let's go and see the costume play event around Hangnyeoul Station today."

"Oh, the event that President Jeong-Sook Shin is hosting?"

"Yeah. It seems that we will be able to see lots of kids who dress like a cartoon character at the event."

"I've heard of it, but I've never been to an event like that."

"Me either."

"I heard that many children are so into it."

"That makes sense. I read tons of Japanese cartoons when I grew up."

"That's right. I did that too. I was once caught by my dad; I was reading cartoons without sleeping at night."

"Shall we re-experience the old feelings again today?"

"Where did you say the event would occur?"

"It's in the vicinity of Hangnyeoul Station. It's only two blocks away from our home. We need to get off at the station right after Daechi Station."

"Then, we don't have to bring our car, right?"

"Right, if we don't need to go anywhere else after visiting that event."

"Let's go there in the afternoon. This is our schedule today. We will have our breakfast at home followed by the morning coffee, and I will clean the house, and we take a nap. Then, we head out to the event."

"Sounds good."

"After we stop by the event at Hangnyeoul Station, we can walk back home along the Yangjae riverside."

"You want to walk home from there?"

"Yeah. Two stops is a very good distance for a walk."

"Where do we have lunch then?"

"We can find a place around our home. There seem to be tons of good restaurants in this area. I've seen several around Dogok intersection."

"How come you know about this area better than me?"

"I used to hang out in this area when I was in college."

"When you were in college?"

"Yeah, lots of my friends from college live in this area. There are two at TowerPalace, one at Wooseong Condo, and one at Seongyeong Condo."

"You don't see them any longer?"

"No. They are all guys."

"Where do they work?"

"I don't know. I heard some of them work at Seoul University Hospital's Bundang City location, and one is working as a deputy director in a small hospital."

"Oh, I see."

Gun-Ho was thinking, 'D*mn, I've never run across even a single person who graduated from Seoul University Medical School in my town where I grew upJuan Town, Incheon City or Bucheon City. But in this expensive area, there seem to be tons of people like that. I think we really need to adapt India's caste system along with their quota system for Shudras which seems to be equivalent to the group of people in Korea, who were born into a poor family. This situation is so sh*tty.'

"You know what? I actually ran across a guy friend from college in the supermarket the other day."

"Is he living in our condo complex?"

"No, he is living across the streetRamian condo complex. He asked me where I was living. When I told him that I'm living in the TowerPalace Condo, he asked me if I was married."

"Did you proudly tell him that you are happily married to a very reliable and nice guyGun-Ho Goo?"

"Guess what he said when I told him I was married."

"What did he say?"

"He said that he thought I would marry an African man since I did my volunteer work there."

"Crazy freak!"

"Can you clean the dishes? I cooked this morning. You can at least wash the dishes, right?"

Gun-Ho couldn't say no, but he started cleaning the dishes while mumbling.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun took a nap. When Gun-Ho woke up, it was ten after twelve.

"Shoot. Young-Eun! Get up!"

Gun-Ho kicked Young-Eun's thigh lightly to wake her up.

"Ten more minutes."

When Young-Eun refused to get up, Gun-Ho kicked her again lightly.

"We have to go now."

"Let me sleep for five more minutes then!"

Young-Eun went back to sleep. When twenty minutes passed, Young-Eun's cell phone started ringing.

"Oh, auntie?"

Gun-Ho could hear Artist Choi's voice over the phone.

"I'm at the costume play event around Hangnyeoul Station. It's fun. There are so many kids here. I've met President Shin as well. You are not coming today?"

"I'm on my way."

Gun-Ho snorted.

"Ha! She just woke up!"

Young-Eun started moving busily. She washed her face and made a fuss about getting ready to go out.

"Oppa, hurry up."

Gun-Ho wore a business suit but without a tie, and he wore a high-end brand t-shirt inside the blazer. Young-Eun picked a colorful dress for herself. She was wearing a light make-up as well, which was odd. She looked vibrant overall.