Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 507 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 507 Sister And Brother In Law 2 Part 2

Gun-Ho went to his office in the building in Sinsa Town. It had been a while.

When he arrived at his office, he received a call from Jae-Sik Moon.

"I just received a bill for the land use conversion."

"You did? How much are they asking?"

"I expected about 400 million won, but they are asking a little bit over 300 million won."

"Did the bill come in through the Giro system?"

"Yeah. It's actually coming from Korean Rural Community Corporation rather than from the city hall."

"I think that sounds more appropriate."

"I see their virtual account number on the bill. Do you want me to make a payment to that account?"

"Yeah. Do it."

"The agency Seonghwan Civil Engineering Firm is asking us to let them do the land flattening work for us once the permit is issued."

"Really? How many days will they need to complete the flattening work?"

"For a residential structure, it takes about one or two days, but since our land is large, it should take longer than that. But, our farmland is not that deep, so it won't take too long, according to them."

"They will charge for soil that will be used to fill low spots as well, huh?"

"No. They said that they are currently working on cutting land in another place, so they can use the excessive soil from there, and we don't have to worry about the soil cost. Also, they mentioned that we can't start building a construction right after the land is flattened. We will have to wait until the soil becomes hardened. The land could sink otherwise. That's why we'd better begin the flattening work as soon as possible, he said."

"Let's do it then."

"Okay. After sending the payment for the land use conversion fees, I will discuss the flattening work with that civil engineering firm."

"When are we getting the permit after sending the payment?"

"They said, it would take about one or two days."


"I do learn a lot as I work."

"What you are learning there is not something that Suk-Ho Lee, Byeong-Chul Hwang, or Won-Chul Jo could easily learn. Take advantage of the current situation. Actually, I learn a lot as well."

After getting off the phone with Jae-Sik Moon, Gun-Ho stretched himself.

"Things seem to be going well step-by-step."

Gun-Ho had already decided to transfer the ownership of the land from Jae-Sik Moon to GH Logistics after successfully getting the land use change. And he would sell the land.

"It will soon become about 5,000 pyung large parcel of land. It's in a nice square shape. How much would it be sold? If I could sell it for more than 6 billion won, I think I could buy Jae-Sik a townhouse in Incheon City since I have been using his name in this transaction."

Gun-Ho felt good about buying a place to live for Jae-Sik. He asked his secretary Ms. Yeong-Soo Oh to bring him a cup of green tea.

While enjoying his green tea, Gun-Ho thought that it was nice to make money, but he also wanted to do something that would be rewarding.

"Oh, that's right. Young-Eun wanted to do some volunteer work for the disabled people in Chairman Lee's vacation home. Maybe I should visit his vacation home this Sunday with Young-Eun."

Gun-Ho made a call to Chairman Lee in Cheongdam Town.

His secretary picked up the phone.

"Is Mr. Chairman Lee available? I'm GH's President Gun-Ho Goo."

"Oh, hello, sir. Please give me a second."

After a moment, he could hear the old man's voice.

"President Goo? It's me."

"How have you been, sir?"

"I'm delighted to see you improving and expanding your business every day."

"Do you go to the fishing site in Pocheon City these days?"

"I don't go there often, but I do sometimes."

"You still have your vacation home there too?"

"Yes. I still have the same people in the facility."

"Umm, my wife would like to do some volunteer work at your vacation home, sir. She can provide a medical service to the people there."

"A medical service? Oh, that's right. Your wife is a medical doctor. If she could do it, I would really appreciate it."

"We will then visit your vacation home this Sunday."

"Can she focus on the children's dental problem and examining if they have any worms? The instructor there told me the other day that some of the children feel stomach pain sometimes."

"Okay, sir. I will let her know."

"You can come on Saturday. The instructor sometimes doesn't come on Sunday, so Saturday would be better."

"Okay, sir."

After getting off the phone with Chairman Lee, Gun-Ho sent a text message to Young-Eun.

[I just talked with Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town. We will be going to his vacation home this Saturday. He was happy when I told him that you would give medical care to the children.]

It was Thursday.

Gun-Ho received a call from Jae-Sik Moon.

"We received the permit for the land use change, and the land flattening work started."

"Oh, really? Good work."

"If you want to visit the site, come later like a few days later. The site is messy with dump trucks and all."


"They will raise the land to the same level as the part of the land where our office building is."

"Sounds good."

It was Saturday.

Young-Eun took out a huge bag from her car and moved it to Gun-Ho's car.

"What is it?"

"It's medical equipment like a stethoscope and boxes."

"Boxes? What boxes?"

"I will collect the children's stool with them."

"A stool test? How do you know that the children will poo when you are there?"

"I will just distribute the boxes to them and will collect them next week."

"Really? It will be smelly."

"Today, we should be good, but next week when we visit them again, we will have to wear masks."

"I see."

"When we do the medical work there, you should remember that I'm in charge. I'm the doctor and you are my assistant, okay? You should follow my order."

"Hmm. I guess I will have to play a role as a male nurse."

"Not just a male nurse, but you become my chauffeur as well."

"Can I cancel this marriage?"

"Hahaha. No, you can't. This is why I married you. You would do what I tell you to do, and also you would spend money as I tell you."

"Shut up! Just get in the car."

Gun-Ho's car entered the highway eastbound.

Gun-Ho felt happy being in the car with Young-Eun. He kept staring at her until she eventually yelled at him, "Keep your eyes on the road!"

They arrived at the vacation home in Pocheon City.

"Wow! This is a very nice house. I hope I could live in a house like this someday."

There was a red pine tree at the entrance of Chairman Lee's vacation home. In front of that tree, there was a pond surrounded by various plants. As they entered the front yard, the children poured into the yard with the instructor. The instructor was a female in her late 20s.

"You are the medical doctor, aren't you?"

The instructor assumed that Gun-Ho was the medical doctor and greeted him as such.

"Hi. The medical doctor is the lady next to me. I'm just her chauffeur and also a male nurse for today."