Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 493 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 493 Forming A Company In India Part 2

Gun-Ho received a call from his sister.

"Gun-Ho, how's your married life? Is it good?"

"Not really. I only see my wife on weekends."

"If she can't move, you can move close to her work like Hyehwa Town or Myeongryoon Town."

"I don't know."

"Any news yet?"

"What news?"

"A baby, my brother. I'm asking if your wife is pregnant. Mom actually asked me to ask you about it the other day."

"Nada, sister. We just got married."

"Once your wife gets pregnant and goes through childbirth, she will change her mind."

"Change what mind?"

"She won't want to keep her current life like being with you only during the weekends because she won't be able to take care of a baby by herself."

"What life would she want then?"

"She will either move in with you to the TowerPalace condo or ask you to move to somewhere close to her workplace."

"Hmm, well, I will think about it when that happens."

"Mom and dad are often visiting some places distant from home these days since they have the Grandeur."

"Where are they going?"

"They went to Daebudo Island the other day, and they also went to Suwon Hwaseong."


"People in the senior citizen's center in the community seem to keep asking our parents to take the position of the center's president."

"Haha, really?"

"Our parents are smart enough to say no to it."


"They went to the farmland that you purchased the other day. Mom planted stuff like hot peppers and peanuts."

"Peanut plants?"

"Yeah. Peanuts grow best in sandy soil, and the local people there told them that the land is sandy soil."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that they are doing great. How's your husband doing these days?"

"He is doing fine. Since the weather got warmer, he is getting more work, which is good."

"Since your husband has been working as a truck driver for quite a while, he must be highly knowledgeable about the transportation field, right?"

"I think so. He has a commercial driver's license, and I think he told me that he has a license for traffic safety management or something."

"Hmm, is that so?"

"Well, that doesn't seem to do any good though. He is still driving the wing-body truck that you bought for him."

"He is at least faithful to you, and he is consistent with his work."

"Yeah. If he didn't, I would already have filed for a divorce."

"Sister, you are not having another child?"

"Don't even mention that. Raising one child is hard enough for me. It costs an enormous amount of money to raise her. She is getting piano lessons these days. She is also elected for a class president, which costs some money too."

"It sounds like she is doing great."

"My husband and I work so hard to financially support her."

"I know you are happy to do so, sister."

"You're right. I'm not saying this because she is my daughter, but she is really smart. Well, I guess I have to let you go back to work. I took too much of your time."

After getting off the phone with his sister, Gun-Ho thought that he might need to find a better job for his sister's family.

"I'm the big player of Gangnam. I shouldn't let my sister's family financially suffer because their main source of income is from driving a truck."

Once Jae-Sik Moon leaves for China, Gun-Ho would need to find someone to run GH Logistics. Gun-Ho thought that maybe he should let his brother-in-law run it.

"I will sell the landGH Logistics' current locationas planned. I just need to find a new office and a space to keep its trucks GH Logistics currently has 27 trucks, and it already has established its clients. So, my brother-in-law will just need to run it. I wonder if he is able to run a business though."

Gun-Ho didn't believe that his brother-in-law would be able to handle accounting, doc.u.ments in excel, and other administrative work.

"Maybe my sister can do it. She did well when she was in high school. Also, she is smart enough to pass the exam and obtain the level-1 certificate of a social worker"

Gun-Ho started thinking seriously about letting his sister's couple operate GH Logistics.

Gun-Ho received a call from China. It was Min-Hyeok Kim.

"We've received 700 million won that you sent to Dingding's company, and we deposited it to your personal account with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China."

"Oh, you did?"

"Also, we completed the ownership change process as well. Now, the company's major shareholder is Dyeon Korea. I've filed it as an independent company, not a joint venture."

"Well done. Dingding is entitled to 5% of 700 million won in my personal account there. I will send her portion which is 35 million won."

"No, no. You shouldn't do that. The 5% that you promised her was conditioned by her work performance for a year. You don't have to give her 5% of the acquisition price."

"No, I should give it to her as I promised. Since I'm in Korea right now, I can't access my bank account there. Once I visit China, I will retrieve the amount from my account and send it to her. You can use it to pay off the debt that you incurred when you bought the condo there."

"You don't have to. Oh, and also I deposited another 200 million won to your account."

"What's that for?"

"Remember, when you established the company that I'm running right now, you invested 300 million won? 100 million out of it was its capital, and 200 million won was the amount you lent to the company. Since the company made enough profits, it's paying you back."

"Oh, really?"

"That 200 million won is considered as a debt to the company. When a client company asks us to send our financial statements, that amount is listed as debt. So, I think it's better that we just pay it off."

"Hmm, I see. Well, thank you."

"I thought you might need it since you are planning to invest in the terminal project with Antang City. Check if you received it."

"Okay. Thank you."

Gun-Ho did the math to see how much he would have in his bank account with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

'I started with 1,750,000 dollars that I received when I terminated the joint venture for Jinxi Industrial Complex. It's around 1.8 billion Korean won. I then spent 100 million won in acquiring the factory in China from Mulpasaneop's president's son. And then I spent 300 million won in forming the company that Min-Hyeok is operating right now. So, I was left with 1.4 billion won.

It cost me 100 million won to form Dingding's sales company along with an additional 300 million won to purchase its storage space. It would leave me with 1 billion won. Now, I just received 700 million wona sales price of Dingding's company. And, Min-Hyeok sent me an additional 200 million won for the money that I lent to GH Parts Company. I now should have 1.9 billion won in my account then. I guess that my investment in China is successful. I have 1.9 billion won in cash, and I have GH Parts Company as well.

Moreover, if I add the dividend that I received from GH Parts Company 950 million won which they sent to my bank account in Korea, I made 2.85 billion won for the investment I've made in China. I wouldn't say that I did hit the total jackpot, but maybe I can call it the semi-jackpot.'

Gun-Ho was wondering how Mori Aikko was doing. He wanted to know if her grandmother was okay. He didn't want her to feel that he didn't care about her by not asking her about it. Gun-Ho sent her a text message in English.

[How's your grandmother doing?]

After a while, he received a reply from Mori Aikko.

[Her surgery was successful. She will be released from the hospital next week. Thank you for worrying about my grandma, oppa.]

Gun-Ho felt relieved, but that was not the only problem that was going on with Mori Aikko. The production of the soap opera, where she was playing a geisha role, might be ceased to be produced. Gun-Ho was concerned about it.