Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 489 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 489 Joint Venture Company For Transportation 1 Part 2

"Hey, President Goo!"

"Oh, Mr. Director, and Mr. President of the terminals!"

"Your factory is huge and very nice."

"How was your trip to the terminals in Korea so far?"

"It was productive. In order to build a good terminal, it's very useful to visit existing terminals."

The two Chinese men didn't come by themselves, but they came with one more person. The president of the terminals introduced the new face to Gun-Ho.

"This is our planning manager of the terminal company."

"Oh, really? It's very nice to meet you."

Gun-Ho, who had extensive experience with a joint venture business, thought,

'This guy must be the one who drafted that business plan. Once a joint venture company is established, this man will take its vice president position.'

"How is the deputy mayor Mr. Lixian Zhang doing?"

"He is doing well. He told me to say hello to you on his behalf, sir."

"Oh, he did? Well, I want you to meet someone. This is GH's transportation company's President."


Jae-Sik Moon gave his business card to them as he greeted them. The Chinese people gave their business cards to Jae-Sik as well. The transportation department's director said while looking at Jae-Sik's business card, "Oh, Logistics! I'm delighted to meet you."

"This is our plant director here in GH Mobile."

"Oh, really? Your plant director looks very young for the position."

At that moment, the general affairs director came into the president's office, and Gun-Ho introduced him to the Chinese guests as well. And lastly, he introduced Team Lead Kim to them

"And, the person who picked you up at the airport is our team lead in the quality control department."

"Oh, I see. I was wondering who he is."

The transportation department's director extended his hand again to Team Lead Kim for a handshake. Team Lead Kim was impressed by Gun-Ho's fluent Chinese. His pronunciation sounded perfect.

'When and where did he learn his Chinese? I lived in China for two years, but I don't think I can compete with him.'

The terminal's president said while looking at Gun-Ho's face, "I briefly looked around the factory on the way to your office. It seems to be managed very well. It's spotless."

"Our workers keep their own worksite clean voluntarily. Our plant manager will give you a tour of the factory. It's a manufacturing facility, not a terminal construction site, but since you are here, it will be interesting to take a look around it. After the tour, we will have lunch. Our general affairs director already arranged it."

The Chinese guests followed Director Jong-Suk Park to take a tour of the production site. The machines there have been cleanly managed since My Machine program was implemented in GH Mobile. The Chinese people were astonished by the cleanliness of the machines and the spotless factory floor. They said later that they learned more while looking around GH Mobile's factory than during the tour at the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

Moreover, they greatly enjoyed the food during lunch at the Korean traditional full course meal restaurant Seungjiwon. They explicitly showed their gratitude for Gun-Ho's generous treat. As a matter of fact, they were not very well treated during previous tours with the Korea Public Transportation Association. It seemed that these Chinese visitors were just another work for the staff of the association.

"We truly appreciate your treat, Mr. President Goo. Our Antang City is as large as Cheonan City in Korea. When we previously visited Cheonan Bus Terminal, we noticed that its shopping business is very well developed. We are envious of it. Since Antang City's terminal is located a bit off from the downtown, I don't expect to see a lot of commercial activities there; however, I'm sure the hotel business will be very good."

"I agree with you. I observed the same thing when I visited there."

"If you, Mr. President Goo, could join us for our terminal project, we will guarantee your profit. Antang City's population is constantly growing, and the city has a promising future accordingly."

The Antang City's transportation department's director, who was sitting next to Gun-Ho, leaned over Gun-Ho's body and said, "Did you have a chance to look at the business plan that we sent to you?"

"Yes, I did."

"If you join us for the terminal project, I will give you all the privileges and benefits that I could give within my power."

The planning manager, who came with them, chipped in.

"Do you mind if I ask the annual sales avenue of GH Mobile that we just visited?"

"Not at all. We achieved 80 million dollars last year. We are anticipating exceeding 100 million dollars next year."

"100 million dollars!"

The three Chinese guests looked greatly surprised.

"What about its net profits?"

"After taxes, its profit rate is around 10%."

The transportation department's director clinked his glass to Gun-Ho and said, "Very good. If you work with us, Mr. President Goo, I will guarantee a 10% profit rate."

Those Chinese people were not skeptical about Gun-Ho's ability at all. They heard that Gun-Ho had several companies. They had enough information to support their belief in Gun-Ho's competence and capacity. So, they firmly believed that Gun-Ho would be able to bring 25 million dollars into the project without a problem.

"You don't have to prepare the investment funds all at once. You can gradually infuse the funds into the project as the construction of the terminal progresses. I will issue the license to run a bus business immediately, so you could start the bus business right after we sign the contract."

"I will think about it."

"I hope we make our business with you, sir."

Gun-Ho clinked his glass to theirs.

When it was time for them to leave, they said they would take a KTX (Korea Train Express ) at Cheonan Station. Gun-Ho asked Chan-Ho Eum and the quality control department's Team Lead Kim to give them a ride to the station.

"Drop them off at the KTX station at Cheonan, and buy them three train tickets with our company business card. You can ask the accounting director for the credit card."

"Yes, sir."

Team Lead Kim gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho before leaving the office.

After the Chinese guests left, Gun-Ho asked Jae-Sik Moon to come to his office.

"President Moon, please take a seat on the sofa."

Jae-Sik sat on the sofa.

"If I mean if I decide to participate in their terminal project in Guizhou Province, China along with the bus business, who do you think I should send there as a president for that business?"


"I can't think of anyone from GH Mobile or Dyeon Korea since they are manufacturing companies."

"That's true"

"It is appropriate to select someone from the transportation company GH Logistics."

"That's true, but we don't have anybody who could handle work like that. The company is a small and newly established company. How can I expect a small company to handle a 25 billion won-worth project? You will need someone like GH Mobile's President Song with extensive work experience in the field."

"Are you suggesting that we need to hire someone? I don't want to give the position to a stranger. I want someone who is already working with us."

"Who is on your mind?"