Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 596 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 596 Certificate Of Inno Biz 2 Part 1

On Friday evening, Young-Eun came home at TowerPalace. She was carrying a large paper bag in her hand. When she entered the condo, Gun-Ho was lying down on the sofa in the living room. When he saw her, he quickly got up and took the paper bag for Young-Eun.

Gun-Ho asked, "What is this?"

"It's an earphone and some food."

"An earphone? I guess you want to listen to the pregnancy music with it, huh?"

Young-Eun collapsed on the floor and lied flat on her back.

"Oh, my goodness. I'm so tired."

"I know. What can I do for you?"

"My legs are tired."

"Shoot, they look a little bit swollen. Let me give you a massage. "

Gun-Ho rubbed Young-Eun's calf. Her calf and feet were visibly swollen.

"You are working for long hours while walking around on a concrete floor to see patients. You are pregnant, Young-Eun. You should take a break from time to time while you are at work. Can you take a few days off or take even a long vacation? I think you need a rest."

"Oppa, can you buy me pork belly?"

"Right now?"

"I can eat it now. I don't have morning sickness anymore, and I feel cravings for pork belly.

"Sure. Let's go out to eat then."

Young-Eun tried to stand up, and then she collapsed again on the floor.

"Oppa, I'm too tired to go out now. Can you get me 600 grams of pork belly? We can eat them at home."

"Okay, I'm on my way to the supermarket."

Gun-Ho went to the supermarket close to his home in his flip-flops and bought pork belly and lettuces. He also bought a bottle of beer and coke.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun sat at the dining table and started eating pork belly as they cooked them. Gun-Ho drank the beer while Young-Eun had her coke.

"Are you feeling happy?" Gun-Ho asked Young-Eun.

Young-Eun lifted her head and looked at Gun-Ho's face. She then smiled broadly and nodded her head.

"I read somewhere that a mother's mood affects an unborn baby. If you feel happy, then our child would feel happy too."

"I bought an earphone. I want to listen to pregnancy music while walking along Yangjae Riverside tomorrow."

"Maybe we should take a trip, so you would feel relaxed."

"Do you have any specific destination in your mind?"

"Maybe we can go to Gwangneung Arboretum or an old palace."

"I don't want to go far from home. I like the Yangjae River. We should pick a place easy to reach without heavy traffic on the way."

"Since you are almost five months pregnant, we don't have to worry about a miscarriage. You should feel free to eat whatever you want, so eat as much as you want. You suffered enough from morning sickness without being able to eat much."

"I saw a patient eating canned pineapple today, and I felt the urge to eat it. I had to go to a store right away and finished one canned pineapple on the spot."

"Good. You should eat whatever you feel like you had to eat."

"While I was eating it, one of my colleagues, who is senior to me, saw me. And she reprimanded me."

"For what?"

"She said that I shouldn't just eat whatever given by a patient."

"That wasn't given by one of your patients, was it? You bought it yourself. She should mind her own business."

"Oppa, can you clean the dishes?"

"Sure. I will take care of it. You go and sit down on the sofa and try to relax. I'm worried about your swollen legs."

"Me I'm worried about my weight. I think I gained at least 2 kilograms recently."

"That's very normal, isn't it? Don't forget that you are carrying a baby. You should stay healthy for the baby. So, don't worry about your weight for now, and eat healthy foods as much as you want."

"I will take a bath while you wash the dishes."

After finishing washing the dishes, Gun-Ho brushed his teeth and changed to his pajamas. He then went into the master bedroom where Young-Eun was taking a rest. Young-Eun was wearing new clothes that Gun-Ho didn't recognize, and she was listening to music with her new earphone while lying on the bed.

"Huh? I've never seen these clothes. Is it new?"

"My aunt sent it to me. This is a maternity dress. I just unpacked the package that you placed on the vanity. It was in the package."

Young-Eun, who was listening to music on the bed in her new maternity dress, looked so cute. Gun-Ho joined her on the bed, and he drew her close to him. Gun-Ho thought that she would shove him off, but she didn't. She took off the earphone and wrapped her arm around Gun-Ho's waist.

Gun-Ho said while rubbing Young-Eun's belly, "Can you hear me, boy? I'm your father."

That night, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun slept until the next morning while cuddling tightly.

It was Monday, and Gun-Ho went to work at GH Mobile in Jiksan Town.

When President Song visited Gun-Ho's office, Gun-Ho asked him, "Did Chrysler's executive officer came to our factory last week?"

"Yes. He visited every corner of our factory. He highly spoke of our factory's high productivity level. He stated that our factory has relatively high labor productivity per hour compared with those in other countries."

"That's good to hear. I guess we successfully gave him a good impression."

"He also showed great interest in our assembly department in addition to labor productivity. There are several other factories in Korea in addition to ours, which provide Chrysler with automobile parts. He seemed to be considering letting us manufacture all of the parts that Chrysler is buying from factories in Korea, and he asked us to assemble those parts before sending it to them."

"Hmm, really?"

"Chrysler is buying automobile parts from Mandong Company and Egnopak. He is considering the possibility of Chrysler asking us to produce all of those automobile parts and assemble them to make more complete automobile parts. After visiting our assembly department, he saw the possibility, and he seemed to think that is a more desirable option for Chrysler."

"It would be like we are taking Mandong Company's and Egnopak's business with Chrysler."

"That's right."

"Wouldn't Mandong company and Egnopak be upset with us for losing part of their business?"

"I think it should be okay since the number of the products that those two companies are supplying Chrysler with is not much anyway. It turned out that Director Jong-Suk's idea of creating an assembly department within our factory was a very good one."

"Hmm, you think so?"

"We can apply the possibility to the products that we are supplying A Electronics. I think we can expect to see a dramatic increase in sales if we use our assembly system smartly."

"Hmm, I think you are right."

"A Electronics' volume of product orders is way higher than Chrysler's. Once A Electronics realizes the convenience of our assembly system, we can substantially increase the volume of sales."


Gun-Ho nodded his head.

Gun-Ho went to Dyeon Korea in the afternoon. Once he arrived there, he summoned a meeting for the executive officers. Vice President Adam Castler, Director Dong-Chan Kim, Internal Auditor Hee-Suk Goh, and Director Hyeong-Sik Yoon showed up at the meeting. It would have been nicer if someone from the production site is at the meeting, but the plant managerHee-Yeol Yoocouldn't attend the meeting since he was not an executive officer.

Gun-Ho started the meeting by saying, "It has been more than a year since our company opened its door. Dyeon Korea reached its current stable level because of all of you in this room. This is evidently the result of your great and hard work. I thank you all."

The room was quiet with some coughing sound here and there.

"I recently received a very interesting suggestion, and I want to share the idea with you. Dyeon Korea possesses outstanding technologies. In order to confirm our identity as an innovative tech company in the industry, I think we want to get officially certified with our technology. Therefore, I want to have Dyeon Korea certified with Inno-Biz."

Director Kim responded to Gun-Ho's suggestion right away, "I am familiar with the Inno-Biz certificate. I was directly involved with getting the certificate when I worked for Mulpasaneop. It is very true that we could enjoy lots of benefits once we obtain the Inno-Biz certificate; however, the benefits come with the strict compliance that we must fulfill. As the name of the certificate clearly describes, the basic requirement to get the certificate is to be a tech company with constant efforts developing innovative technologies. Therefore, we will need to establish a technology research center first. Also, we will have to aggressively invest in R&D and need workers who would work in developing technologies."