Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 571 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 571 Soap Opera Production Company In Shanghai 1 Part 2

Gun-Ho was talking with Jien Wang on the phone.

Jien Wang asked, "How is the terminal business going in Antang City, Guizhou Province?"

"I already started investing in it. I've invested 500,000 dollars already, and sent one of my people there."

"You don't have to worry about that investment. A terminal project and a passenger transportation service business are safe business money-wise. You might not make a fortune, but you won't lose your investment funds. It's like the industrial complex that we established in Kunshan City. It is a Cash Cow business as well. You haven't seen any bus terminal going out of business before, have you? That industry is closely related to ordinary people's daily life. If they happen to suffer from some financial problems, at least the government will support them. However, producing a soap opera is different. It's not a Cash Cow business at all, and it is a highly risky business. You're right about being extra careful before going into that business."

"I heard you, and thank you for your advice."

"Why don't you come to Hangzhou City in the near future? Let's have a drink."

"Haha. Okay, I will do that."

After getting off the phone with Jien Wang, Gun-Ho thought about the soap opera production business in Shanghai.

'Seukang Li seems to have planned to produce a very good soap opera, in the beginning, and the wealthy media group in Shanghai is probably related to the high ranking government officers who are in a competitive position with him. That's why he wants to make his plan work by working with Korea?

Say, it costs 1.5 million Yuan to produce one episode of a soap opera. Seukang Li said they were making a 35 episode soap opera, and they estimated the cost for the soap opera as 52.5 million Yuan. It's about 9 billion Korean won. Should I go for it? I still have 170 billion won in my stock account. 9 billion won is not much for a big player in Gangnam like me.

This is a new field for me though. Maybe I should talk with that BM Entertainment's dandy dude about it. Or, maybe I should talk with his boss directly Mr. President Hyeon-Man Yee who is running a large entertainment management company.'

Gun-Ho had his business card. When Gun-Ho looked at his business card, there was no direct number like his cell phone number, but it only showed his office number. Gun-Ho called that number.

"Hello? Is it BM Entertainment?"

"Yes, it is. Can I ask you what this call is regarding?"

Gun-Ho could hear a young female's voice. She had a beautiful voice.

"May I speak with Mr. President Hyeon-Man Yee, please?"

"May I tell him who's calling?"

"This is President Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile."

"I beg your pardon?"

"This is President of GH Building in Sinsa Town, Gangnam District with GH Gallery."

"Oh, GH Gallery building."

'This lady recognizes GH Gallery right away. She must have come to the art gallery during one of our art exhibitions.'

After a moment, Gun-Ho heard a man's thick voice over the phone.

"This is Hyeon-Man Yee."

"This is GM Mobile's Gun-Ho Goo."

"Oh, hi. We've met in Shanghai before."

"That's right. How have you been? Even though my office in Sinsa Town is so close to your office in Cheongdam Town, I couldn't find a chance to visit you. I have something that I'd like to ask you about. Will you be available today?"

"I have an appointment in the afternoon, but I will be here in the morning."

"I will come to your office now then."

"Okay. I will be waiting for you."

Gun-Ho went to BM Entertainment Company located in Cheongdam Town.

Their office was decorated glamorously, and Gun-Ho saw a few people who looked like a celebrity, but most of the people there were office workers in that office.

"Is the president in the office?"

A very pretty female secretary quickly stood up from her seat when she saw Gun-Ho entering the office. Gun-Ho looked like a businessman with a bulged belly now, so the secretary treated him with respect.

"Who may I tell him you are?"

"I'm President Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile."

Gun-Ho followed the secretary to their president's office. His office was spacious, and the floor was covered by a carpet. President Hyeon-Man Yee was sitting on a sofa by himself when Gun-Ho entered the office. He stood up when he saw Gun-Ho. President Hyeon-Man Yee was exuding his own charisma. He was a tall and sturdy man with big hands.

"It has been a while since we met in Shanghai," Gun-Ho said.

"I owed you one back in Shanghai, and I didn't have a chance to buy you dinner or something to pay you back. Please have a seat."

President Hyeon-Man Yee asked the secretary to bring them some tea, and then he called someone and asked to come to his office.

Gun-Ho asked, "Do you still often go to China these days?"

"Not recently. I went to the U.S. pretty often these days though. You go to China frequently, right, Mr. President Goo?"

"No, I haven't been to China for a while, but I think I will have to go to Guizhou Province next week."

"Guizhou Province?"

"Yes. I am making an investment in a terminal project there Antang City, Guizhou Province."

"A terminal project? Do you mind if I ask you how much it cost to invest in that sort of business?"

"Not much. It's a 50 million dollar project."

"Oh, 50 million dollars is a lot. Is it a consortium with another company?"

"No, it's not a consortium."

At that moment, the secretary brought tea, and that dandy guy the entertainment manager walked in the office behind the secretary.

President Hyeon-Man Yee said to the manager, "You remember Mr. President Goo, right?"

The manager looked at Gun-Ho's face and said, "Oh, Mr. President Goo? How are you? What brought you here?"

Gun-Ho laughed and extended his hand for a handshake.

"Please have some tea."

"I came here to ask for advice. I've been requested to make an investment in a soap opera production company in Shanghai."

"Since you received the request to invest, I guess it's not crowdfunding."

"No, it's not crowdfunding."

President Hyeon-Man Yee asked after sipping his tea, "The production cost for a soap opera should be substantial in China as well, right?"

"I was told that it costs 1.5 million Yuan to produce one episode of a soap opera. If they complete their planned 35 episodes, it would take 9 billion Korean won."

"9 billion won? Whoa."

The manager sitting next to President Yee seemed to be frightened. However, Gun-Ho thought that he was exaggerating in making his frightening facial expression, maybe because his boss was present.

"It seems that they are paying a high price to cast a popular main actor or actress in China too. I think you are in a very good position by having a lot of popular celebrities like girl groups and male singers currently on the Billboard charts."

"Don't get me started. I've spent tons of money to make them what they are now."

"I've observed that your company's BM Entertainment stock price is on the rise steeply every day."

"That doesn't mean much to me. It's not like I have cash on my hand as the stock price increases. People don't know how it works, and some of them ask me to buy them a drink since I probably made a lot of money. Haha."

"Well, it's still good for you."

"I built a performance stage in Gyeonggi Province recently, and since I needed money for it, I had to take out a loan from a bank. Mr. President Goo, would you like to make an investment in my business?"

"Oh, my gosh. I don't have that much money right now."

"Oh, that's right. You said that you are currently investing in a terminal project in China."

The manager looked surprised again and asked Gun-Ho, "Sir, do you do terminal business in China?"

President Hyeon-Man Yee smiled and chipped in, "It's a 50 million dollar project."

"Whoa! 50 million dollars!"

The manager's eyes widened, and he looked astonished. Gun-Ho thought, 'This dude is doing it again. He is certainly overreacting to show his surprise.'