Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 505 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 505 Sister And Brother In Law 1 Part 2

After dinner, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun watched a movie on TV before going to bed. While they were in the bed, Young-Eun said, "Oppa."


"You told me the other day that I'd better take golf lessons."

"Yeah, I did."

"You also said that you will pay for the lessons."


"Can you give that money to me? I want to register your sister's couple and your parents as a member of KOAF with that money."


"Thank you."

Young-Eun wrapped her arms around Gun-Ho's neck just like Mori Aikko used to do to him. She then gave Gun-Ho hundreds of kisses all over his face.

It was Monday.

When he went to work in GH Mobile, Gun-Ho called for President Song.

"Can we have a cup of tea?"

"How was your trip to China?"

"It was good."

Secretary Hee-Jeong Park brought two cups of green tea.

President Song said after taking a sip of his tea.

"I heard that you will do a joint venture with a transportation company in China."

"I've been offered to join them as a business partner of Antang City's terminal project and their bus service business. I signed the letter of intent during my recent trip there."

"A terminal project must require an enormous amount of investment funds."

"It's a 50 million dollar worth project. I'm supposed to bring in 25 million dollars.

"Wow. It's huge. We could have acquired another company like GH Mobile with that money."

"You think so?"

"Are you able to come up with that much cash?"

"I will make it happen."

"You are just incredible. I have no idea how to come up with a substantial amount of money like that."

"Let me ask you this. It is possible to take a loan with an amount of work completed, isn't it?"

"You mean the partial amount of work completed in constructing a building?"


"I believe it is possible. I guess you might want to check with Mr. Internal Auditor who used to work as a branch manager of a bank."

"Oh, that's right. I will do that. I guess I'd better talk with the internal auditor in Dyeon Korea."

Gun-Ho made a call to the internal auditor right away.

"It's Gun-Ho Goo."

"Yes, sir. How was your trip to China?"

"I have a question for you about a loan using the amount of work completed."

"You mean a loan you take out before completing a building?"

"It's possible even though a building is not fully built yet, right?"

"It is possible, but you can do that after you already invested at least 70% of the estimated construction cost."

"Hmm, really?"

"You can't file for a preservative registration with an incomplete building. So, when you take out a loan with an incomplete building, you will have to promise that the building will be used as collateral of the same loan after the construction is fully completed."

"Of course."

"Also, a bank will make sure that there is no other loan taken out for the same building, and that more than 30% of the construction cost is coming from the building owner. Or, you will have to show that you provided at least 20% of the funds for the land and the construction cost together."

"I see. China should have a similar system as ours, right?"

"I don't know about China, but I guess so."


While Gun-Ho took a moment rubbing his jaw, the internal auditor asked, "Is it about the project that you went on a trip to China for?"

"No. I'm just asking."

President Song, who was sitting in front of Gun-Ho, asked, "What did he say?"

"He said I can take out a loan using an incomplete building as long as I already invested 70% of its construction cost."

"Hmm, really? There are always new things I learn."

"In order to prove the 70% of the already-invested construction cost, we will need to produce doc.u.ments like photos and a construction approval and stuff like that."

"I guess so. Well, thank you for the tea. I will get back to my work now."

After President Song left the office, Gun-Ho started his analysis on the terminal project in China.

'Once the terminal is completed, will they let the joint venture take half of income from the terminal? Or, will they try to kick me out once the building is constructed far enough to take out a loan? They probably don't want us to intervene with leasing out the commercial stores in the terminal. They will reserve good locations for those people or companies that they want to make a contract with under special conditions to satisfy their own interest. Or, the powerful people in the government will just take them.

Once they kick me out of the terminal project, they will leave us with a small bus business without allowing us to increase the number of buses like keeping me about 20 buses only. They will just let me take profits as much as an interest income from a bank for the amount that I invested in the terminal project. Since the government is involved in the joint venture business, they will let me take some profits at least since they wouldn't want it escalated into a diplomatic problem between two countries.

If I can't make much from this joint venture business, the deputy mayor will try to compensate me with other things, just like Seukang Li did.'

Gun-Ho decided to send Jae-Sik Moon to China for the project once the GH Logistics' land was sold after the paperwork for the land use change was completed.

Gun-Ho made a call to his sister.

"How are our parents doing?"

"They are doing great. Thanks to you."

"What about you? How are you?"

"I work for a nursing home as a social worker. Well, that's my job title, but my actual work is basically doing any chores there."

"And your husband is doing good with his wing-body truck business?"

"Yeah. Since Jeong-Ah is still a kid, we are doing okay. But, once she starts high school, she will have to take some expensive lessons and go to a private institution and stuff, which cost a lot of money. I'm trying to save money to prepare for it, but it's not easy."

"How much did you say your husband is making now?"

"He brings home 5 million won per month."

"5 million won?"

"Yeah. And he has to pay for gas, insurance, taxes, and maintenance of the truck. Then we are left with about 3 million won."

"Did you count the depreciation cost of the truck?"

"If we take account of its depreciation cost, I would say that he is making 2 million won per month."


"Why are you asking? You have any good news for me?"

"I will come to Incheon City tomorrow. Can we have lunch then?"

"You are not coming home?"

"I can meet you there."

"Then come home. I will cook for you."

"Can your husband join us too?"

"Of course. What is this for?"

"I will tell you tomorrow."

The next day, Gun-Ho went to the HillState condo in Guweol Town. It had been a while since his last visit. His parents were so excited about their precious son's visit. They did grocery shopping to prepare food for him. They grilled fish and cooked spicy fish stew.

"It smells really good."

When Gun-Ho entered the condo, his parents came out to greet him.

"Why didn't you bring your wife?"

"She is taking the night shift today."

"Oh, that's right. She must be very busy."

Gun-Ho's parents pushed all the delicious dishes to Gun-Ho's side. While having food, his sister and his brother-in-law seemed to be curious about what Gun-Ho would say.

Gun-Ho's mom said while putting some fish meat on Gun-Ho's plate, "Any good news from your wife like a baby?"

"No, mom."

"You are getting old, son. You should try harder to make a baby. People are envious of us because we have a daughter-in-law who is a medical doctor, and also we are driving a Grandeur. I feel like I have all except I don't have a grandchild."