Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 730 1

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 730 Dyeon Koreas Production Machines Are Being Built 2 Part 1

Gun-Ho went to work in GH Building, Sinsa Town that day. When he was sitting in his office, he received a call from GH Mobile's President Song.

"This is President Song, sir. I had a meeting with H Group yesterday."

"That's good. What was it about?"

"They made a new product order. They want us to manufacture several different types of engine mount brackets."

"Oh, is that right?"

"The auto parts that we will be providing them with will be used for their A/S. They said that once our product quality is proved as they continuously use our products, they will place more product orders for their new cars as well."

"That will increase the volume of their product orders substantially."

"If we could provide them with the parts to be used for their new cars, our sales revenue coming from them will outrun the sales revenue that we are earning with A Electronics' product orders. We could be MB's (Former President Myung-Bak Lee) DAS."

"What is DAS' main product?"

"They mainly manufacture auto parts that are used to make auto seats, such as rails and adjustors. They sell them to Hyundai Auto and Kia."

"Our sales revenue for this year will be 150 billion won, right?"

"That's our anticipation. I believe that we will reach that number safely given the speed with which our sales are on the rise with the product orders from A Group and H Group."

"What is DAS' yearly sales revenue?"

"They generate about 700 billion won per year. If we include the sales revenue of all of their subsidiary companies overseas, their annual sales will exceed 1,200 billion won."

"A trillion and 200 billion won! Whoa. That's impressive."

"DAS has a lot of subsidiary companies scattered all over the world such as America, India, Brazil, etc. And they have several in China."

"Oh, they have several subsidiary companies in China alone?"

"Yes, sir. They have their factories in Beijing, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, etc. They have one more in another city. I just don't recall which city it was."

"Hmm, I see. Dyeon Korea will also open several factories in different locations in China in the future. The one in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province will just be our first factory there."

"Haha. You're right, sir. It would be nice if we could do it."

"Please pay extra attention in manufacturing H Group's products fulfilling their new product order. Once they see the products that we provide them with are good enough, they would place more product orders. This is our opportunity."

"Yes, sir. And, I received a call from the president of the West Moulding Corp. in Seattle earlier."

"What did he say?"

"He confirmed that he received our payment, and he said he already shipped four twin screws that we ordered, yesterday by air. He is expecting them to arrive within this week. Once we receive them, we will start building the machines right away."

"Dyeon Korea's broken machine arrived at GH Mobile, didn't it?"

"Yes, we have it here. Director Park already started dismantling and assembling that machine early this morning with the workers in the maintenance team."

"Hmm, is that right?"

"I believe that they practiced dismantling and assembling the machine once more by now."

"Haha. I see."

"Oh, when I visited H Group the other day for their new product order, I also had a chance to talk with their CEO Mr. CEO Choi."

"Do you mean H Group's CEO Choi?"

"Yes, sir. I've always dealt with the executive officers in their purchasing department, and it was my first time talking with Mr. CEO Choi. It seemed that he asked them to send me to his office knowing that I was from GH Mobile."

"Is that right?"

"So, the executive officer of the purchasing department led me to the CEO's office. The man CEO Choi was sitting at his desk when I entered his office. He welcomed me delightfully, and he ensured that they would definitely increase their product orders once they are assured that we are providing good quality products to them."

"Oh, I see."

"And, Mr. CEO Choi asked me how you are doing."

"He asked you about me?"

"He said that he knows you well personally, Mr. President Goo. And, he wanted me to say hello to you for him."

"Haha. Okay. You did a good job."

After getting off the phone with GH Mobile's President Song, Gun-Ho recalled CEO Choi's face. They played golf together at the Golden Bay Country Club the other day.

'Thank you so much, Mr. CEO Choi.'

When they were playing golf together at the Golden Bay Country Club, Minister Jin-Woo Lee hadn't given any pressure to CEO Choi about helping Gun-Ho's business or anything like that. Moreover, Minister Jin-Woo Lee was not a government official any longer, who used to have power to influence people around him with his position; however, he was now technically unemployed spending his days playing golf and fishing. At that time, Minister Jin-Woo Lee just said lightly to CEO Choi that he should help Gun-Ho's business like he would do to his little brother. CEO Choi appeared that he took Minister Jin-Woo Lee's words seriously, and he was actually trying to give a favor to Gun-Ho.

Gun-Ho called for Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh and asked for one more tea for himself.

"Ms. Oh, we still have the Longjing tea that I bought during my last trip to China, don't we? Please bring me a cup of tea."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho thought about GH Mobile's President Song while having his tea.

'Everyone knows that it is extremely hard to become a vendor company of H Group. They are extremely particular in selecting their product supplier companies. President Song must be startled when he found out that I know H Group's CEO Choi personally. I believe he will become even more loyal to me.'

Gun-Ho crossed his legs and opened internet news on his smartphone.

'What? Minister Jin-Woo Lee joined the political party Gongmyeong?'' Gun-Ho giggled.

'Well, he is not unemployed any longer. Well, the news article is saying that he is a strong candidate for the leader of the political party. Well, yeah. He is rich, and he has connections with many powerful people, so why not?

The Gongmyeong Party will soon receive 2 billion won in donations. A Electronics will send them 1 billion won, and another 1 billion won will come from H Group.

And, I'm sure that they will receive more contributions from here and there which I don't even know who. One thing for sure is that the party will receive all those funds because of Minister Jin-Woo Park. Of course, he will be the leader of that political party.'

When Gun-Ho was lost in thought of things like that, GH Development's Accounting Manager Hong entered his office.

"Umm, sir, it's almost July now. Do you want me to send a request to all of the GH companies asking them to send us the first half year's financial report?"

"Hmm, it's already July? Yes, sure. Tell them to send it to us. Make sure that you send them an official letter requesting the report."

"Yes, sir."

"What about the companies in China? Do you want me to ask them for it too?"

"You have their email addresses as well, don't you?"

"Yes, I do have them, sir."

"Then send the request letter to them too."

"Are we requesting the report to the joint venture company in Antang City, Guizhou Province as well? The one where Mr. President Jae-Sik Moon is working. We haven't requested it before."

"Hmm. Yes, send the request to them too."

"Understood, sir."

After Manager Hong left the office, Gun-Ho received a call from his high school friend Min-Ho Kang.

"President Goo? Is it a good time to talk? I can call you later if you are busy."

"It's okay."

"I've contacted about 15 people so far. It appears that around 12 of them will come to the gathering."


"I talked with the people in China too. Min-Hyeok Kim and Jae-Sik Moon won't be able to join us since they are extremely busy with their work, but Suk-Ho Lee will come. He said he was planning to visit Korea soon anyway. So, I guess he will be there."

"Really? That's good. Well, thank you for doing this."