Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 659 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 659 Each Gh Companys Year End Financial Report 1 Part 2

Due to the nature of her job, Seol-Bing had plenty of experience with kissing a man, especially while starring in a drama. Having a kiss with Gun-Ho once was not a very special event for her. She had kissed with the son of the owner president of some newspaper publishing company, and she also had kissed with the President's son. It was none of her business whether Lia was starring in a TV drama which was being produced with Gun-Ho's funds, but she just didn't like it. Well, she didn't like the fact that Lia was pretty. it was annoying to admit that Lia was beautiful.

"Lia, you said that you are not receiving an award today, right? Then you should sit in the rear area. This front row is only for the people who will receive an award tonight. Go to the back side. The award ceremony will soon begin."

Lia was forced to sit in the back.

In fact, for Seol-Bing, Gun-Ho was not her first choice of man. Gun-Ho was not handsome like an actor. He did seem to have money, but he was not from a conglomerate family, so he wouldn't satisfy her mother's requirement either.

Seol-Bing was told that Gun-Ho had a building in Seoul, and he was running an auto parts manufacturing company in a provincial city. He looked like a loser who was trying to spend a night with an actress, feeling confident that he could do that just because he had some money. That was how Seol-Bing perceived Gun-Ho at that time. Moreover, according to the current general tendency in choosing a man, competent and able ladies were supposed to choose either a younger man or a man from a conglomerate family. Seol-Bing thought that Gun-Ho was too old for herself.

"Gun-Ho Goo? Ha! He seems to have more money than I thought. I give him that. Well, he leased the entire meeting room Gekkyu in New Otani Hotel to meet with me."

Seol-Bing, at some point, had wondered why Gun-Ho Goo hadn't contacted her any longer. That was weird. Seol-Bing didn't know about Gun-Ho's marriage, and she had no idea about a young beautiful dancing geisha who Gun-Ho could never forget about.

Seol-Bing decided to hate Gun-Ho, but she actually hated Lia much more. Whenever she encountered Lia in the broadcasting station, she didn't even lay her eyes on Lia and treated her like she was invisible to her.

It was January next year.

"Did I just turn 38 years old?"

Gun-Ho was having mixed feelings while heading to Dyeon Korea in Asan City in his Bentley to attend its new year's opening ceremony.

'I previously made a goal to make 1 trillion won before turning 40 years old. I have now only two years left until I become 40. I guess I dreamed too high. How possibly can I make 1 trillion won within two years?'

I was 32 years old when I went to Asan City to have a job interview with YS Tech. I was working in Bangil Gas at that time, and I wanted to have a better position in an accounting department in a decent company. Six years have passed since then. Now, I have my own family, and I have made good money so far. But, I wonder if I will ever be able to achieve my goal making 1 trillion won.'

Gun-Ho didn't stop by GH Mobile in Jiksan Town that day, but he went straight to Dyeon Korea. When he entered his office, Director Yoon came to him informing that the opening ceremony was ready to start.

"Everyone is at the auditorium right now, sir. Here is the greeting speech that you could use during the opening ceremony, sir."

Director Yoon handed a paper to Gun-Ho.

"Okay, let's go then."

In the auditorium, about 150 workers were sitting. On the platform, the executive officers were sitting while facing the 150 employees. On the wall, there was a banner saying 'Dyeon Korea's 20xx Opening Ceremony.'

"Best wishes to you, sir," the executive officers stood up from their seats to greet Gun-Ho who was walking toward the platform.

The new year's opening ceremony began.

Gun-Ho didn't read the greeting speech that was prepared by Director Yoon or others, but he gave his own greeting speech to his employees. It was short. Basically, he thanked the employees for their hard work last year, and he said that he was anticipating a bright future for the company in the new year, as he was expecting an acute increase in sales and more export to China and India.

After the opening ceremony was over, Gun-Ho suggested that all of the executive officers there were four of them stand at the exit door making a line and had a handshake with each employee. The four executive officers had a handshake with each of the 150 employees.

"Happy new year."

"You too, sir. Happy new year."

The workers seemed to like to have a handshake with the executive officers. Every single worker in Dyeon Korea attended the opening ceremony including the kitchen lady, the security guard, and the cleaning crew, and they all had a handshake with all of the executive officers that day.

The next day, Gun-Ho went to work in the GH Building in Sinsa Town. When he entered his office, Manager Hong came to the office.

"The approval email for each GH company's budget for this new year was sent to each company last December as you instructed, sir."


"Some GH companies haven't finished their previous year's financial doc.u.ments concluding the entire year yet. Most of them are still working on the financial doc.u.ments in the month of December."

"Tell them to make an estimated profit and loss statement for the month of December, and ask them to finish the last year's financial doc.u.ments by the 10th of this month. I want to receive the report next week for all of the GH companies."

"Yes, sir."

"For GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea, I want to hear the presentation concluding last year's profit and loss, and financial status from the person who is in charge of the company's accounting. I want them to give the presentation during the executive meeting."

"Understood, sir."

"As to GH Logistics, I will just receive their financial doc.u.ments. They are a small company, and the paper report should suffice."

"Yes, sir."

"Tell GH Media that they can give me a report at their convenient time while I'm in this office."

"Yes, sir. I will send out the instruction email to each company in the form of an official letter."

"Sounds good. You sound like the head of Planning and Coordination, Mr. Manager Hong."

"Haha. When each GH company is combined into a group, I'd like to work as the head of the planning and coordination department. That would be my dream job, sir."

"Haha, is that so?"

When Manager Hong was giving a bow before walking out of the office, Gun-Ho added, "Also, tell the companies in China to give me the financial report as well. I want to receive their doc.u.ments via email. Send the request to both GH Parts Company in Suzhou City and Antang GH Transportation in Antang City."

"Yes, sir."

Manager Hong quietly closed the door behind her when she walked out of the office.

Gun-Ho leaned back on the sofa and thought about what Manager Hong said about her dream job.

'Will Ms. Manager Hong be the right fit for the position of the head of the planning and coordination department when it's time for me to choose someone for that position? She is calm and good with numbers. I have no doubt about her competency in the accounting work, but leading an entire department especially the planning and coordination department is different. Is she able to handle the work as a woman? She does have a tax accountant license, and she is trustworthy, but I don't know'