Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 713 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 713 Secret Affair In Seattle 2 Part 2

When they were almost done with the dinner, Gun-Ho suggested, "I have a nice black tea in my hotel room at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel. Why don't we go there and have a cup of tea? It's a suite room, so there is a living room where we can talk without being interrupted."

Gun-Ho always stayed in a hotel suite room during his business trip, especially if he had an important matter that he needed to discuss with someone. A suite room in a hotel provided a living room that was separate from a bedroom. He liked to discuss business with people in the hotel living room because it was private and quiet, and no one would hear the conversation in his hotel room.

"Sure. Let's go," Mr. Brandon Burke said as he stood up from his seat.

Gun-Ho prepared three cups of black tea himself in his hotel suite room at Sheraton, and placed them on the table for Mr. Brandon Burke and Professor Han.

Mr. Brandon Burke sipped his tea as he crossed his legs. Gun-Ho also crossed his legs and took a sip of his tea.

"The work that you are doing with Lymondell Dyeon must make you feel tired at the end of the day, doesn't it? It's hard work," Gun-Ho said to Mr. Burke.

"It is true that it's not easy work since I have to manage all Lymondell Dyeon's joint ventures and subsidiary companies scattered all over the world. But, it is certainly a rewarding work as well."

Gun-Ho said in a low voice, "Are you retiring in December of this year?"

"It's actually September."

"Do you have a plan about what you want to do after you retire? Are you going to open your own business?"

"No, I'm not interested in opening my own business. I want to take some time off from work for a while and take a rest. In the meantime, if a company offers me a job, maybe I will work for them."

"What would you say if I offer you a position in Chennai, India?"

Vice President Brandon Burke smiled instead of saying something back.

He then asked, "You don't even have a factory in India. What position are you talking about?"

"We are going to acquire an existing factory building there, instead of constructing a factory from scratch. We have abundant human resources. Once we acquire a factory building there, we just need to set up production lines and send the necessary chemicals. We can get it started right away then."


"Moreover, there are lots of Korean companies in Chennai. Many of them are our current clients in Korea. So, our new subsidiary company in Chennai will start its business with an already-built-up clientele. Its sales are guaranteed."


Mr. Brandon Burke folded his arms over his chest while listening to Gun-Ho attentively.

"We are highly recognizing your extensive work experience in the field and also your insight. We would like you to run our subsidiary company in the Chennai location. We will guarantee your terms."


"I will have to step down from the president position of Dyeon Korea next year. I will be the chairman of the board. I want to expand Dyeon Korea's production base to China and India while I'm still in its president position. I want to establish Dyeon China and Dyeon India."


"Also, we are going to increase capital without consideration early next year. We will distribute our company shares to the shareholders without consideration, using our profits. As you are already aware by reading the weekly report, we just distributed 10% of our company shares to the minority shareholders."

At that point, Mr. Brandon Burke laughed out loud.

"You are the major shareholder of the company unlike me, Mr. President Goo. You distributed the shares to the employees using the company profits without consideration, not because you cherish your workers that much, but because that will bring you more income. Well, that's how business works anyway."

"It's not just me who makes money from it, but it brings enormous profits to Lymondell Dyeon as well."

"That's true. However, as you said, it brings more income to Lymondell Dyeon, not me personally. But, since you are the owner of the company, you can personally enjoy the profit."

"Well, the flow of the company shares is the shareholders' concern. Anyway, so, Mr. Vice President Brandon Burke, you can join us in Chennai, right? I wanted to hear your answer, so I made this trip to Seattle to meet with you quietly. I didn't tell anyone about it."

"What do you want from me in exchange?"

This time, Gun-Ho smiled.

"I want to know which manufacturing company is producing twin screws. Also, I'd like to have the electrohydraulic drawing."

Mr. Brandon Burke smiled.

"I knew you would ask for them."

Silence filled the air for a while.

After taking a sip of his black tea, Mr. Brandon Burke said, "To be honest with you, it is certainly a very tempting offer of you to ask me to run the factory in Chennai. I'm retiring from Lymondell Deyon this September anyway. I don't even have to wait until September. If the factory in Chennai is ready to produce products, I can go there even tomorrow."


"But, since you want to know the name of the manufacturing company that is producing the twin screws for our machines, I will need some time to think about your offer. Lymondell Dyeon is under a certain contract with this manufacturing company. I'm sure that you can build the machine once you get the twin screws. I know that it's not difficult work given the current technology in Korea."

"We don't have to tell anyone. I will say that I figured out about the twin-screw manufacturer myself."

"Well, still it could become a problem. If you guarantee my terms with the factory in Chennai, I can give you the manufacturer's phone number and also its president's name. However, I can't guarantee that they will sell their screws to Dyeon Korea or not. You will have to convince their president."

"They are not selling the screws to Dyeon Korea, but they will sell them to GH Mobile."

"That will make them feel better since they are selling their products to the third company that doesn't have 'Dyeon' in its name. Give me time to think about it. Once I make my decision, I will send you the company's phone number via email. That's all I can do for you about it. It's up to you how you use that information. You will have to contact them and negotiate with them to buy their screws, Mr. President Goo."

"We will set up a nice factory in Chennai. I will make sure that all the production lines and a compound room perfectly be in place before your arrival there. You just need to come to work."

"Sounds good. What we said in this room must stay strictly between you and me. No one should know about what we talked about today, especially Mr. Adam Castler."

"I know. That's why I didn't bring Mr. Adam Castler's interpreter for this trip."

"That was the right move. Mr. Adam Castler is a loyal man, and I do trust him. I just don't want to take any risk of leaking the secret."

"I understand what you mean."

"Lymondell Dyeon will have Mr. Adam Castler take the president position of Dyeon Korea unless there is an extraordinary event or something. Also, I've already recommended him for the position as well."

"I will be more than happy if Mr. Adam Castler runs Dyeon Korea as its president from next year," Gun-Ho replied.

Mr. Brandon Burke stood up from his seat as he extended his hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake.

"Again, what I said in this room today cannot go outside this room. You have to promise me that."

"Likewise, Mr. Brandon Burke. I don't want anyone to find out what I said to you in this room today."

The two men had a firm handshake.