Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 639 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 639 High School Friend Suk Ho Lee 3 Part 2

Jae-Sik Moon continued to tell the story about Suk-Ho Lee's visit to Gun-Ho over the phone.

"So, I told him that I've never said I had a good insight about business and that I just do what I can do, and I do my best while working. My response made him even more upset. He yelled at me, saying that that's why I would never get out of a bas.e.m.e.nt. I thought he was going to punch me."


"I had to get his facts straight though, so I told him that my parents are living in a 30 pyung large condo in front of the East Incheon Station, and I am living in a luxurious condo here too. When I showed him where I live, he looked truly surprised."

"Of course, he would."

"In addition, I showed him my office in the terminal and told him that I run this place and the intercity bus service business. I also showed him my Audi with the chauffeur. When we went to my office, the workers in uniform at the terminal greeted me by giving me a bow, and that made Suk-Ho Lee sulky."

"I guess he is in trouble. He went all the way to your area to ask you to buy his stores. He must need money urgently."

"He came with a friend, and it seems that his friend paid for their entire trip. The guy had curly hair, and his name was Han something. He said that he was looking for a good area where he could open a karaoke. It seems that he wants to open a karaoke that provides services with girls."


"So, I told him that I have been in China just for a few months now, and I don't even speak Chinese fluently, so I wouldn't be the right person to ask things like that."


"I treated them well though. I told Suk-Ho Lee that I received a call from President Gun-Ho Goo, saying that I should make their trip pleasant and comfortable. He was delighted to hear that. I even took them to a karaoke per their request."

"Haha, you did?"

"They both seemed to know how to have fun in karaoke. They even danced with the service girls in the karaoke. I'm sure they took a dance lesson or something; they were really good."

"Haha, I see."

"Well, I feel so liberated after they left. I desperately wanted to go back to my routine life while they were here."

"I understand. You did well."

After getting off the phone with Jae-Sik Moon, Gun-Ho thought about Suk-Ho Lee while sitting on a bench in Anyang Art Park.

'Suk-Ho Lee was an active and energetic boy when we were in high school. Won-Chul Jo and Byeong-Chul Hwang looked down on me and others and refused to even hang out with us, but they were not violent. On the other hand, Suk-Ho Lee was a good fighter, and he was aggressive and violent sometimes.

One of his bad habits that we all hated at that time was that he often tapped the personnot lightly but in an intimidating waywhile talking to that person. Jae-Sik Moon was the biggest victim of that wicked habit of his. I remember Jae-Sik Moon's scared eyes whenever Suk-Ho Lee was around him. I understand that Suk-Ho Lee is in a deep trouble right now, but given his attitude toward the people around him, I think it will be really hard for him to find someone who would be willing to help him. That's too bad, Suk-Ho Lee!'

Gun-Ho remembered Won-Chul Jo's and Byeong-Chul Hwang's parents as well in those old days. Won-Chul was condescending and arrogant, and he didn't even try to hide it. He even told Gun-Ho, Min-Hyeok, and Jae-Sik not to come near his house. Byeong-Chul was relatively quiet and a bit shy. He sometimes invited Gun-Ho and Min-Hyeok to his home to show off his new toys or cartoon books. When Gun-Ho was in Byeong-Chul's room, his mother once said, 'Byeong-Chul, are you reading cartoon books? You'd better start doing your homework now. I told you not to bring those kids living near the embankment area. The one who is wearing shabby sneakers His father is working as a security guard, isn't he? I told you not to hang out with them. Things seem to be missing whenever those kids visit our home. I still can't find the commemorative coins that I bought the other day. I'm sure that those kids from the poor area took those coins.'

Byeong-Chul's mother was a teacher in a junior high school. Come to think of it, she was not supposed to say things like that as a teacher, knowing that the kids could hear her. Byeong-Chul's mother owned a condo in Incheon City and received a monthly income from a pension. She still maintained the same teacherish appearance with gold metal frame glasses.

