Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 739 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 739 Mori Aikkos Audition 2 Part 2

Mori Aikko carefully entered the room where Gun-Ho's party was sitting in, and she sat on the floor in a kneeling position in front of four men. She then placed a hand fan on the floor that she was carrying, and then she placed her head on the floor and gave a deep bow to the four men to the extent that her nose almost touched the floor.

"Oh, oh."

Director Yan Wu m.o.a.ned in amazement since he had never seen a sight like this before. In China, people did not give a deep bow to another person; they didn't even do that in a funeral either. The only time when people gave a deep bow was for Buddha. It must have been a shocking scene to Director Yan Wu; it was a culture shock. He was even more startled when Mori Aikko lifted her head to begin her dance performance.


The three men's except Gun-Ho's jaws dropped in amazement. They stayed in a shocking state for a while. Their eyes were locked on Mori Aikko's beautiful face.

The three men m.o.a.ned at the same time. Gun-Ho was watching the three men's reaction while enjoying his tea. Gun-Ho seemed to be very satisfied by what he was seeing.

The sound of Shamisen resonated in the room, and the mid-aged women, who were playing Shamisen, started singing as well. It sounded somewhat sad and plaintive. At the moment, Mori Aikko slowly stood up and unfolded the hand fan in her hand. The title of the song that was filling the air was called Gion Kouta. Mori Aikko started dancing along with the melody of the song. The three men were completely mesmerized by Mori Aikko and her dancing. She looked like a fairy to them.

When her dancing was completed, she sat on the floor in a kneeling position again in front of the four men and gave a deep bow to them. The four men started clapping enthusiastically. When Mori Aikko was about to leave the room, Director Yan Wu quickly stopped her. He said in English, "Just a moment, please."

Director Yan Wu then turned his gaze to Gun-Ho and asked, "Can I see her dance one more time? I'd like to see her dancing to a fast beat this time."

Gun-Ho looked at Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda and said, "Director Yan Wu wants to see her fast beat dance if it's possible."

Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda looked at the ladies who played Shamisen and asked if that could be done. Those ladies looked at Mori Aikko and gave a slight nod. Mori Aikko gave her a slight nod to the Shamisen players as well.

The sound of Shamisen filled the air again. This time, the beat was fast. The title of the music that they were playing was Dai Tokyo Ondo. Mori Aikko started dancing again along with the fast beat music. Gun-Ho hadn't seen Mori Aikko dancing along with fast beat music before. It was his first time to see her dancing like that as well.

"She is really good."

This time, all of the four men were carried away including Gun-Ho, by Mori Aikko's magical dance performance. It was indeed magically stunning.

Once her dance performance ended, Director Yan Wu applauded loudly and said, "This dance looks very Japanese. I definitely give her a pass for her appearance and dance."

Director Yan Wu didn't stop clapping as he was making a comment, and the other three men clapped along with him. When Mori Aikko was giving a deep bow again to the four men in a kneeling position, Gun-Ho said to her, "Can you come to New Otani Hotel tomorrow at 10 am? I will talk to Mama San about it."


Mori Aikko was lifting her head and then lowered the head again and replied to Gun-Ho's request.

After Mori Aikko left the room, Director Woon-Hak Sim said to Gun-Ho, "She indeed looks like a cute fairy. I think she is a natural beauty. I don't think she had any cosmetic surgery at all."

"There are many beautiful actresses in Korea too, like Seol-Bing and Lia. They are gorgeous, and they have stunning bodies too."

"It is true that they are taller than Mori Aikko, but they can't compete with Mori Aikko as far as the beauty is concerned. Mori Aikko is definitely the most beautiful woman among them. Moreover, Seol-Bing and Lia had some plastic surgery here and there. Their beauty was not inborn but made by a plastic surgeon. Mori Aikko has this fascinating traditional beauty. She has the perfect look for the main female character in our movie Ms. Ailing Feng's Menghuan Yinghua. She is definitely the right fit for the role, way better than Seol-Bing or Lia. I can tell that for sure, especially after seeing her in person."

Gun-Ho asked Director Yan Wu, "You said earlier that you would give a pass to Mori Aikko for her appearance and dance. What do you think of her compared to Lia?"

"She is way better than Lia, of course. First of all, Mori Aikko has good manners. She is polite and humble. She is immensely beautiful, and also she is exuding this exotic and specific vibe which is very Japanese in my eyes. She is perfect for the role."

"I told her to come to New Otani Hotel at 10 am tomorrow. You can test her acting ability then."

"Sounds great."

Director Woon-Hak Sim asked with a worried look on his face, "How do we test her acting though?"

Gun-Ho looked at Director Sim with a smile and said, "If you want, I can lease the New Otani Hotel's banquet hall for you."


Gun-Ho called for Mama San.

"We had a great time, Mama San. These three gentlemen are very content with the time that they spent here as well. Here is my Visa card for the food, service, and hospitality, and this is an envelope with cash in it. You can distribute the cash to the Shamisen playing ladies and other staff."

"Hai, thank you, sir."

Mama San took Gun-Ho's credit card and the envelope with her two hands showing her respect.

Director Yan Wu said with a smile, "We are having a luxurious time because we are with Fuweng (rich man)."

Gun-Ho said to Segawa Joonkko, "And, please send Mori Aikko to New Otani Hotel tomorrow morning at 10. These two movie directors want to conduct a brief acting test on her."

"Hai! Will do that."

The next morning, Gun-Ho leased New Otani Hotel's entire banquet hall telling the hotel that five people would have a meal there. It was the same room that Gun-Ho had leased before when he made his proposal to Seol-Bing. He had rented the entire room for Seol-Bing at that time. Gun-Ho then showed the place to Director Woon-Hak Sim.

"We can push these tables to the side to have more space. We will have enough room for acting then."

"This is actually too much, sir, but thank you. It's very nice."

When Gun-Ho saw Mori Aikko coming into the hotel lobby, he waved at her. Mori Aikko jumped into Gun-Ho and held his arm.


"You did a great job yesterday. Today, the movie directors want to see how well you can act. Good luck to you."

Gun-Ho took Mori Aikko to the banquet hall where the two movie directors and Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda were waiting for them. Mori Aikko was not wearing any make-up that day, and that made her look like a college student. The three men in the banquet hall were startled again when they saw Mori Aikko coming into the hall.

"Oh, my. Is this the young lady Mori Aikko? The Mori Aiiko who we met yesterday? I can hardly recognize her. Today, she looks like a cute college student who grew up in an affluent family," Director Yan Wu commented while trying to hide his astonishment.

Director Woon-Hak Sim added, "She is not wearing any make-up today. She is certainly a natural beauty."