Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 538 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 538 A Groups Secret Proposal 1 Part 1

Before leaving the GH Logistics' new location in Siheung City, Gun-Ho told his sister and her husband, "The company's registered stamp was already handed over to you, wasn't it?"

"Yes, I have it with me."

"You need to update the company's address for its registration and its business license. For the registration, you need to go to the court and find a registration office there. As to the business license, you will have to go to the tax office. Also, don't forget to change the name of the current president of the business."

"Okay, I will do that."

"Once President Moon comes back from his honeymoon trip, he will hand over the OTP card. On the paper, GH Logistics will invest in China, so we will need to file a report with the foreign exchange authority. I will take care of the investment, but GH Logistics will have to do the paperwork since it will be the mother company of the joint venture in China."

"Hmm, I see."

"Once Jae-Sik Moon starts generating profits from China, that money will be transferred to GH Logistics here as well."

"I see."

"There are currently 27 vehicles, but I'm sure that this number will gradually increase. As Dyeon Korea is experiencing more workload right now, their transportation work outsourced to GH Logistics will increase as well. You will also see some clients who would contact you after visiting our website."

"Got you."

"You don't have to make a report for me on the daily operation of the company. I just need to receive from you a loss and profit report for the previous month at the beginning of each month. I need them because they are important factors that I take into account in determining the direction of my business."

"Okay, I will do that."

"If you think you need to hire someone since the workload has increased and you need someone to help with your work, you can just do so without letting me know. I won't get involved in that sort of work. When you see the company's monthly profit and loss report, you will figure if you would afford to have an additional worker or not."


"Well, I will be taking off now. I will come back maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. President Moon will come with me."

"Why don't you have lunch with us before leaving?"

"No, it's okay. Keep up the good work. As you work hard, the company will generate more profits, and your salary will increase accordingly."

"Haha. Got you. Well, drive safely on the way back."

Gun-Ho headed to Asan City as he was leaving Siheung City. His next stop was Dyeon Korea. The place seemed to be packed with people as they had hired new workers lately. The new security guard stopped Gun-Ho's Bentley as he didn't recognize Gun-Ho; he was probably hired recently. Since Gun-Ho's car was a luxurious vehicle Bentley he thought Gun-Ho was an important guest to the company or something.

The security guard asked, "Umm, with whom did you make an appointment, sir?"

Chan-Ho rolled down the window and yelled at the new security guard, "Are you new here? You don't recognize the owner president of this company?"

"Oh! Sir, I'm so sorry."

Gun-Ho got off the car and extended his hand to the new security guard while smiling, and he said, "I guess you just joined our company. I hope you will enjoy working with us."

The security guard didn't seem to know how to act around the owner president. He gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho as he held Gun-Ho's hand with two hands for a handshake.

Mr. Adam Castler entered Gun-Ho's office, accompanied by his new interpreter Myeong-Joon Chae.

"Sir, it's really hard to see you in the office these days."

"I've been busy lately since I'm running several businesses. Everything is fine here, right?"

"Yes, everything is good here."

"Dyeon Korea is actually the last company that I would worry about since I have you Mr. Adam Smith and Director Kim here."

"My work with the company in China and India has been a lot easier since both companies send me their weekly reports in English. Mr. Myeon-Joon Chae here translates the weekly reports sent from China into the Korean language and gives them to Director Kim."

"Hmm, is that so?"

"The reports from India come in as two versions in English and in Korean since the overseas president there speaks both languages. We don't have to do interpretation work for the reports from India."

"That's really nice."

"Currently, we are sending 50 tons of raw materials to India and 70 tons to China on a monthly basis."

"What about our national market? How are we doing here?"

"We are selling a little bit over 600 tons of raw materials within the Korean market per month."

"Hmm, I guess that we haven't reached 3 billion won of our monthly revenue yet."

"Director Kim is working so hard to get more product orders from our current buyers, and also to develop new buyers. I'm positive that we will soon reach that goal."

"Mr. Vice President Adam Castler, I want you to go on a business trip to India once our company there becomes stabilized. And visit some tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal while you are there."

"Okay, I will do that. Once the company in India achieves its monthly sales of 70 tons, I will visit the company."

"The price for India is 4.4 million won per ton. So, if they reach 70 tons of sales, the sales revenue will be a bit over 300 million won."

"That's correct. Manager Lee has been contacting European companies in India. I think we will hear good news soon from him."

"Mr. Adam Castler, how are you doing? I hope you have been enjoying your stay in Korea."

"It's good. I like here. And, Dyeon Korea already opened two additional companies in China and in India, which is a nice expansion of our business. Mr. Vice President Brandon Burke from the head office told me the other day that he is recognizing my good work here in Korea."

"Haha. Is that right? It has been only one year since we started this joint venture company. And the company has grown a lot already, hasn't it?"

"That's right. The head office admitted that too."

"After two years from now, I will have to take the position of the chairman of the board as I will have to give this president position to someone else, pursuant to the joint venture contract. Once it happens, why don't you Mr. Vice President Adam Castler take the position of the president of Dyeon Korea? So, you can continue your work here instead of moving to another country."

"Well, that's what I hope for. When you have a chance to talk with the head office's Vice President Brandon Burke, please tell him good things about me, so I can stay here."

"Sure, I will do that. And, Mr. Chae."

"Yes, sir?"

The interpreter Mr. Myeong-Joon Chae lifted his head and looked at Gun-Ho's face. He was holding a pen and a piece of paper being ready to make a note.

"Please assist Mr. Adam Caster as well as you could. He probably feels lonely from time to time since he is here in Korea by himself. Please be a good friend to him as well."

"Don't worry about it, sir, I will take good care of him."

Mr. Adam Castler was all ears as Gun-Ho and Myeon-Joon Chae were conversing in Korean. He eventually asked Mr. Chae, "What did Mr. President Goo just tell you?"

"He wants me to be a good assistance to you, sir."

Mr. Adam Castler quickly stood up from his seat and extended his hand to Gun-Ho.

"Oh, thank you very much, boss!"

Gun-Ho laughed and held Mr. Adam Castler's hand firmly before shaking it.

The internal auditor, who moved from GH Mobile to Dyeon Korea, entered Gun-Ho's office.

"Sir, the monthly profit and loss report is ready."

"I've just received a brief report about it from Mr. Adam Castler, so it won't be necessary. There are no unusual expenses that I should be aware of, isn't there?"

"No, sir."

"That's good. Can you then tell Ms. Accounting Manager Myeong-Sook Jo to bring me the chart?"

"Okay, sir."