Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 645 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 645 Actress Lia And Aikko 1 Part 2

After the secretary left the office, Gun-Ho sat on the sofa and thought about Lia, who was there a minute ago. And then he closed his eyes in an effort to disperse the thought of her. With his eyes close, another woman popped up in his head. It was Mori Aikko in a stunning Kimono.

"What is wrong with me?"

Gun-Ho suddenly missed Mori Aikko so much.

As a matter of fact, ever since Young-Eun became pregnant, Gun-Ho barely slept with her. Maybe that was why Gun-Ho couldn't get rid of the thought of Mori Aikko. Before he knew it, he was walking toward his desk, and he turned on his computer. He then searched for a flight to Tokyo, Japan and purchased the ticket. The flight was scheduled to arrive at Haneda Airport tomorrow morning.

"Young-Eun is not coming home in TowerPalace until Friday evening. I can make a brief trip to Tokyo for one night and two days before she knows it. I don't need to inform her about this trip."

Gun-Ho then sent a text message in English to Mori Aikko letting her know that he would be in Tokyo tomorrow.

The next day, Gun-Ho arrived at Haneda Airport. Before taking the airport shuttle bus connecting from the aircraft to the terminal, Gun-Ho looked up at the sky. The sky in Tokyo looked exactly the same as the sky in Seoul. It was fall, and the sky was deep blue without clouds.

Gun-Ho didn't have to stop by the baggage claim area since he had no checked baggage. When Gun-Ho was slowly walking out to the exit after passing the customs, he heard someone saying loudly, "Oppa!"

Gun-Ho looked around to see who that was. Surprisingly, Mori Aikko was standing behind him.

"Aikko, how come you are here at the airport?"

Mori Aikko was carrying a suitcase.

"Are you leaving for somewhere? Or are you coming from somewhere?"

Gun-Ho asked as he took over her suitcase.

"I'm on my way from Nagoya City."

"Nagoya City? You had a dance performance there?"

"We had an outdoor event at Ninomaru, Nagoya City."

"Oh, I see. So, the event is over now?"

"Yes. I was spending time with my friends at Meiji Mura in Inuyama City after the event was over. And I took the first flight to Tokyo right after I received your text message."

"You did?"

People at the airport kept glancing at Mori Aikko as they were passing by Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko. She was wearing a trench coat for fall with her hair pulled back, making a ponytail. She was also dragging a carry-on bag. Undoubtedly, she looked like a flight attendant; not just any flight attendant, but the most beautiful flight attendant.

"Oh, you did? I'm sorry that I interrupted your time with your friends."

"No worries. I can travel to Nagoya City again at any time. And Inuyama is close to Nagoya, so I can go there later too."

Mori Aikko smiled at Gun-Ho innocently. She had creamy skin. Gun-Ho suddenly felt the urge to hold her tightly and kiss her. But he couldn't because they were at the airport where a lot of people were passing by.

Gun-Ho usually walked fast, faster than most of the people. Gun-Ho took Mori Aikko's carry-on bag and started walking. Mori Aikko, who was holding Gun-Ho's arm, walked along with him as fast as she could.

Gun-Ho didn't take the subway, but he took a taxi since it was for two people with bags.

"Please go to Daikanyama."

On the way to Mori Aikko's home in Daikanyama in the taxi, the taxi driver kept glancing at the couple through the rearview mirror. A man in his late 30s and a woman in her early 20s were sitting in the rear seat with their arms entwined. Maybe Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko didn't seem to be a normal couple with their obvious age difference.

In the car, Mori Aikko leaned on Gun-Ho's shoulder and fell asleep right away. She must have felt exhausted from her trip. Gun-Ho could feel the warmth of Mori Aikko's body.

'She is like a cute little blue bird. If she was Korean, would she have been so nice and devoted to me? She is so cute and tender. Is it because she is Japanese? I'm not her lover but just a sponsor. But she is still loyal and sincere consistently. I'm grateful for it.'

Gun-Ho wrapped his arm around Mori Aikko's waist and pulled her closer to him.

After dropping off Mori Aikko's bag in her condo in Daikanyama, Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko walked out of the condo. They wanted to dine out since they realized that there was nothing to eat in her refrigerator. They had Udong at an old restaurant nearby. Even though it was an old and shabby place, the taste of their Udong was great.

"This is really tasty."

"This restaurant has been here offering Udong for 100 years. I come to this restaurant sometimes late at night"

"Did you say 100 years? Wow."

Gun-Ho looked around the restaurant. There was a sign that was made of wood, indicating that the restaurant was indeed 100 years old.

After finishing their Udong, Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko walked out of the restaurant. Mori Aikko then made a call to someone. Gun-Ho couldn't understand what she was saying on the phone since she was speaking very fast in Japanese, but Gun-Ho heard "Mama San" several times. Gun-Ho made an educated guess that the person who Mori Aikko was talking with was Mama San Segawa Joonkko. Once Mori Aikko was off the phone, Gun-Ho wanted to verify whether his guess was correct.

"Was it Segawa Joonkko?"


"What was it about?"

"She wanted to know if I'm back from Nagoya City, and she was asking if I could come to her bar in Shinjuku. She is expecting a very important guest today. I told her that I won't be able to make it."

"I see."

"I told her that I just came back home, and I'm extremely exhausted from the trip. When I told her that Mr. President Goo is here with me, she hung up the phone right away."

"Was she displeased when you told her that you couldn't go to her bar tonight? She said she was expecting a very important customer."

"No, not at all. She was happy for me because you are here with me."


Gun-Ho noticed that Mori Aikko looked truly tired.

They headed back to the condo after picking up some food at a supermarket, such as beers, snacks, fruits, beverages, etc.

When they arrived at the condo, Mori Aikko said, "Oppa, why don't you take a shower first?"

"No, it's okay. You do it first."

After a while, Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko were sitting at the dining table facing each other. They were wearing Yukata after taking a shower.

Gun-Ho suggested, "Do you want to drink the beer that we picked up earlier before we go to bed?"

Aikko replied, "Sure. I can drink more than a bottle of beer these days. My alcohol tolerance has increased lately."

Mori Aikko had a few glasses of beer. And then, she started sobbing.

"Why are you crying? I'm here with you, aren't I?"

Gun-Ho lifted Mori Aikko and carried her to the bed. He then flicked the switch off.

Gun-Ho eased her head down on the bed and kissed her as he cuddled closer to her.

Mori Aikko asked, "Oppa, can we live together in Otaru City?"

"Otaru City?"

"Yeah, Otaru."

Tears welled up in Mori Aikko's eyes again as she suggested moving in together in Otaru City.