Abe The Wizard Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Special Soldiers


“Yes, Your Majesty. I am feeling very great. Give me some time and I will definitely become a head commander!” Griffin knight no.24 spoke up.

It seemed like griffin knight no.24 was the leader of the 4 griffin knights.

“Flora, give these 4 permission to enter the wizard circle!” Abel spoke to the sky.

In this area, Abel’s 16th stories magic tower was located in the center, every inch of land 5 miles from him was controlled by Tower Spirit Flora.

As long as Abel made a command in Harry castle, Flora would be able to receive it.

“From now on you can enter the wizard circle and do your head commander training!” Abel turned back to the griffin knights.

“Thank you, your majesty!” The 4 griffin knights bowed.

In the Holy Continent, you must enter a mana concentrated environment to feel the forces of mana in order to become a head commander. By slowly absorbing mana, in the end, your body would gain magic power. This process would normally take a long time due to the damage mana does to the body.

Therefore, knights needed to spend a long time recovering before they could slowly adapt to the mana environment. Adapting took time, and going into a mana concentrated environment for training was the only way.

If a normal commander wanted to enter a magic tower for training, they needed to complete missions in big cities such as Liante City or Miracle City in exchange for permission.

Also, not many wizards would agree to let a head commander enter their magic tower for training in the first place. Most wizards didn’t even have enough mana for their own training.

Countless of low ranking wizards roaming outside of a magic tower were scrambling for a tiny bit of mana. You could just imagine how rare mana was.

However, there were more than enough in Abel’s place. With 2 giant mana gathering circles, his lavishness gave every single wizard in the Harry castle Wizard Circle more than though mana. Even low-rank wizards had enough for their training.

“Other than focusing on training every day, also help me make sure no one is entering Harry castle, Abel castle, and Bennett Castle from the sky 500 miles out!” Abel commanded.

“We will give it all we got!” The 4 griffin knights yelled.

Although 500 miles was a vast area, all they needed to do was to guard the north side and the west side. Then humans would only enter from those directions.

Normally such a vast area was impossible to lock down unless you have a few hundred normal knights. However since those griffin knights could fly, 2 of them was enough.

This was the power of griffin knights. They could see a lot further from the sky, and the flying speed of their griffin allowed them to patrol even faster.

Also, every single one of those griffin knights had reached the pinnacle of their commander rank. Locking down that area was definitely possible.

However, to Abel, this was still not enough. He took out 4 attributed harry bow from his portal bracelet and placed it on the table.

“These are called Harry Bows. They are attributed to shoot a lot further and faster than normal ones. I’ll give them to you!” Abel said to the griffin knights.

These Harry bows were his spirit guardian knights’ old weapons. Although they were inferior compared to the rune word Riphook bow, they were definitely better than anything a normal commander would have.

The golden recovery potion that healed their hidden injuries, their knight training conditions, and these attributed harry bows, all signified to the griffin knights that they had made the right decision for signing the loyalty contract.

Just like Abel had expected. Although those griffin knights were loyal to him, they were also loyal to the Kingdom of St Ellis royals due to their dead knight training. Normally this wouldn’t cause any trouble, but they would probably turn on Abel if he started having a conflict with the Kingdom of St Ellis.

The loyalty contract had killed this probability, but it was also the griffin knights’ choice.

Abel couldn’t stay too long in Harry castle. He still had something to take care of in Bakong City. After he settled everything, he took a few empty loyalty contracts and left Harry castle.

Bartoli stayed at Harry Castle and met up with every single farmer, servant, or knight who came in contact with the 3rd goddess fountain water and demanded them to sign a loyalty contract.

Just like Abel had hoped, the contract signing went smoothly. Just like that, a harvesting Miracle was locked up in Harry Castle.

2 griffin knights had also started their patrol. They swapped shifts every 6 hours, so the would never stop.

Steward Lindsey also organized some men to set up fences separating the 3 castles from the outer world. There was a sign on each of those fences, warning anyone who dared to enter.

As soon as Abel was back at Bakong City, Burbridge stepped up and bowed “Your Majesty, the present from the Kingdom of Pierrt and Kingdom of St Anwall had arrived. They are now waiting!”

“What present. You can just put them in the storage room!” Abel said gently.

“Majesty, it’s best for you to have a look. Those presents are all warriors !” Burbridge replied softly.

“Bring them in!” Abel said helplessly.

The 3 big kingdoms had investigated Abel. They knew he was not lacking in any materialistic things. Things like weapons were the most common present, but since Abel was a grandmaster Blacksmith, no one could give him any gears better than the ones he made himself.

In regards to other luxuries, Abel couldn’t care less as a wizard.

The only thing Abel was lacking was some powerful followers, and the 3 big kingdoms had the most powerful warriors.

Afterwards, Burbridge came back with 2 teams of 10 men. One was a team of giant hammer warriors from the Kingdom of St Pierrt. They were a special type of fighter often used when invading a city. Their giant hammers could smash through a huge city gate.

The prerequisites for these warriors were extremely high. Only one could be successful in 10,000. Therefore they were extremely rare.

Due to how rare these warriors were, they had come a way for super big nobles in the Kingdom to seek glory.

Abel scanned those 10 giant hammer warriors with his power of the will. Every one of them was 2 meters tall with extremely buff bodies and arms the size of a tree trunk.

However to Abel, these things were just for show. Maybe they would look nice as decorations for big ceremonies.

The other team was a team of 10 javelin throwers sent by the Kingdom of St Anwell. They were a social type of fighter as well. A javelin could be very destructive when it was thrown. It would be very effective in the face of a charging team of knights.

These 10 men also looked like they were just for show. They all had the same height and body type. Even their faces looked similar.

Still, these men were very hard to cultivate. Only the strongest of the strong could become a javelin thrower. Just look at their right arm, it was almost double the size of their left.

If they were facing a team of knights, their javelins could immediately kill a few commanders.

This reason why giant hammer warriors and javelin throwers were so valuable was because only super big nobles and the 3 kingdoms had the formula to cultivate them. These special fighters were the best way to show off power.

Abel couldn’t help but sighed. Although the 2 kingdoms had given him something he didn’t have, Abel would probably never have a use for these show off teams in his lifetime. Such a waste.

Compared to the Kingdom of St Ellis. Although those 4 griffin knights had lost their potential, he could still turn them into a member of his powerful knight team in the Duchy of Carmel.

“Burbridge, organise them well. Think of a way to train them” Abel said softly to Burbridge the Butler.

The duchy of carmel investigation department was fully loyal to Abel. As long as he wanted, someone would get it done.