Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 593 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 593 Bus Line Permit 2 Part 2

When Gun-Ho was still at GH Mobile's construction site, Director Jong-Suk Park came.

Gun-Ho asked him, "Once this production site B is completed, we need to hire more workers, don't we?"

"Speaking of which, the general affairs department already placed the job openings on WorkNet. Once we hire all the necessary additional workers for the production site, we will have more than 400 workers in total in this company."

"400? Wow. That's a lot."

"President Song seems to expect to have even more workers by next year. Oh, he told me that we will have a visitor today. An executive officer from Chrysler will visit us. He told me to have the production site ready to show."

"Hmm, I see."

"Bro, I'm studying for a TOEIC test these days."


"I decided to finish my 4-year degree. I want to transfer to Korea University of Technology and Education in Cheonan City. I'm going to take an exam to transfer there as a third year in college."

"I didn't know that Korea University of Technology and Education is in Cheonan City."

"I didn't know that either until President Song told me. When he worked for S Group before, he said, many of their engineers/managers graduated from that university. That university also has graduate programs that provide a master's degree and Ph.D. degree."

"Really? If the university mostly provides engineering-related degrees, why do you have to take an English test like TOEIC?"

"In evaluating admissions applications, the university will look at the GPA of the applicant's previous college and the English test score. Each factor takes up 25%."

"What about the other 50% then?"

"They will interview each applicant."

"Well, the company is growing, and it will soon have more than 400 workers. I guess you do need your college degree."

"I think I need to learn English at least. Think about it. We will have an executive officer from Chrysler visiting our factory. It would give a good impression to him if a plant manager would show him around the factory while directly communicating with him in English."

"Haha. You're right. Since you spend your spare time studying English, you probably don't have enough time to take care of your baby at home, huh?"

"My wife is more than supportive of this. She pushes me into a room to study and doesn't let me play with my baby."

"Haha. She really does that? By the way, what major are you thinking of choosing if you are admitted to Korea University of Technology and Education?"

"I will have to stay in the production field since that's all I know. There is a major called Mechatronics engineering. I want to study that."

"Mechatronics engineering?"

"Yeah. It is further divided into several fields such as control system engineering and product engineering. I want to major in product engineering specifically."

"Hmm, I see."

"President Song suggested that once I obtain the 4-year degree there, I should continue to study Industrial Management Engineering for a master's degree. He also said that he would talk to you about paying for my tuition with the company's tuition assistance program."

"Of course. If you could get an admission to the university, I will definitely have the company pay for your tuition as a business expense. I'm so proud of you, Jong-Suk."

"Haha. Thank you, bro."

"Is the native English teacher from Hoseo University not teaching a class at GH Mobile anymore?"

"The class was canceled when not many workers showed up at the class. Once the new production site B is completed, and once we will have more workers, I will make my proposition to the general affairs director in opening the English class again."

"I will do it. I will just ask him to resume the English class again."

"Well, then, don't mention my name when you talk to him. He will probably not like the fact that the idea came from me."

"Haha, okay, I won't tell him."

Once Gun-Ho went back to his office, he called for his secretary Ms. Hee-Jeong Park.

"Will you ask the general affairs director to come to my office?"

The general affairs director entered Gun-Ho's office a moment later. He was carrying a note.

"Did you place a job posting for production workers? Once the new production site is completed, we will need more workers at the production site."

"Yes, sir. The job openings are already placed on WorkNet."

"You have heard about the upcoming visit by Chrysler's executive officer, right? It's today."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, Dyeon Korea is continuously providing English class every morning with the native English teacher from Hoseo University. I was told that GH Mobile no longer offers the class. I want the class to be resumed again."

"Yes, sir."

"Make an announcement to our employees related to the English class. Tell them that attendance of the English class will be reflected on their performance evaluation, and it might also affect their salary as well."

"Yes, sir."

"Did Mr. President Song go to Seoul to pick up the executive officer from Chrysler?"

"Yes, sir. He will pick him up from a hotel in Yeouido Island and bring him here."

"Sounds good. Would you tell the accounting director to come to my office?"

"Yes, sir."

The general affairs director walked out of the office after giving a bow to Gun-Ho respectfully.

A moment later, the accounting director Ms. Min-Hwa Kim entered Gun-Ho's office carrying some doc.u.ments.

"We are currently prioritizing paying for the debts, right? I mean we pay for the debts once we receive payments from our client companies."

"That's correct, sir."

"I need you to bring me the current status of long-term and short-term borrowings from financial institutions, the outstanding balance of credit purchase, and accounts payable."

"Yes, sir."

"We don't do B2B discount these days, do we?"

"No, sir unless we need cash to spend somewhere immediately."

"Okay. Please bring those doc.u.ments that I just mentioned."

After reviewing the doc.u.ments that the accounting director brought to him, Gun-Ho headed to Dyeon Korea.

When Gun-Ho's Bentley entered Youngmin Town in Asan City after passing Eumbong town in Cheonan City, Gun-Ho said to Chan-Ho who was driving the car, "Hey, let's go to Asan Bay Seawall for lunch. We can have a clam stew."

"Clam stew, sir?"

"Why? You don't like a clam stew?"

"I do, I love it."

Gun-Ho and Chan-Ho went into a restaurant in the raw fish village inside the tourism complex in Pyeongtaek City. The clam stew that they ordered had various seafood in addition to clams. While staying in the raw fish village, they had sea cuc.u.mbers and sea squirts as well, and then they headed to Dyeon Korea.

Once they arrived at Dyeon Korea, Chan-Ho parked the car quickly and ran toward the security office.

"He must be very sleepy after lunch. He kept rubbing his eyes while driving. Since the security office has a small room to sleep in, I guess he will take a nap there. He and I seem to share some habits like taking a nap. Well, that's not a good habit though."

When Gun-Ho went into his office, the secretary Ms. Seon-Hyeo Yee brought a cup of tea.

Gun-Ho asked her, "Could you bring me a cup of coffee as well?"

When the secretary brought a cup of coffee with a newspaper, Gun-Ho asked her, "Please ask Ms. Accounting Manager Myeong-Sook Jo to come to my office."

"Yes, sir."

Accounting Manager Myeong-Sook Jo entered Gun-Ho's office carrying a note.

"How much cash do we have in our reserve, as of today?"

"We have 8.1 billion won, sir."

"Hmm, I remember that on March 31st, we had 4.2 billion won. It keeps increasing. As you know, Ms. Accounting Manager Jo, our company has no debt, so the funds in our reserve will keep increasing. I wonder how much corporate tax would be imposed."

"I can ask about it to the tax accountant office that we are working with."

"I've heard that the government is revising the special tax treatment control law."

"I've heard of it too, sir. I heard that they are reducing the amount of tax benefit that they are providing to foreign investors. I was looking into it as well."

"D*mn it! If the government makes the business hard like that, I will have to move the company outside Korea like in Malaysia or somewhere!"

When Gun-Ho yelled in anger, the accounting manager was frightened. She looked at Gun-Ho's face with widened eyes, and she said, "There has to be a tax reduction benefit for corporations. I will find out more details about it, sir."

"Sounds good. Please get more information about it. Also, when you have time, please visit the tax accountant's office as well."

"Yes, sir."