Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Book 1 Chapter 789 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 789 Determination Of Public Offering Price 3 Part 2

After sending his last text message to the stock manipulator, Gun-Ho giggled.

"So, according to him, I might not be able to join his club if I try later? Bullsh*t. By the way, he said that he is charging 3 million won per month for the members in their VIP group. If they have 30 members in the group as he said, how much does he make? Whoa! It's 90 million won per month. Well, he might not have 30 members though. Say, he has 15 members there. Even with only 15 people, he is making 45 million won per month. Wow. It's easy money for him."

Gun-Ho thought about the old days when he had worked as a factory worker in Yangju City. At that time, he was making in the range between 1.6 million won and 1.8 million won per month. If he worked overtime, he could make a little bit more than that. What about the workers at the civic organization where Min-Ho Kang was working? Those two workers were being paid 1.6 million won per month. GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea's production workers received 1.8 million won in their first year with the company. And, this team leader person of the stock manipulating club was making at least 45 million won on a monthly basis, if not 90 million won. That certainly surprised Gun-Ho.

"I heard that a team leader person of a club like this owns 10 billion won of assets. I guess it was not a lie."

At that moment, what Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town had previously told him crossed Gun-Ho's mind.

[You should stay away from investing in the stock market. You shouldn't play the game where you can't figure out the other player's cards.]

Gun-Ho mumbled to himself.

"Yes, sir. I don't do stocks anymore. I only do it when I can see the other player's cards, and I quickly get out afterward."

The following day, Gun-Ho kept his computer monitor on with the stock trading application showing his stock account. He was observing the movement with Dyeon Korea's shares.

"Those punks started their move. I wonder how they'll play."

The initial price of Dyeon Korea's share at 9 am that day was 25,200 won, and then, it quickly increased to 28,000 won. When it was 9:30 am, the shares were quickly sold. When it was 10 am, the price was moving up and down around 23,000 won.

"I'm not sure if Jong-Suk sold his shares by now. The transaction of Dyeon Korea's stock seems to be a bit dramatic for its first day in the stock market. I guess the media will start talking about it with their very subjective speculation, this evening."

Gun-Ho turned off his computer.

"More than 10% of the shares are sold. I believe the same pattern will continue tomorrow too. I guess the shares will be steadily sold for a week at least."

Gun-Ho sat on the sofa in his office. He then lifted his arms with his palm upward, and he inhaled in deeply before exhaling.

"This is how the spiritual masters mediate in the old days when they want to get recharged, huh?"

When Gun-Ho was practicing the breathing, he received a call from Jong-Suk Park.

"Bro, it's me."

"Did you sell all of your Dyeon Korea's shares?"

"Yeah, I did. I asked one of the staff at the brokerage firm to sell my shares for me, and I waited there until it's done. I just came back to my office from there."

"At what price, did you sell them?"

"I didn't ask that. The staff who helped me looked so busy, and I didn't want to bother him."

"You, idiot. That's the most important thing that you have to know when you sell your stock."

"I have a question for you though."

"What is it?"

"When I opened my stock account in my office, my 32,000 shares are gone."

"Hmm, yeah, that means they are all sold out. You should now see the estimated fund listed under your account."

"My estimated fund? Let me see Well, it says 816,254,060. What does this mean?"

"That's good! that's good! Your Dyeon Korea shares were sold at 816 million won!"


"Meaning that you put your 160 million won in, and you now have 816 million won!"

"You are kidding, right? How can I possibly make 816 million won with 160 million won?"

"You can withdraw that amount in cash, or you can transfer the amount to your bank account as well."

"Are you serious? This is really my money? I can take them all out now?"

"Not today though."

"See? It's weird."

"You can't take the fund out today, but you can do it the day after tomorrow."

"I'm still not sure if what you said is true."

"You can ask your stock brokerage firm about it."

Jong-Suk Park was very skeptical about the whole thing when he hung up the phone.

Seung-Hee sister visited Gun-Ho's office in GH Building, Sinsa Town in the afternoon.

"I believe this is my first time coming to this building. It's a nice building. I visited your office near Gangnam Station several times before though."

"I believe so."

Gun-Ho asked Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh to bring two cups of Chinese tea.

"Manager Kang and Ms. Ji-Young Jeong are still working with you."

"He is now Director Kang, and she is Assistant Manager Jeong."

"Oh, really? It's good that I didn't mention their job titles when I said hi to them on the way to your office. Haha."

Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh brought the tea.

"Please have some tea. It's Chinese tea."

"Oh, really? By the way, I heard that one of your companies became a public company. Congratulations. I'm so proud of myself for having someone like you in my close social network. You are my best friend's brother after all."

"Thank you."

"Oh, I brought the necessary information for you to have access to my stock account. Here is the flash drive. Check it."

"I will do it later. I just need your login id and password, and also the public certified number. I will change the public certification."

"Okay. I wrote down my login id and password here. Also, this is the stock trading card. Oh, I have my passcode here too. Let me give you my public certification number"

"I will change the public certified number right now while you are here."

Gun-Ho walked to his desk and turned on his computer. He then clicked the stock trading application icon on the screen to open it.

"Is your account with Gangnam Stock Brokerage firm?"

"Yes, it is Gangnam Stock Brokerage firm."

Gun-Ho entered Seung-Hee sister's login id, password, and passcode. He then had her public certification reissued with a new number.

Once he entered the new public certification number, he could open Seung-Hee sister's stock account.

"Okay, I am in. You have an outstanding balance of 960 won."

"Haha. That sounds right."

"Sister, can I use this account for a year? After one year, possibly before that, I will return this account to you."

"I trust you, President Goo. You can use it as long as you need."

"Thank you."

Seung-Hee sister said with a smile, "How are you going to pay me for the use? If you could buy an insurance policy from me for your company, I would really appreciate that. Doesn't your manufacturing company that recently went public need fire insurance?"

"That factory is We already have fire insurance. When one of our client companies that we provide with raw materials had requested fire insurance at the beginning of our business, we bought it. And, as to this building Director Kang's sister-in-law handled its insurance already. What else Oh, well, I'm opening a new company in Cheonan City, called GH Machines. I will buy fire insurance from you for that new factory."