Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 644 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 644 Actress Lia And Aikko 1 Part 1

It was the day when Gun-Ho was supposed to go to work in the GH Building in Sinsa Town.

Gun-Ho was dozing off in his office after having a cup of tea that his secretaryMs. Yeon-Soo Ohbrought to him earlier and reading an economic newspaper when his phone started ringing.


"Sir, it's me, Director Woon-Hak Sim."

"Oh, Director Sim. You are in Korea, right?"

"Yes, sir. I've completed the things that I came here for, and I'm ready to go back to China with the actress. I'd like to stop by your office before I leave."

"Are you coming now?"

"Yes, sir, if you are available. You are not at the factory in Jiksan Town or Asan City today, are you?"

"I'm in the building in Sinsa Town right now."

"That's perfect. I'm leaving from BM Entertainment in Cheongdam Town, and I will arrive there in 30 minutes."

"Sounds good."

Gun-Ho went to the bathroom taking care of his business and washed his face briefly. When he got back to his office, he drank a bottle of water to ease his thirst developed from his earlier nap.

He then started reading a newspaper. A little while later, Director Woon-Hak Sim knocked on the door and walked into Gun-Ho's office. He was not alone. He was with BM Entertainment's dandy manager and a woman who dressed up splendidly. The woman got dolled up, and she was gorgeous. She looked like she was in her mid-20s. Gun-Ho could tell that she was the actress who Director Sim recruited for the new drama.

"Hello, sir."

Director Woon-Hak Sim and BM Entertainment's manager gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho showing their respects. BM Entertainment's manager then introduced the lady to Gun-Ho.

"This is our BM Entertainment's treasureLia."

"Oh, really?"

Gun-Ho held out his hand to the lady for a handshake. He didn't have to have a handshake with her, but he did that by reflex.


The lady held Gun-Ho's hand as she smiled broadly.

When Gun-Ho held her hand, he was frightened because her hand was extremely soft like she had no bones in her hand. Gun-Ho could also smell a strong scent from her; it was a Chanel perfume.

"Please have a seat."

Once the three guests sat on the sofa, Gun-Ho called for his secretaryMs. Yeon-Soo Oh.

"Please bring us tea."

Yeon-Soo Oh kept glancing at the guest lady who was all dressed up colorfully; she was curious who that would be. She finally woke up from her deep wondering when Gun-Ho asked her again, "Tea, Ms. Oh. Please bring us tea."

"Huh? Oh, sure sir, coming right up."

Gun-Ho asked Director Sim, "So, are you leaving for China with her today?"

"Yes, sir. I've signed the contract with BM Entertainment, and she will stay in China for a few days."

"You have accommodation prepared for her already, right?"

"Yes, sir. Huanle Shiji Production Company already made a room reservation with a five-star hotel. She will be accompanied by a BM Entertainment's staff who will assist her and also stay with her as her bodyguard."

BM Entertainment's manager chipped in, "Lia is a member of a Kpop girl group, and she has experience in acting. She played some roles in several Korean TV dramas before."

"Oh, really?"

Gun-Ho looked at Lia with a smile as he crossed his legs. Lia gave a light nod to Gun-Ho admitting that what the entertainment manager said was true.

"You have a very pretty face, and I believe that you will do great. I was told that your name is Lia Gang which is read as 'Lial Zhiang' in Chinese. The name is easy enough for Chinese viewers to call and remember."

Lia laughed again. Gun-Ho thought that this actress Lia's style would fall into somewhere between Seol-Bing and Mori Aikko.

The dandy entertainment manager turned his head to look at Lia and said, "Mr. President Goo here owns several companies. He is like our President Hyeon-Man Yee in the entertainment industry."

"Oh, I see."

Lia's gaze returned to Gun-Ho and gave him a slight nod again.

At that moment, Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh came back, carrying four cups of tea to the office, and she glanced at Lia again. Yeon-Soo Oh was a pretty woman herself, and when she was selected for this job as GH Development's president's secretary among other many candidates, her good looks definitely played a critical role. However, her good looks were not good enough to be compared with Lia's who was a Kpop idol. Kpop idols seemed to be trained by their management agencies about everything from how to walk to how to wave their hands and even how to smile. They knew how to look attractive to other people. Gun-Ho wondered whether this dandy entertainment manager trained Lia how to behave when they were with other people.

"Please have some tea."

"Thank you."

Director Sim said while having his tea, "Lia will meet with the production crew in China, and she will also participate in the table-read with other actors and actresses to see if she would work well along with them. And, Huanle Shiji's presidentMr. Baogang Chenis planning to give a production presentation in the near future after discussing it with the TV station's marketing team. Journalists will be invited to the presentation, of course."

"Hmm, really?"

Director Sim continued, "I'm sure that Lia will draw a lot of attention as a famous Korean actress during the drama production presentation."


BM Entertainment's manager chipped in, "Our president at BM EntertainmentMr. Hyeon-Man Yeeis paying attention to this Chinese TV dramaShiguang Ru Mengespecially because youMr. President Gooare investing in it. He is willing to provide any technical support in producing that drama. BM Entertainment will be here to support Huanle Shiji's new drama production."

"Hmm, I appreciate that."

"Also, Mr. President Hyeon-Man Yee asked me to give his regards to you, sir."

"Thank you. Please send my regards to him as well."

"Sure. I will do that, sir."

Director Sim stood up from his seat, getting ready to leave.

"I guess we have to say goodbye here. We have to catch a flight. Thankfully, Mr. Entertainment Manager here offered to give us a ride to the airport. I'm grateful for it."

"Hmm, really? Thank you. Oh, did you talk to President Shin already?"

"Yes, sir. We stopped by her office before coming here."

"I see. Oh, give me one second."

Gun-Ho walked toward his desk and opened his desk drawer that was locked, and he pulled out an envelope. The envelope had 1 million won in it with all-new 50,000 won bills. Gun-Ho handed the envelope to Lia.

"I hope you enjoy working with us. Let's make a great TV drama together."

When Gun-Ho gave the envelope to Lia with a smile, Lia hesitated to accept it.

Gun-Ho added, "I want you to buy yourself delicious food in China."

When Lia still hesitated to accept it, BM Entertainment's manager told her with a smile, "You can take it. Just don't forget to thank him, Lia."

Lia, who was trying to read the entertainment manager's face, took the envelope that Gun-Ho held out to her quickly right after the manager said okay. And she didn't forget to say, "Thank you."

Lia then gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho.

"Well, enjoy your trip."

Gun-Ho extended his hand to Lia, and they had a handshake. Gun-Ho felt her delicate hand again. It was too soft like she had no bones.

Gun-Ho walked them off to his office door. Once the three guests left the office, the secretaryMs. Yeon-Soo Ohquickly came to Gun-Ho and asked, "Who is that woman, sir?"

"She is an actress. Her name is Lia."

"Oh my goodness. She is Lia? I should have asked for her autograph if I knew she was Lia."

"Do you know her? Is Lia well known?"

"Yes, sir. She was a singer as a member of a Kpop girl group. Now, we can see her in a TV drama. She is so pretty in person. Why did she come to our company by the way, sir?"

"She will star in the Chinese drama that Director Sim will participate in producing."

"Oh, I see."

"Would you clean the table please, with those empty cups?"

"Of course, sir."

Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh picked up the empty cups from the table in Gun-Ho's office with a sullen face.