Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 524 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 524 Sale Of Logistics Real Property 1 Part 1

It was Thursday.

When Gun-Ho went to work at GH Mobile in Jiksan Town, President Song informed him that he succeeded in procuring a new client. The new client was a manufacturing company that was producing home appliances.

"How did you find that client?"

"Actually, they contacted us first. They said that they learned about us through our website. They sent us an inquiry about a product around six months ago. They were asking if we could manufacture a heat-resistant protector."

"Did we successfully develop it?"

"They initially tried to develop it within their research center, and when they failed to do so, they asked another company to do it for them. A protector is a urethane-related product which is very tender and sensitive to heat. Their problem with the protector was revealed when they shipped their products to subtropical countries."


"Their products melted while being shipped to the buyers in those subtropical regions. Some of their products became discolored as well on the way."


"So, during those six months ever since we received the inquiry from them, our researchers, who were being led by Dr. Joon-Soo Oh, have persistently worked on developing the heat-resistant protector. And they finally and successfully made it. When you happen to see Dr. Joon-Soo Oh, please recognize his effort and achievement, and give him and his team some words of encouragement."

"Haha. Of course, I will do that. It's a great achievement for our company."

"It's not always obvious to recognize the research center workers' efforts and their work performance since we don't see their work's result right away. But this time, the outcome clearly proved their work for the past six months."

"I think so."

President Song continued to talk, "All of our company's executive officers went to Mr. Sakata Ikuzo's wood carving art exhibition earlier."

"Right. I heard of that."

"We were all highly impressed by his artworks. I knew that he was the best in carving molds, but I didn't know he would be that good in carving woods and creating art pieces with it. He is indeed the best skilled person in the world."

"I agree with you. His skills can be applied to various areas, and I don't see a limit there."

"I highly recognize his artisan spirit. I still remember his attitude toward his work. When he worked with us, he said that he would put everything into developing a product to the extent that he risks his life. I can picture him sitting on the wood floor wearing only Yukata and concentrating on carving his work."

"I remember that too. He said Issho something in Japanese."

"It's Isshokenmei, sir."

"That's right. Isshokenmei! I heard it several times and forgot about it."

"Our society needs more people like him, but the reality is that it's really hard to find a person with that sort of spirit around us. It's a shame."

"I guess society doesn't provide the right environment to grow people like him."

"Even a gold medalist from the International Vocational Training Competition sometimes has to open a deep-fried chicken restaurant to make a living. Then, that person would lose the chance to pass on his skills and knowledge to the next generation."

"That's a shame."

"If you look at a science and technology magazine, you will see a lot of articles written by college professors; as a matter of fact, most of them are written by them. The government in Korea supports academic research. But, if you look at Japanese science and technology magazines, you will find more articles authored by engineers and workers in the real work field. That shows that the engineers are being supported by their government in Japan. In our country, even though an engineer wants to do some research, it's really rare to find any support by the government."


"Look at Director Jong-Suk Park. He is better than any college professor in welding and working with machines. However, if he wants to do some research on it and asks for support, the first question that he would encounter would be which college he graduated from."

"I see."

"So, I'm planning to build a system and culture in our company for our workers, where they could freely suggest their ideas, and we praise those with excellent ideas with a prize to encourage them. Also, I want to send one or two engineers overseas per year to have them learn advanced technology."

"That's a good idea."

While having a conversation with President Song, the secretaryMs. Hee-Jeong Parkknocked on the door and entered the office.

"Sir, someone is here to see you. He said he is the president of Tommy Cosmetics."

"Tommy Cosmetics?"

President Song looked at Gun-Ho and said, "Tommy Cosmetics' president is President Sang-Oh Bang. He is a widely well-known person in the field. What is he doing here?"

"Oh, oh, I think he wants to talk with me. It's about GH Logistics' real property in Seonghwan City."

"Oh, I see. Well, in that case, I will just get back to my work now."

After President Song left Gun-Ho's office, a man who looked like he was in his 60s came into the office. He had a sturdy build and a large forehead. He was exuding some sort of charisma with his thick eyebrows and shiny eyes.

"Are you President Gun-Ho Goo?"

"Yes, I am."

Gun-Ho stood up from his seat. The man was tall and sturdy. It seemed that he was about one-foot taller than Gun-Ho.

"I am the president of Tommy Cosmetics."

"Oh, I see. Please have a seat."

Gun-Ho showed him a seat. Gun-Ho found it interesting that this man, who looked tough like a leader of gangsters, was running a cosmetic company.

Tommy Cosmetics' president gave his business card to Gun-Ho, and Gun-Ho gave his to him. That man came with another person, and Gun-Ho gave his business card to that man as well. When the man, who accompanied the cosmetic company's president, gave his business card to Gun-Ho, Gun-Ho took it.

"Oh, you are a director in Tommy Cosmetics."

Gun-Ho called for his secretaryMs. Hee-Jeong-Parkand asked her to bring tea.

"When I was told that you were running a large factory, I was expecting to see a person who would be about my age. You look very young though. So, you have a real property placed on the market for sale, right?"

"Yes, I do."

At that moment, Gun-Ho made a call to Jae-Sik Moon.

"President Moon, Tommy Cosmetics' President is here with me in GH Mobile. Can you come?"

"I'm actually in GH Mobile with all the necessary doc.u.ments with me. I'm in Director Jong-Suk Park's office right now. Do you want me to come to your office now?"

"Yes, please come."

While having his tea, Tommy Cosmetics' president crossed his legs. His movement drew Gun-Ho's attention. That man was wearing a gemstone ring which was glittering. Gun-Ho could smell some perfume as well. This man was probably wearing perfume. Gun-Ho scanned Tommy Cosmetics' president slowly from his head to toe, and then thought, 'This man seems to be l.u.s.tful. He looks overly energetic for a man in his 60's.'

"I talked with the President Moon person on the property the other day. I'm hoping that you could sell that property to me for less than 1.3 million won per pyung."

"I already gave President Moon full authority in selling that property. That land is owned by a company called GH Logistics, and President Moon is the one who has been running that business. So, it makes sense that President Moon makes all the decisions related to selling the company's real property."

"I just wanted to make sure that I was talking with the right person. Since it's a large land, I thought that it might be necessary to have some sort of board's approval of the company or something. So, I wanted to talk with you, President Gun-Ho Goo, since you are the majority shareholder of that company."

"I made my decision to sell that property, and I gave full authority to President Moon in selling it. The price negotiation also should be made with President Moon."

"I do highly recognize your complete trust toward the person who you chose to run your company."

"Even for this company where we are sitting right now, I have a co-president. Do you remember the person who left the office when you entered it? He is the president who is running this company. I don't get involved in the daily operation of this company either."