Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 509 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 509 Register Farmland After Changing Its Land Use 1 Part 2

On the way home from Chairman Lee's vacation home in Pocheon City, Gun-Ho said to Young-Eun, "So, are we going back there on Saturday to conduct a stool test on the spot?"

"Yes, I will have to do it there because a stool test needs to be performed within 12 hours after a stool is collected."

"Do you want me to come with you again?"

"Yes. I need an assistant. It will be extremely difficult if I have to do it by myself."

"Maybe I shouldn't even mention his vacation home at all in the first place. Now, I have to go there again to work."

"It's a rewarding job. Don't you feel good about being of help to others?"

"Yeah. I guess society is still full of good people. The instructor said that many volunteers come at night to help take care of the children there."

"I've done lots of volunteer work as a medical doctor, and I know that the volunteer workers don't volunteer because they have spare time and energy. Most of them have a full-time job in the daytime. Even though they don't get paid for their volunteer work, they are still willing to contribute their time to helping others. They are all highly respectable people."

"I think so."

The month of July had begun as hot summer days continued. It was Monday when Gun-Ho went to work at his factory in Jiksan Town. On his way to work, he looked at the weather on his smartphone and learned that a heavy rain would start from the day after tomorrow. Gun-Ho made a call to Jae-Sik Moon immediately.

"Hey, we will have a heavy rain starting the day after tomorrow. Are they still working on flattening the land?"

"It's done, and a combination roller is there now."

"A combination roller?"

"Yeah, it will knead the ground to give a greater density."

At that moment, Gun-Ho could hear a loud boom over the phone.

"Are they working on it right now? I'm hearing a loud sound."

"Yeah, they are. You are going to work in GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea today, right? When you go back home after work, why don't you stop by the site and see the flattening work?"

"Okay, I will stop by on the way home later today."

When he arrived at GH Mobile, Gun-Ho attended the regular meeting with the executive officers. That day, Accounting Director Min-Hwa Kim made a report on the monthly profit and loss. Director Jong-Suk Park seemed to become more interested in the company management these days. He sometimes asked questions about the terminologies that were used in the loss and profit statement.

A monthly report on profit and loss was made for the month of June along with the semi-annual report. Sales revenue was on the rise, and the debts were decreasing gradually.

After the accounting director finished the report, Gun-Ho told her that she did a good job.

"I'm so glad to hear that our sales revenue has been increasing ever since President Song had joined us. Let's try to make our defect rate zero. Heavy rain will arrive the day after tomorrow, so please be mindful of our system maintenance."

"Okay, sir. We will request only 10 tons of raw materials in advance, so we could receive them by tomorrow in preparation for the heavy rain."

"We still have some raw materials left, right?"

"Yes, we do. I just want to make sure that we have enough stock in our facility."

Gun-Ho went to Dyeon Korea and had a meeting with the executive officers.

"We are getting more product orders from China, aren't we?"

"Yes, the product order from China keeps increasing. Currently, we are sending them more than 60 tons of products every month."

"60 tons"

Gun-Ho did his math.

'The price per ton is 4.5 million won. If we sell 60 tons on a monthly basis, we make 270 million won per month. That makes our yearly sales 3.24 billion won.'

Mr. Adam Castler started speaking. The meeting was for the executive officers only, but the staff from the trading departmentMr. Myeong-Joon Chaewas in the meeting as well in order to interpret for Adam Castler.

"I was informed that Manager Jong-Geun Lee, who left for India as an overseas president of our company there, found an office in Delhi. He also hired a local staff, and the worker speaks English fluently."

"Is that right?"

"He is still staying in a hotel, but he will move to his new home within this week as the place will be available."

"I believe he hasn't established the company yet, has he?"

"He applied for it, and he is now looking for a storage place. He said he has three places in mind, and he will let us know once he makes a contract with one of them."

"Hmm. I see."

Director Kim chipped in.

"I will go on a trip there once Manager Lee gets storage and finishes forming the company. I will make a tour around our clients in India carrying his business card."

"Sounds good."

"Also, once things get settled there, I think we should ask President Song to go on a trip to India and meet with people in the industry, who he has connections with. That will help the new company a lot."

"You think so?"

"President Song has extensive connections in the industry. We'd better take an advantage of it while the connections are still strong."

Mr. Adam Castler laughed and said, "You know what? Among several joint ventures with Lymondell Dyeon that I've worked for, Korea is the most active partner. Moreover, since we have very competent executive officers here, I don't have to worry a lot. When I worked in other countries, I sometimes had to do the sales work myself. It was very tiring."

"Haha, really?"

Gun-Ho looked at Director Yoon and said, "Is the construction to repair the retaining wall completed?"

"Yes, it is done."

"I'm just concerned since we are expecting heavy rain the day after tomorrow."

"It should be good."

"Is there anyone who wants to add anything?"

"I have one thing that I'd like to discuss. Dyeon Korea now has more than 100 workers. They are asking a shuttle bus for commuting."


"I was thinking that maybe we want to lease a vehicle with a chauffeur just for commuting."

"We will need more data from the workers. Find out how many workers don't have a car and need transportation for the commute, and also find out how much it would cost to lease a vehicle and a chauffeur to accommodate our workers."

"Okay, sir."

On the way home after work, Gun-Ho stopped by Jae-Sik's office in GH Logistics. He noticed that there was no longer farmland, but there was one huge parcel of land.

"Wow. The farmland is gone!"

Chan-Ho Eum, who came out of the car after parking it, seemed to be surprised as well.

"Wow, it looks like a huge playground!"

Jae-Sik came out of his office.

"The combination roller just left."

"You did a great job."

"Thank you."

"The land looks good, and the flattening work came out nicely. I wonder if it will stay this way when we have the heavy rain the day after tomorrow."

"The construction workers told me that I don't have to worry about it, but I don't know."

"The ground looks a bit higher than the land where the office is."

"Yeah, I know. They told me that it was done that way purposefully because the ground will sink a bit later."

"Hmm, I see."

"We just need confirmation on the land use change."

"You mean the conversion the land use to a non-agricultural purpose, huh?"

"Yeah. We need it done before letting GH Logistics acquire the land from me."

"Well, for now, since it's owned by you personally, you are a rich man with huge real estate."

"I know. I feel like I'm a successful man. I used to live in a bas.e.m.e.nt room, and now I own 4,100 pyung of land. Haha."

"So, this land is 4,100 pyung large, and once we combine it with the land where the office is on, it will be 5,080 pyung large."

"Look. The borderline of the land starts from there to over there. It's indeed enormous. Moreover, the land has direct access to the six-meter wide road. In my opinion, once we put this on the market for sale, there will be lots of people who would want this land."