Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 749 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 749 Started Shooting The Movie 1 Part 2

President Song said to Gun-Ho over the phone, "In Korea, the chemical raw material industry is dominated by only a few large companies, as you know well, sir."

"Yes, I do."

"It seems that bubbles are often found in the products that are manufactured using those chemicals produced in Korea. So, in an effort to avoid those bubbles, H Group gave a specific instruction to one of their vendor companiesDeepackto use Dyeon Korea's raw materials in manufacturing the products that they are sending to H Group. Once I get off the phone with you, I'm going to give a call to Director Kim to let him know about this."

"That could be an additional huge volume of new product orders for Dyeon Korea."

"That's right. Deepack is a large company. It is larger than Egnopak. It has several subsidiary companies as well."

"I see. Well, I will let you go now, so you could talk to Director Kim."

It was certainly good news, especially at this timing. Gun-Ho felt good.

'I was worried about Dyeon Korea. Once Dyeon China and Dyeon India start producing their own products locally, Dyeon Korea no longer needs to send their raw materials to those two locations, and it will leave Dyeon Korea with surplus products. It will need to find more clients within the Korean market. It seems we found a good buyer already.

This is a very important time for Dyeon Korea, especially because we are preparing to register with KOSDAQ. Our sales must increase; it shouldn't decrease now. Moreover, once the company goes public, we will have to open our financial status to the public quarterly. We shouldn't disappoint our investors with decreased sales.'

It was Tuesday.

Gun-Ho was sitting in his office in GH Building, Sinsa Town. He was checking his email at his desk. At that moment, he received a call from Director Woon-Hak Sim in China.

"Huanle Shiji Production Company is having a movie production presentation. I just spoke with Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda on the phone about it. I asked him to give a call to Ms. Mori Aikko and ask her to come to Shanghai City this Friday to attend the production presentation."

"Is that right?"

"Before the movie production presentation, I want her to meet with our staff and other actors and actresses. We will reserve a room with the best hotel in Shanghai for her."


"We are still working on translating the movie scenario into the Japanese language, and it's almost done, and we already sent the Japanese version of the synopsis to Mori Aikko via email. I received the confirmation from her that she received it."

"Did you find an interpreter for her?"

"We have a few candidates for the job. Director Yan Wu will conduct the final interview with them today."

"Mori Aikko doesn't speak Chinese at all, and I'm sure that she has never been to China before either. I want you to make sure with the Chinese people there, for her safe stay, Mr. Director Sim."

"Director Yan Wu actually talked with the staff here about it when we came back from the trip to Japan. He told them that they had to make it certain that Mori Aikko stays here safely and securely, and that they have to be very nice to her. He also told the staff that Mori Aikko is in a close relationship with our major investorChairman Gun-Ho Gooso they have to be extra careful in dealing with her."

"Hmm, he said that?"

"He even warned them by saying that if Chairman Goo feels uncomfortable with anything that we do, we might not be able to continue to shoot our movie."

"Hmm, I see."

"Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda told Mori Aikko to bring a makeup artist with her when she comes to Shanghai this Friday."

"Does she have to wear geisha makeup during the movie production presentation?"

"No, but he asked her to come with someone who she knows for her safety."

"When are they going to start shooting the movie?"

"They will start right after the production presentation. Director Yan Wu is trying to reduce the main production period to three months in order to save the production cost."

"Hmm, really?"

"Instead, he will spend enough time in editing. The post-production period would be about another three months."

"Well, you do what you have to do. You are the expert in the field."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho checked his personal bank account. He had used 3 million dollars from it in sending the funds to Antang City, and it left him without much funds in his personal account.

'I will need to withdraw 5 billion won from my stock account. I didn't want to touch my stock account, but well, I need money. I will replenish it once I make money later.'

Gun-Ho made a call to the branch manager of the stock brokerage company.

"I need to resell the bonds that I purchased. I need 5 billion won for my investment in China. I will be there today to withdraw 5 billion won in cash. I'm letting you know now, so you could prepare the cash. I was going to make money and make an investment with it, but it didn't work that way."

"Sir, you don't have to be concerned about the amount of 5 billion won. You are a big player from Gangnam. Once Dyeon Korea goes public, you will make more than 50 billion won. 5 billion won is not much compared to that amount."

"You really think so?"

"I will make that happen for you. I will be a loyal servant to you."

After withdrawing 5 billion won from his stock account, he deposited the cash in GH Media's bank account. He then made a call to GH Media's President Jeong-Sook Shin.

"I just deposited 5 billion won in GH Media's bank account."

"Wow, did you say 5 billion won, sir? That's the amount that a normal person will live comfortably without working for three generations."

"Huanle Shiji Production Company cast their leading female actress for the movieMenghuan Yinghua. She is a Japanese actress. They will soon hold a movie production presentation. When I give you a call later, I want you to send the money to China."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho received a call from Min-Hyeok Kim in China that afternoon. It had been a while since he heard Min-Hyeok's voice.

"You must be very busy these days with all the moving and things going on there."

"It's doable. There is nothing much to move anyway. It's not like we have to move some machines with us."

"All the machines are installed already?"

"Yes, they are all in place. The Manager Ahn person took care of it with another worker who seems to be in a team lead position."

"Manager Ahn will not stay there, but he will come back to Korea soon, and the team lead person is the one who will stay there. I was going to send an assistant manager there, but he should be good too."

"Yeah, he seems to be a very competent worker. For convenience purposes, we are going to call him Mr. Manager."

"I see. What are you going to call the person who is there to handle the compound room then?"

"We will call him Mr. Research Manager."

"I guess they will like it there and want to stay there forever."

"That sounds great."

"Is Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo training the workers there?"

"Yeah, he is giving them necessary training and guidance, but it seems that he is not teaching them any essential technology."

"I see. Did you hire any workers there yet?"

"We did. We hired two workers for the maintenance team and another two workers who would be working in the compound room. And, we have 10 production workers."

"How many workers do you have then?"

"If we include the forklift truck driver and the security officer, we have already 20 workers here."

"That's a lot. You will have to work hard to make enough money to pay them."

"It's really good that we are located inside the industrial park. Since we have a manufacturing facility here, Dingding will soon start her sales activities by carrying the brochures with her. Since she speaks English well, she's going to meet with presidents and CEOs of American companies and European companies here."

"That sounds great."

"Now we are part of this industrial complex's community. They have a regular meeting among the companies' presidents, and other activities. We will be able to build a good relationship here with them, and that will enable us to get some business too."

"Dingding is an attractive person and very active too. I'm sure that she will do great."

"Haha. Thank you."