Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 631 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 631 Chuseok Korean Thanksgiving Day 1 Part 2

On Friday evening, when Chan-Ho Eum dropped Gun-Ho off at his TowerPalace condo, he handed the Thanksgiving presents which were provided to the employees of each GH company, to him. There were four of them from four different GH companiesGH Mobile, Dyeon Korea, GH Development, and GH Media.

"Did you take yours too?"

"Yes, sir. I also have four gifts from each GH company. They are in the car trunk."

"GH Logistics must have prepared gifts as well for their employees. It's too far to go there just to pick up the gift, huh?"

"Haha, that's right, sir. But, they have only a few employees. Maybe they skipped the Thanksgiving gifts this year."

"They have many truck drivers who are working for them."

"Oh, that's right. They have truck drivers."

"This is Thanksgiving weekend, it's going to be long. Take a good rest."

"Thank you. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, too, sir."

"And, this is for you from me. Get some socks or something with it. Happy Thanksgiving."

When Gun-Ho gave an envelope to Chan-Ho Eum, he took it with his two hands, thanking him.

"Thank you so much, sir."

Chan-Ho Eum didn't tell Gun-Ho, but he actually received gift cards from several executive officers of GH companies. The gift cards were for shoes, and he received four of them. He didn't tell Gun-Ho because he heard that Gun-Ho yelled at several employees because they accepted gifts for him. He felt nervous when he heard about how Gun-Ho reacted toward the gifts.

"He's going to be mad if he finds out that I received these gift cards."

Chan-Ho thought that he would refuse any gifts next time when someone tried to give some to him. But, this time, there was nothing much he could do because he already took them.

"I will give one of these to Tae-Young bro."

While heading out from TowerPalace Condo in the car, Chan-Ho Eum rubbed his chest. He could feel the envelope in his inner pocket, that he received from Gun-Ho and those four gift cards from the executive officers.

It was Korean Thanksgiving Day.

Gun-Ho's family always had a memorial service for their ancestors on every Korean Thanksgiving Day. That morning, Gun-Ho and Young-Eun headed to Gun-Ho's parents' home in Guweol Town, Incheon City. Gun-Ho had to drive his Land Rover since it was a holiday where everyone didn't go to work including Chan-Ho Eum.

Gun-Ho's couple stopped by a store and bought a Galbi (Korean grilled beef ribs) gift set for Gun-Ho's parents. When they arrived at his parents' home, Jeong-Ah was the one who opened the door for them.

"Hi, uncle Gun-Ho."

"Wow! Is it Jeong-Ah? My little niece Jeong-Ah? You grew up so fast. You are a big girl now."

Jeong-Ah quickly went back to her room; she seemed to feel embarrassed.

Gun-Ho's mother didn't let Young-Eun come near the kitchen.

"Why don't you just sit on the sofa and take a rest? You must feel tired enough with the baby inside you."

Gun-Ho's father looked happy when he saw Young-Eun's bulged belly.

"You should be extra careful until you give birth to the child."

Gun-Ho's sister did most of the work around home. She was in her 40s, and she had more than enough experience with house chores including cooking to handle all the work by herself. She was also good at it.

After completing the memorial service, Gun-Ho's family sat at the dining table. There were seven of them.

"I'm so happy today, having every one of you at the dining table with me."

Gun-Ho's father smiled and looked at Young-Eun, and said, "We are now a big family with seven members."

At the moment, Gun-Ho's sister brought more dishes on the table, and she said, "There will be one more on the next Korean Thanksgiving Day. We will be eight."


"Young-Eun is carrying the eighth member now. He will be out by then."

Everyone laughed out loud. Jeong-Ah kept glancing at Young-Eun's bulged belly. She seemed to be curious about the weird-looking large belly.

While having their breakfast, Gun-Ho's mother said, "Take some corn when you go home today. There are peanuts too."

"Corns, mom?"

"Yeah. I harvested them from the land in Namchon Town. I have enough to share with you and your sister's family."

Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun's face and asked, "Corns look delicious, don't they?"

Gun-Ho was asking Young-Eun's permission implicitly.

Young-Eun didn't say no, but she nodded her head meaning that it would be okay to take them.

Gun-Ho's sister added, "I brought the Thanksgiving gifts from GH Logistics. Take them with you when you go home. I already distributed it to all of our truck drivers. There are two of themone for you and one for Chan-Ho Eum."

"Haha, really?"

Gun-Ho asked his brother-in-law while filling up his empty glass with liquor, "How's your work?"

"The work itself is good since this is the same industry that I've been working in for a long time. But, when I have to have a meeting with GH Mobile's and Dyeon Korea's general affairs manager, I feel anxious."

"Why? Did they say something to you?"

"No, not that. I just feel like I have to behave carefully because you are the owner president of those two companies."

"Oh, that. You don't have to worry about it. Just do what you have to do. You don't have to feel pressured because of my position there."

Gun-Ho's mother said to Jeong-Ah, "Jeong-Ah, why are you staring at your aunt's belly? Do you want to have a little sister or brother? Ask your mom for it."

Gun-Ho's sister jumped out of her seat in surprise.

"Mom! What are you talking about?! It's hard enough for me to raise one kid now."

Gun-Ho's father was with his wife.

"You should have one more child. Korea has a low fertility rate now. You'd better help the world and Korea by having one more child. Don't worry about raising them. Your mom and I will raise your kids for you."

Gun-Ho's father looked at his son-in-law and said, "What do you think? Don't you want to have one more child?"

"Huh? Umm Well I. umm"

Gun-Ho's brother-in-law couldn't say much in embarrassment. His face blushed.

Gun-Ho tried to help the couple by changing the topic.

"Jeong-Ah, I heard that you received an award in a singing competition. Can I hear you singing?"

"Yeah, Jeong-Ah. Why don't you sing for your uncle?"

Gun-Ho's mother encouraged her.

"Uncle Gun-Ho will get you a gift if you sing."

Jeong-Ah hesitated for a second, and then she stood up from her seat and started singing. She sang one of the famous children's songsOrchard Road. She sang surprisingly well. She definitely had talent. Gun-Ho thought that she looked so adorable when she was singing. Young-Eun was listening to Jeong-Ah's cute singing voice while clapping. When Jeong-Ah reached the middle of the song, everyone was singing along with her.

When she finished the song, Gun-Ho said to her, "Jeong-Ah, come here, I will give you some pocket money, so you can buy whatever present you want for yourself."

Gun-Ho gave Jeong-Ah a few 10,000 won bills.

"Thank you, uncle Gun-Ho."

Jeong-Ah gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho, showing her gratitude.

Gun-Ho and Young-Eun were preparing to leave. They had a nice breakfast, and also, they had corns and peanuts on their hands. Also, they received gifts from GH Logistics that his sister saved for him. Gun-Ho pulled out an envelope from the inner pocket of his jacket and gave it to his mother.

"Mom, I'm sorry that I couldn't come home to see you more often."

"It's okay. I know you are busy, son. And, you don't have to give me money. I have enough money"

"I know that, mom. I just want you to have this and use it when necessary."

"Thank you, son. Take good care of your wife, okay? I can't wait to meet my grandson soon."

"Don't worry about it, mom. Sister and brother, we are leaving. I will see you around."

"Drive safely. There must be heavy traffic on the road. Be careful."

Once Gun-Ho and Young-Eun walked out of Gun-Ho's parents' home, they headed to Young-Eun's father's home in Sillim Town.