Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 787 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 787 Determination Of Public Offering Price 2 Part 2

When Gun-Ho dialed Minister Jin-Woo Lee's phone number, he got a busy signal. He tried again after ten minutes. The line was still busy.

"Is he going to be talking over the phone all day long? Maybe he is calling everyone in his election district to ask them to vote for him."

After a while, Gun-Ho received a call from Minister Jin-Woo Lee.

"I'm so sorry. I just saw that I missed your call twice today."

"I guess you've been very busy today, sir."

"I've been busy making calls to the local officials and influencers for help."

"Our second attack will be launched today. And, we will see the effect within a few days."

"Really? Thank you so much. You are my Zhang Liang, Mr. Class Manager."

"I can't dare to be compared to Zhang Liang, sir."

"Of course, you can. To me, you are Zhang Liang. I'm hoping to keep our good relationship for a long time."

"Thank you, sir."

Gun-Ho made a call to Dyeon Korea's accounting manager Manager Myeong-Sook Jo.

"You remember that we've sent funds to three people in a civic organization last month, right?"

"Yes, I do, sir."

"Please once again send the same amount to the same people just like you did last time."

"Yes, sir. I will send 1.8 million won to one person, and 1.6 million won to the other two people."

"This will be the last payment for them. We won't have to send any funds to those people again."

"Understood, sir."

A few days later, an interesting story about one of the candidates for the upcoming by-election started appearing on the internet.

[Legitimacy of one of the upcoming by-election's candidates' exemption reason from his duty serving in the military became a hot issue.

One of the former news anchor's comments made in the past raised an important question again. During his college years, he allegedly claimed that whenever he saw the girl, who he disliked at that time, in a 10-meter radius, coming towards him, he always left the scene as fast as he could to avoid her. The reason why he didn't have to serve in the military came under suspicion because of this comment.

This candidate is known to have high myopia, and that was how he could be exempted from his duty to serve in the military at that time. In addition to many netizens, even those from the Military Manpower Administration pointed out that it could be a problem. The Military Manpower Administration hasn't yet made any official statement about it.]

The following day, a lot of comments criticizing the former news anchor candidate spilled out to the media and internet.

[Mr. Candidate, are you able to see me?]

[Oh, my, he used to work as a news anchor. A news anchor is supposed to read the subtitles, right? How could he perform his job then? Does he really have high myopia?]

[I can't even discern a girl in a 5-meter radius. Can I be exempted from my duty to serve in the military?]

[He should step down from the candidacy of the upcoming by-election.]

The next day, criticizing the candidate continued. His supporting votes certainly shrank accordingly.

[That sh*thead! You said you were living in Gangnam District just because the women in the area were pretty. And, you said you left the scene as quickly as you could when you saw the girl in a 10-meter radius, who you hated, coming in your direction, huh? It seems he is enjoying all the privileges that he doesn't deserve. He didn't have to serve in the military, and he is living in Gangnam District.]

[I guess I'm voting for Jin-Woo Lee. I'm not a big fan of him either, but I guess he is more experienced than the other one since he has been working as a minister in the government. People say that he is a rich guy, but actually, it's not him who is rich, but his father-in-law is a wealthy man.]

Someone posted on the internet a photo of the former news anchor candidate when he was studying for the admission exam for college after graduating high school. He didn't have an attractive look back then. He was very skinny, and he was wearing thick glasses. He definitely looked totally different from now. The person in the photo was ugly enough to disappoint his female supporters.

While reading the comments on the internet, Gun-Ho smiled. The two candidates' voting gap became 45:55 again.

"My well-respected Minister Jin-Woo Lee must feel relieved by now."

Gun-Ho wanted to make sure that Minister Jin-Woo Lee understood what he was capable of. He made a call to Minister Jin-Woo Lee right away.

"It's Gun-Ho Goo, sir."

"Oh, President Goo. I'm glad that you called."

Minister Jin-Woo Lee seemed to be in a good mood. Gun-Ho could feel the confidence from his voice again.

"How do you like my work?"

"I love it. Thank you so much. I really mean it."

Gun-Ho received a call from the branch manager of the stock brokerage company.

"Dyeon Korea's stock will be available to trade in the stock market starting tomorrow."

"I really appreciate your effort and work bringing this positive result."

"Haha. I haven't done much, sir. As I mentioned before, the price will be determined by its demand and supply. But, I would say that the price might not be as high as you expect at first."

"Don't we already have the public offering price?"

"I mentioned this to you before. I told you that I saw a few stock manipulators during the presentation. Those people will play a game once the stock market opens. Since the number of Dyeon Korea's available shares to trade is rather low, it is possible that they might buy them all."

"Hmm, really?"

"You don't have to be concerned about the stock price though. You can just ignore whatever they do. The stock price fluctuates every day, and it is often manipulated by those people."

"So, when they sell Dyeon Korea's shares, I can buy them, right?"

"I wouldn't, sir. It could be seen as illegal insider trading. It could be considered as a criminal offense."

"Haha, I'm aware of it. I'm just saying."

After getting off the phone with the branch manager, Gun-Ho made a call to Jong-Suk Park.

"Did you form and register the company?"

"Yeah, it's done. And, I just sent those doc.u.ments to you via fax. They are GH Machines' registration and business license. Please verify them."

"How do you like taking care of those jobs yourself?"

"I learned a lot. I realized that there are things that I've never experienced before. I was thinking that if I stayed as the plant manager of GH Mobile, I wouldn't have had a chance to do such a thing."

"You are aware that Dyeon Korea's stock will be available in the stock market tomorrow, right?"

"Of course, I am. I already talked to Dyeon Korea's staff who is in charge of handling company shares. I told him that I no longer work for GH Mobile, and I want my Dyeon Korea's shares to be transferred to my stock account. Also, I downloaded the stock trading program on my computer, so I can be ready to trade stocks. It was complicated though."

"So you are ready?"

"Yeah. I checked my stock account. I have 32,000 shares. I had purchased 16,000 shares for 10,000 won for each, but as you mentioned before, the shares split into two, so each share is 5,000 won. So, a total of 32,000 shares are in my stock account right now."

"Hmm, I see."

"So, I can sell these tomorrow, right?"

"Yes, you can. Since you haven't bought or sold stocks in the stock market before, you could be slow though. I think you should go to the stock brokerage company where you opened your stock account. You have to be there before 8:30 in the morning. You have to put your shares for sale before the stock market opens."

"8:30 am? Well, I will be there at 8 am."

"When you get there, buy a staff member a box of beverage or something, and tell him or her that you have 32,000 Dyeon Korea's shares, and that you want to sell all of them as soon as the stock market opens."

"Hmm, got it."