Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 715 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 715 Secret Affair In Seattle 3 Part 2

Gun-Ho went to GH Mobile's factory no. 1 to take a look around. Even though they sent 100 workers to the new location, the production site still looked packed with a lot of people. The place was concentrated with the workers and the machines.

When Gun-Ho walked to Director Park's office, he was discussing something with the mid-level managers in his office. A product drawing was placed open on the table. Gun-Ho was thinking of calling him for a second, and then he decided against it. He then walked up to his office on the second floor.

Secretary Hee-Jeong Park brought mails to Gun-Ho's office. There was one mail standing out among others. It was from Minister Jin-Woo Park. The sender's address shown on the mail was an office on Yeouido Island. Minister Jin-Woo Park probably opened his own office there. Gun-Ho opened the mail.

"It's the invitation to his book publication party."

Gun-Ho opened the invitation card.

"Oh shoot, it's tomorrow. I totally forgot about his publication party. I almost missed it."

Gun-Ho leaned back on his sofa while having his tea. He then thought about it.

'I will need to give some contribution to his publication party. How much money would be adequate? 100,000 won seems too little. It's for Minister Jin-Woo Park, not for someone who is almost a stranger to me. But, if I contribute too much, people will think it is strange and start developing stupid ideas. Would 1 million won be proper?

No, no. 1 million won sounds inadequately high. I can buy 100 copies of his book with 1 million won. That's too much. Maybe 500,000 won? Okay, 500,000 won sounds good.'

Gun-Ho called for the accounting director Ms. Min-Hwa Kim.

"This is the invitation to Minister Jin-Woo Park's book publication party. Please prepare an envelope for the contribution of 500,000 won. I want 10 clean 50,000 bills in it."

"Yes, sir. I will make the copy of the invitation and will bring the original invitation back to you."

"Okay, that's fine. I understand that you will need the copy to put it in the record."

After a moment, Accounting Director Min-Hwa Kim brought an envelope with 500,000 won in it along with the original invitation card back to Gun-Ho.

"Is Mr. President Song in his office right now?"

"He was there a few minutes ago, but not right now. I can find him for you, sir."

"That wouldn't be necessary. Thank you."

"If you don't have anything else for me, I will get back to my work then, sir."

The accounting director walked out of Gun-Ho's office after giving him a bow.

Gun-Ho looked out the window. Several people, who were not wearing GH Mobile's uniforms, were entering GH Mobile's building through the front entrance. Gun-Ho called for Secretary Hee-Jeong Park.

"Who are those people?"

"We are still receiving the application for our job openings. Tomorrow is the last day. I guess they are here to apply for the job."

"I thought we would take job applications via online."

"That's what we indicated in our job posting. We are open for the application online and also in person, and there are lots of people who prefer to apply for the job in person. I think that they want to see the company themselves as they apply for the job. Also, I believe that some of them want to make sure that the job posting is not from a staff company."

"Hmm, is that right?"

Gun-Ho went to Dyeon Korea in the afternoon.

The three executive officers, who recently came back from their trip abroad, came into Gun-Ho's office.

Gun-Ho suggested, "Why don't we all go to the meeting room? Also, ask the internal auditor and Manager Yoo to join us in the meeting room."

"That is a good idea, sir."

The executive officers gathered in the meeting room.

"This is not our formal meeting. I just want to hear about your trip for today. Did you all make the purchase and sales contract?"

"Yes, sir," Director Yoon and Director Kim responded simultaneously.

"I will give you the report first, sir," Director Kim said.

"I made the sales and purchase contract for the factory building located on the east side of Suzhou Industrial Park in China. The building is about ten years old, and I didn't see any areas that require major repair."


"Its land is 4,800 pyung large, and the total floor space is 2,600 pyung large. The property is transferable, but there is an expiration date for its term to use. Since it's located inside the industrial park, the infrastructure is very good. The access to the factory, electricity and water system, and sewer system are all good. The electricity was cut off when I went there for the first time, but now the service has been restored. The price is 6 million won per month with a deposit of 200 million won."

"Oh, is it a rental property?"

"We put 10 million won for now with the cash that Dingding was holding. According to Dingding, once we make the final payment for the factory building, she will move her office and storage to the new location after closing her current location."

"Is that right?"

"I'm concerned about the monthly rent. We might have to expect to bear some loss on our first and second month there. However, the demand for our product will be high since our products will be manufactured by Dyeon China."

"Hmm, you did a good work, Mr. Director Kim."

Director Kim presented the photos of the factory in China inside and out using the PowerPoint set up in the meeting room.

"Whoa, it looks really good."

The factory building looked very clean like a brand new factory. The people in the meeting room were impressed.

It was now Director Yoon's turn.

"The factory that I found in India is located in the suburban area of Chennai Industrial Complex in Tamil Nadu. The land is 5,200 pyung large with a total floor space of 2,800 pyung. The factory building was constructed 12 years ago, and the previous occupant of the building didn't seem to have done good maintenance work. We will need to make some repairs here and there."


"The access to the factory is not bad; it has a good paved road. Its electricity system is fine, but the water system is not very agreeable. The seller agreed to reflect on the broken areas that require repairs to the selling price. We made the contract for 2.8 billion won. For now, we put 5 million Rupees to hold the property, using the company cash that Manager Jong-Geun Lee had."


"We are purchasing the property, not renting it, so, we will have to file a report with the foreign exchange authority, especially because of the high amount."

Gun-Ho asked, "How much do you expect that we have to spend to repair the entire factory?"

"I'm anticipating around 50 million Korean won. Its water tank is missing its lid, and it's also corroded. We will need to replace it with a SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) water tank. After replacing it and installing the water pump, we will have good water pressure."

"Who's going to take charge of the repair work?"

"I think I'd better be there until the factory is ready to work with all the production lines in place."

"Hmm, it's going be another hard work for you, Mr. Director Yoon."

"It's okay. I don't see anyone else who could do the job but me within Dyeon Korea anyway, sir."

"If the repair work to get the factory building ready is a major work, we need a professional to be there to complete the work, and you are the expert in the area, Mr. Director Yoon. We need you there. Will we be able to find someone who can interpret for us with English or Hindi?"

"Surprisingly, there are several Korean international students who can speak the local languages Hindi or Tamil."