Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 709 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 709 Establishing Subsidiary Companies In India And In China 2 Part 2

Gun-Ho received a call from Director Woon-Hak Sim in China.

"I've finished reading the translated version of the movie scenarioMenghuan Yinghua."

"Do you think it is good enough to produce a movie with it?"

"I had fun reading it. If we make the ending of the movie as the female lead characterthe geishamanages to steal classified military secrets and give them to her loverthe Chinese spyand she eventually commits suicide, the movie will stand out among others."

"I'm asking if the movie would lead to box office success."

"Yes, if it's fun to watch, then it will be lucrative. I'm confident that it will succeed."

"Do you think a geisha would date a Chinese man and pass on classified military secrets for her lover's country?"

"Haha. That's why it is a fiction novel and movie. Even though it's fictional, we will make it look plausible enough for the viewers to believe that it could happen in real life. That's the key to make a movie successful."

"That makes sense. So, you are saying that the scenario is worth producing a movie with, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"The movie production will cost at least 10 billion won. It's a huge project. I will put half of the production cost5 billion woninto it, and we have to carefully consider the consequence that would ensue if this movie fails. The investors including me could lose a lot of things as a result."

"I've been thinking about it a lot before making the decision. In my professional opinion, there is a very high chance to succeed. We already talked with the writer, and she approved that we would make some modifications to her scenario."

"Okay. Tell Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen to convene a meeting for the pre-production stage. Also, tell him that I was initially very hesitant to make my investment in this movie production, but youDirector Simmanaged to convince me to make my decision to invest in it."

"Sir, I um Thank you so much."

Gun-Ho thought that Director Sim was about to cry. He sounded like he was truly touched by Gun-Ho's decision when he thanked Gun-Ho.

Gun-Ho changed the subject quickly.

"Have you received the court order about the deposit yet?"

"I haven't received it yet, sir. I actually asked the attorney's office about it, and they told me that they are expecting to receive it in a few days."

"Just let me know when you receive it."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho received a call from Director Kim.

"Sir, we are leaving for China and India tomorrow."

"Oh, really?"

"I'm taking a morning flight to China, and Director Yoon and Mr. Adam Castler will leave on an afternoon flight to India."

"You three are leaving on the same day? Will it be okay because the company will be without three executive officers at once?"

"It should be okay. We have the internal auditor and the plant managerManager Yoo. They will handle the business fine during our absence."

"What about the sales? Since you will be gone for at least several days."

"Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong is doing excellent work in our sales department. He can handle the sales work without me for a few days. Moreover, I will be always available through my cell phone, and if my presence is absolutely necessary, I can fly back to Korea since China is close enough to do so."

"I see. Well, I hope you enjoy your trip. Don't forget to take enough funds with you for the travel expenses."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho made a call to Min-Hyeok Kim in China.

"Dyeon Korea's Director Kim is leaving for China tomorrow."

"Yeah, he called me earlier."

"Please make his trip pleasant."

"I know. There are several places that I need to take him to anyway."

"Are you planning to take a tour of your client companies with him? Director Kim told me that he would have tiring days in China because of youMr. President Min-Hyeok Kim."

"Oh, he said that? Hahaha. Well, yeah, he is right about that. I've already made a plan about the tour."

"Where are you planning to take him with you?"

"I want to visit S Group, Mandong Company, Egnopak, and also other Korean companies here. There are several of them."

"Is it worth having a tour with Director Kim?"

"Many people at the purchasing department of those companies here are good friends of Mr. Director Kim. They call each other big brother and little brother. It would be much easier for me to make a deal with them if Director Kim is with me here."

"I see."

"Those people at the purchasing department usually don't respond to my offer to have a drink sometimes, but they will if Director Kim asks."


"I guess I will have to call Director Kim big brother when he comes here. The thing is that it's hard for me to say the wordbig brotherto someone who is not related to me by blood. Jong-Suk Park is very good at it though."

"You don't have to compare yourself with him. Jong-Suk is born with that skill."

Gun-Ho then made a call to Manager Lee in India.

"It's Gun-Ho Goo."

"Yes, sir. This is Jong-Geun Lee."

"Mr. Adam Castler and Director Yoon will arrive in India tomorrow. You received a call from them about the trip, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir. I just received the call."

"When they arrive, why don't you join them to travel to Chennai?"

"Yes, sir. I will do that."

"There is a good chance that Mr. Adam Castler will take the position of the president of Dyeon Korea next year. Pursuant to the joint venture contract, I will be the chairman of the board next year."

"Oh, I see."

"If Mr. Adam Castler becomes Dyeon Korea's president, he will be the one who actually handles the daily operation of the company and makes important decisions around here. I know that Mr. Castler is aware of your competence at work, but his trip to India is your opportunity to show your ability to him once again. Take him to some tourist spots like Taj Mahal. He would appreciate it if you assist him during this trip."

"Understood, sir."

Gun-Ho received a call from the CEO of A Group's planning and coordination departmentMr. CEO Park."

"Mr. President Goo?"

"It has been a while, Mr. CEO Park."

"Did you watch the news? I mean the news about Minister Jin-Woo Park quitting his current position at the government."

"Yes, sir. I watched the news last evening."

"As they said on the news, he is preparing for the upcoming by-election."

"They said that there is a high chance that he would be elected this time."

"As you already noticed, this upcoming by-election is not his final goal. He will enter into the political party through this by-election, but he will climb up higher."

"According to the media, he will possibly become the speaker of the political party."

"Minister Jin-Woo Park is throwing a book publication party soon."

"Oh, is that right?"

"He is publishing a bookThe Future of a Country. In the book, he went over the current status of our country and facts, and he made his analysis on the future and possibilities."

"Hmm, I see."

"The publication party will be held on the 24th of this month at the auditorium room of Korean Publishers Association Hall. You will receive an invitation to the party in a few days."


"Everyone, who attended the classes with Minister Jin-Woo Park at the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University, will be invited to his publication party."

"I will definitely be at his publication party and purchase several copies of his book. It's incredible that he managed to write a book with his busy life as a minister. He is an absolutely great person."

"And, we are in early June now. After 6 more months, GH Mobile will be wrapping up the year-end accounting for this year. The shareholders can expect to receive dividends this time, can't they?"

"Since we skipped the dividend distribution last year, we will do it this year. To be honest with you, I prefer to use the profits to pay for our company's debt since we still have a lot of debt."

"I understand your situation, but I strongly insist that you need to distribute dividends this year. I'm sure 'the man' is in need of funds at this time."

"We are receiving a lot of help from A Electronics lately, but our sales are not that high yet."

"How much is the company generating now?"

"We are making about 10 billion won per month."

"Hmm, that's not enough. I will figure out something to increase the sales."