Byeong-Chul was doing well as expected. He was ranked number one in high school and graduated KAIST. He had a Ph.D. and was working as a researcher in Pangyo City. Many people would envy Byeong-Chul's background and his current social position; however, he was just an employee living on a fixed salary. His narrow-mind seemed to confine him in the current world that he was living in.

Gun-Ho was different. He had various and extensive life and work experiences, which broadened his views in general. After getting to know Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town, he studied accounting which amplified his inborn talent in math and numbers. He was now a successful businessman and investor.

Despite his success, his life was not busy because he was not a salaryman who had to be at work for certain hours every day like Won-Chul Jo and Byeon-Chul Hwang. That enabled Gun-Ho to read a lot of business and management books, and he also read economic newspapers on a daily basis. His decision and judgment were precise and advanced compared to his counterparts.

One week passed. The class at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University would get together at Anyang Art Park around 8 pm after finishing the first class that day.

Gun-Ho announced, "Umm, I will have to collect an additional 50,000 won for each."

"Again? Galbi* is that expensive? 100,000 won per person?"

"We need to pay for our chauffeurs too. 50,000 won't cover two persons' dinner."

"Hmm, I see. Yeah, I guess our chauffeurs should have Galbi* too."

Gun-Ho collected another 50,000 won per person, and he made a joke, "If I collected more than we needed, I will keep the change."

"Sure! Keep it! We don't pay for your work anyway. Consider that you earned it."

About twenty cars drove out of Seoul National University's front gate while making a line. Gun-Ho's Bentley took the lead. They then made a left turn in front of Mirim Women's High School before taking a road in the direction of Hoam Temple. After a moment, they all arrived at Anyang Art Park.

It was already dark outside, and the park was quiet. There were a few residents around the area, who were taking a walk at the park, but there were not many people, and it was easy to park twenty cars at once.

The food started coming out.

The restaurant was filled with the smell of grilled ribs, and that was good. The congressman's chauffeur brought a box that was filled with bottles of liquor, to Gun-Ho's table.

The congressman said, "This is the traditional liquor from my area. Remember the name of the liquor and its brand. If you like it, buy it at a store. This can be a very good gift. I'm Congressman Park, and I'm the congressman where that liquor came from."

"Hey, is it your campaign speech?"

At the moment, Minister Jin-Woo Lee noticed that one minister was making a call to someone, and he said, "Hey, Minister Kim, who are you calling? You are supposed to watch the meat. Don't let them sit there for too long, they will be burned. Are you calling your wife? Are you supposed to report your wife everything you do?"

The Minister Kim person laughed out loud and said, "No, I'm not calling my wife. I actually invited Korean classical musicians here. They are my friends."

"For what?"

"They will sing for us."

"Haha, really? That sounds great."

Korean beef ribs were being grilled on the table, and people sipped their liquor. They all seemed to enjoy the moment at the restaurant in the park. When Gun-Ho filled Minister Jin-Woo Lee's empty glass with liquor, Minister Lee said, "Mr. Class Manager! How's your business doing?"

"It's going well, sir."

"How much do you anticipate making this year?"

"It will be about 100 billion won."

"That's it?"

"I guess I can make more with your help, sir."

At the moment, Gun-Ho heard people clapping. When he turned around to see what was going on, there were two musicians in a traditional Korean dress.

Minister Kim made an announcement.

"To celebrate our meeting today, I invited two classical musicians. They are living national treasures. These are friends of mine. Please welcome them with a big round of applause."

People clapped loudly. One musician held a microphone getting ready to sing, and the other musician held a janggu* and started playing.

They were indeed professionals. The night at Anyang Art Park with Galbi and beautiful music was deepening.

Gun-Ho thought that Korea could provide the best days if you have money.


Galbi Korean grilled beef ribs.

Galbi-tang Korean short rib soup.

Janggu A traditional Korean musical instrument which is similar to a drum.