Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 676 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 676 Crowdfunding On Movie Production 1 Part 1

It was Tuesday, and Gun-Ho went to work in his building in Sinsa Town. He was having a cup of tea while looking at his child's picture with his smartphone.

Then he realized, "I forgot to give Young-Eun money for living expenses."

Gun-Ho wire-transferred another 50 million won to Young-Eun's bank account. It was for the past five-month living expenses. To make sure Young-Eun received the living expenses from him regularly, Gun-Ho set-up the automated electronic funds transfer on his bank account with Kukmin Bank through its bank applicationKB StarBanking. The amount of 10 million won would be sent to Young-Eun's bank account on the first day of every month from now on.

Gun-Ho gave a call to Young-Eun.

"What are you doing?"

"I was changing the diaper of our baby."

"When is the helper lady coming?"

"She is here already. She is cooking in the kitchen right now."

"She is not staying with us, but she will commute, right?"

"Yeah. She will come here every day except weekends. I told her to take a break on Saturdays and Sundays."

"How old is the lady?"

"She is about 60 years old. She raised her kids on her own, and they are already all grown up. The staffing agency told me that she is a good cook as well. She does look like a fine lady."

"Really? That's good. I realized that I haven't sent you money for living expenses, so I just sent it to your account. Verify it. It's 50 million won."

"Oh, another 50 million won?"

"Yeah, and since I seem to keep forgetting to send it to you, I set up the auto funds transfer. You will receive 10 million won in your bank account starting next month."

"10 million won per month?"

"Yeah. Use that money to pay the helper lady and HOA fee and other stuff."

"Okay. I will use the money to take care of all the necessary things, and I will save the remaining in the bank account under Sang-Min's name."

"Well, whatever you want to do, honey. How you spend the money is totally up to you. I don't even ask you how much you make at the hospital, do I?"

"Haha. I will save my earnings that I make by working as a medical doctor for our child Sang-Minas well."

"Whatever pleases you. Well, I will see you at home tonight."

"Oh, I forgot to ask you this," Young-Eun quickly said.

"What is it?"

"We have a holidayCheonmyeongjulcoming. It's on Friday. We will visit our mom on Saturday, right? Since you have to go to work on Friday."

"Visiting your mom? Sure, Saturday sounds good."

"My dad in Silim Town wants to go there with us. Will it be okay with you?"

"Your father in Silim Town? Sure, why not?"

"Thank you. I will see you later."

It was Saturday. The weather was nice and sunny. Gun-Ho had his car washed and filled up the tank of his car before leaving for the cemetery park in Pocheon City. Since he didn't have enough time to fully wash his car, he cleaned only the exterior of the vehicle.

"Father, you are here," Gun-Ho said when he saw Young-Eun's father arrive.

"I hope that I'm not interrupting your little trip."

"Don't say that, father. You are always welcome. Please get in my car. I will drive."

"Where should I place this?"

"What are these?"

"These are some food for Young-Eun's mom, like fruits and Gimbap (cooked rice and other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed)."

"Sang-Min's mom already prepared food for her mother."

At that moment, Young-Eun came down to the parking lot.

"Oppa, will you help me take this to the car? It's heavy."

Young-Eun was holding the baby and also carrying two bags."

"What are all these?"

"They are some food and fruits. The helper lady and I cooked them all."


"You have to handle this bag cautiously. It has a bottle of liquor in it."

The baby was looking around in Young-Eun's arms. It was his first official trip outside home. Gun-Ho was not sure if the baby was able to recognize the surroundings.

When they entered Dongbu Expressway, Gun-Ho looked at the back seat through the rear mirror. Young-Eun was looking at the baby while holding him. She looked happy. Young-Eun's father, who was sitting next to Young-Eun, was dozing off. Gun-Ho was still driving after passing downtown Pocheon City.

"Oppa, if we take the road over there, it would lead to Chairman Lee's vacation home, wouldn't it?"

"That's right."

"Let's stop by his vacation home in the near future with a box of fruits."

"Sounds good."

"Oppa, I received a call from KOAF (the Korean African medical volunteer work center) yesterday."

"What did they say?"

"They asked me to take the position of its office's president. So, I told them that I can't do that now because I delivered my baby a few days ago."

"Hmm, I see."

"I might accept the position next year though."

"Aren't you going to be too busy then? Sang-Min needs you too."

"That's true, but"

They arrived at the cemetery park in Pocheon City. Young-Eun was holding the baby in front of her mother's grave.

"Mom, it's me, and this is your grandson," Young-Eun said as she held up the baby.

Young-Eun's father said, "Your mom must be very happy now. She now has this cute grandson."

Young-Eun laid out all the food that she prepared in front of the grave. There were all sorts of dishes. Young-Eun seemed to prepare as many dishes as she wanted with the helper lady's help. She brought various kinds of fruits as well.

Gun-Ho, Young-Eun, and Young-Eun's father gave a deep and full bow to the grave. They then began eating the food. The foods were neatly placed in several stackable food storage containers. They were tasty, maybe because they were eating outside. Young-Eun's father seemed to be relishing the moment. He finished several glasses of liquor already.

"I'm so happy to be here visiting your mother with you and my grandson. I'm so glad how magnificently you grew up, Young-Eun."

Young-Eun had her happy smile on her face during the entire trip. She also fed the baby with happy looks on her face. Everything looked so peaceful.

"The boy is very gentle. He doesn't cry much unlike other babies."

"Maybe because he is here at his grandmother's grave."

"You think so?"

Gun-Ho climbed to his feet and said, "I need to go to the bathroom."

Gun-Ho walked into the forest near the gravesite in order to take care of his business. While Gun-Ho was away, Young-Eun's father asked Young-Eun, "You have a helper lady at home now? It must cost you a lot to have her. Does Gun-Ho give you money for living expenses? You are not separately managing each of your earnings, are you?"

"No, dad. He gives me money for our living expenses."

"How much does he give you? Is it enough?"

"It's more than enough actually. He is giving 10 million won per month."

"10 million won per month? Stop joking, and give me the exact number."

"I'm not joking, dad. He literally gives me 10 million won per month for living expenses. He is making good money, dad. He gave me 50 million won twice so far, so it's 100 million won. He hasn't even asked me how much I make at the hospital."

"Really? Well, your aunt told me that Gun-Ho is running a big business. I guess she was not joking."

"His company at Jiksan Town has 500 workers."

"500 workers? Whoa, it must be a huge factory since it has to accommodate 500 people. Anyway, I feel relieved knowing that Gun-Ho is taking good care of my daughter, and that he is capable of giving you 10 million won per month for living expenses only. Well, you know that you always have to prepare for the future, right? Don't forget to save money in a savings account. You shouldn't spend all of 10 million won."

"I know, dad."

"You might want to start the installments savings program with a bank. You can later use the lump sum money to open your own hospital or Sang-Min's education or something."

"Okay, dad. Don't worry about it, and drop the subject. My husband is coming."


They were heading back home from the cemetery park. Gun-Ho looked at Young-Eun and her father through the rear mirror. Watching them happy made Gun-Ho feel happy as well. Young-Eun's father was looking out the window, and then he turned around and said to Gun-Ho, "You must feel exhausted. It's a long drive going to the cemetery and coming back home."

"I'm good, father. Don't worry about me."

After passing Uijeongbu IC, they entered the Dongbu Expressway. Young-Eun and her father were dozing off in the back seat.