Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 597 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 597 Certificate Of Inno Biz 2 Part 2

The internal auditor let out a dry cough, and he responded to Director Kim's comment, "Dyeon Korea is not without a technology research team. Our compound room is our research center where our company's innovative technologies are being developed. In my opinion, changing the name of our compound room to a 'technology research center' will do the trick. We can then record all of the expenses that have been spent for the compound room as R&D expenses, such as the labor cost for the workers in the compound room, the cost for the equipment there, and the cost for any chemicals and materials used."

Director Kim raised other relevant issues, "Getting the certificate is not a simple process of registering our company as a tech company for Inno-Biz, but we will need to foster a proper environment to be an innovative tech company that develops technologies as a major part of its nature of business. We will have to implement an internal delegation of authority policy, a proposal system, OJT (On The Job Training) system, etc."

Gun-Ho said, "The things that Mr. Director Kim just listed need to be done whether we apply for the certificate of Inno-Biz or not, and we will implement them. Therefore, I want to organize a special team that will undertake the project of obtaining the Inno-Biz certificate. I need an executive officer to lead this special team."

All of the executive officers in the room fixed their eyes on their notes without saying a word. Leading a special team would be extra work for them, and no one seemed to volunteer for that onerous extra work.

Gun-Ho continued, "Secondly, as of today, we will name our compound room as the 'technology research center,' and we rehire the former GH Mobile's research center's chief officerMr. Gil-Hoon Bangwho is currently holding a one-year advisory position, as our technology research center's new chief officer. Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo will be assigned to the position of deputy chief research officer."

Director Kim chipped in by raising his hand.

"I'd like to nominate Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong at the sales department to the position of the team lead of the Inno-Biz special team. It would be a good opportunity to have him grasp the overall business and status of our company."

"Sounds good. Then, Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong will be the team lead of our Inno-Biz TFT (Task Force Team), and we will prepare for the site inspection to be conducted by the Inno-Biz Association. If you have an objection, this is the time to bring it up."

Director Kim said, "As a matter of fact, we've neglected GH Mobile's former chief research officer just because he is old and holding a temporary advisory position. He is a very experienced researcher with extensive technical know-how. We will need to get him an office with good pay. He still has a lot to offer for our company. He comes here to work erratically these days, so we are not sure when he would show up. I will give him a call and ask him to come to work. Sir, I think it's better that you talk to him in person directly about his new position."

"Hmm, sure. I will do that."

"You previously said, sir, that you want one of the executives to lead the Inno-Biz TFT. I think the vice president should lead the team. We can create a committee that manages TFT's team lead, and Mr. Vice President Adam Castler can take the position of chief of the committee, and I will work as the deputy chief of the committee. That would be the official structure surrounding the Inno-Biz project, but most of the actual work will be done by the team lead and myself."

Director Yoon, who had been quiet during the entire meeting so far, added, "Sir, I think you should talk directly to Assistant Hee-Yeol Yoo, who is also working as a plant manager, about renaming the compound room as the technology research center and having the former chief research officer as our new chief research officer."

"No problem. I will do that."

"Also, I suggest that we pay the task force team incentive, like a bonus for their additional responsibility."

"Hmm, I will have to see the actual proposal about it. Why don't youMr. Director Yoonwrite a proposition with details and bring it to me?"

"Yes, sir."

The internal auditor raised his hand.

"I guess we now have a pretty good idea what to do with the Inno-Biz project. Before we end this meeting, I have one more proposal that I'd like to make."

"Please go on."

"Many of our employees in the management are from GH Mobile. GH Mobile increased all of its employees' salaries by 7% after the negotiation with its labor union, but we haven't increased the management workers' salaries yet. I've mentioned the needs of the salary raise to Mr. Director Kim and Mr. Vice President Adam Castler the other day. I'd like to make an official proposal at this meeting, hoping that, you, sir, would take this into consideration."

Gun-Ho moved his gaze to Mr. Adam Castler and said, "Mr. Internal Auditor just talked about the salary raise of our employees. Do you approve it, Mr. Vice President Adam Castler? Because of you, our sales have increased in China and India. I think we can afford to raise our employee's salary, who have been working hard."

Mr. Adam Castler smiled and nodded his head.

Once he received the approval gesture from Mr. Adam Castler, Gun-Ho turned to Director Kim and said, "Mr. Director Kim, once we raise our employees' salaries, you will need to work harder to increase our sales and sales revenue accordingly. Will it be still okay with you that we raise their salaries?"

"Sir, I think we should have raised their salaries earlier. The production workers' pay already increased earlier this year, but the management workers' salaries stayed the same. The production workers will not complain even if we raise the management workers' pay this time. I believe it's fair to raise their salaries now."

"Okay, then. I will talk to the general affairs manager about the salary raise after this meeting is over."

"Thank you."

The management workers, who were facing their salary increase, included the executive officers at the meeting. Once the meeting ended and when they walked out of the room, they all looked excited.

Gun-Ho called for Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo.

"Did you want to see me, sir?"

"We just had a meeting between the executive officers, and I have things that I need to talk to you about, which were determined during the meeting."

Manager Yoo looked curious and gazed at Gun-Ho's face.

Gun-Ho continued, "Our company is a tech company with excellent compound technologies, and our business heavily relies on them. We want to make it official by obtaining the Inno-Biz certificate. You have heard of Inno-Biz, haven't you?"

"Yes, sir, I have."

"In order to do that, we need a research center which is mandatory. So, we are going to change the compound room to a technology research center."

"I think that is a good idea, sir. It would sound better and a 'technology research center' seems to describe better what we do there. We don't simply mix compounds in the compound room, but we actually develop technologies there."

"One more thing is that we will need a chief research officer for the research center. So, we decided to place GH Mobile's former chief officer, who is currently working with us with an advisory position, to the new chief officer. And, I want you to take the research center's deputy chief officer position."

"I will do it, sir. I had worked with him before, and I enjoyed working with him. What about my position as a plant manager?"

"I want you to continue to work as a plant manager as well. I understand that you would be busy, and it is a lot of responsibility to have a dual position, but I can't think of anyone else to do the job for now."

"No problem, sir. I will do my best."

Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo seemed to be satisfied with his dual position as a plant manager and also as a deputy research chief.