Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Demonic Beast Abuse

Ch101 – Demonic Beast Abuse

The Demonic Beast Institute was located on an emerald green mountain outside of Qing city.

There is at least one Demonic Beast Institute in every city. After all, demonic beasts run rampant in the world today, so most clans would raise some demonic beasts to serve as contract beasts for their pupils, which would then turn into powerful combat partners in the future.

And the East Qi mainlands Ji family was the most famous family out of all of them.

A demonic beasts cultivation has a different system from that of human cultivators. Thus, most cultivators were willing to send their demonic beasts to Demonic Beast Institutes that were staffed with demonic cultivators and professional beast tamers to study.

The Demonic Beast Institute in Qing city only has two teachers one of them is a human beast tamer and the other is a East Pole Golden-Eyed Leopard who had reached the Wisdom stage.

As of this moment, this East Pole Golden-Eyed Leopard was communicating with several other cultivators who had sent their demonic beasts over to study.

A little fatty who looked to be around 7 to 8 years old was dressed in golden bling that shone brightly, and a Hardened Body cultivator followed along behind him. The cultivator held a chain in his hand, and the chain was tied to the neck of a kitten demon whose fur lacked luster.

I want to send this kitten demon here for training. Little Fatty raised his chin, Id like it to reach its infant stages seven stars level within three months.

The Golden-Eyed Leopard furrowed its eyebrows and said in the human language, Its merely a one star kitten demon now. Moreover, its species and bloodline isnt pure enough, so itll be very difficult for it to rush to seven stars level within three months. Itll be good enough if it can even get to its second star.

Little Fatty frowned and said discontentedly, I dont care about that. In any case, I just want you to turn it into seven stars no matter what kind of method you use even if you had to punish it. If I lose in the upcoming competition and this beast disgraces honourable me, Ill kill it.

The pitiful kitten demon seemed to understand the Little Fattys words as it immediately wilted and purred a few times.

The Golden-Eyed Leopards eyes immediately emitted a cold glint, If thats the case, then I cant teach it.

Little Fatty was stunned and uttered in disbelief, You dare reject me?

This is my territory. If I say that I wont accept a student, then I wont accept it. The Golden-Eyed Leopard snorted coldly, Leave ba.

Little Fatty angrily demanded, Do you know who my Dad is?

The cultivator behind Little Fatty said proudly, Our Young Master here is the Third Young Master of the Duan family. If you offend Third Young Master, then you wont be able to make a living anymore in Qing city!

He, I am a demonic beast cultivator in the first place. The time Ive spent in Qing city is longer than the time your father has spent living. Id like to see you go back and ask around to see if your Duan family can actually cut off my livelihood in Qing city. Once he was done speaking, the Golden-Eyed Leopard roared madly at Little Fatty, scaring him into falling onto the floor on his butt.

The Hardened Body cultivator had a face full of doubt. He retreated half a step and knew that he wouldnt be able to match up to a Wisdom stage Demonic Beast, so he endured and didnt say anything in return.

Little Fatty scrambled up and said to the Golden-Eyed Leopard as he ran, Just wait for me! Ill get my Dad to come beat you up!

The Golden-Eyed Leopard stood at the entrance of his institute and looked at the kitten demon that was being abused. The gaze in his eyes turned colder and colder.

What should we do? Should we save that kitten demon? A beast tamer said with a face full of worry.

The Golden-Eyed Leopard withdrew his gaze and sighed, Thats a demonic beast that belongs to the Duan family. Weve always minded our own business, and well continue to do so in the future.

The young beast tamer revealed a sorrowful face and said, Every time I see such abuse cases, I always want to save the demonic beasts, butthis world, is still a world run by human cultivators in the end.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen both carried a despondent tiger cub each as they walked over to this Demonic Beast Institute.

When they were about to reach the entrance, they saw a little fatty, three Hardened Body cultivators, and a kitten demon that was getting kicked once every two steps they took.

You damn trash! Little Fatty kicked it again.

Meow wuwu the kitten demon uttered a pained cry as it almost flew away from this kick, but that Little Fatty was still holding its chain in his hands. Thus, the kitten demon was forcefully dragged back.

I should just beat you to death now! Little Fatty gritted his teeth and showed a fierce expression on his face as he prepared to stomp on the kitten demons head.

When Ah Bai saw what was happening, he howled and quickly rushed over, ramming into Little Fatty and making him fall flop on his face.

Aiyo! Little Fatty uttered a cry and fell back on the ground. He pointed at Ah Bai and rebuked, Where did that beast come from?! It actually dared to bump into honourable me!

Third Young Master! The Hardened Body cultivators hurriedly helped Little Fatty up.

When the kitten demon saw this, it immediately ran behind Ah Bai as if it was running for its life.

Little Fatty glared at Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi fiercely, Your tiger cub knocked into honourable me!!

Yan Tianhen nodded, I saw, but youre the one who abused that kitten demon first. Our familys Ah Bai is a good tiger cub who has a sense of justice, so of course he would knock into you.

Little Fattys words were caught in his throat. He glared at Yan Tianhen, You, what does it have to do with you if I mistreat this kitten demon? Youre really a dog who catches mice, dont be so meddlesome!

Yan Tianhen looked at Little Fatty seriously, Its wrong for you to think that way. Demonic beasts are sentient if you treat them well, theyll like you and protect you; but if you abuse them, they will remember the grudge in their hearts, and once they become strong, theyll even kill you.

Little Fatty was slightly bewildered. He looked at Yan Tianhen, then at the kitten demon and frowned, It wont. My Gege said before that these demonic beasts are just toys for humans to play with. If they arent pleasant to the eye, then we can just kill them since their lives arent worth much anyway.

Yan Tianhen instantly sucked in a breath of cold air, then his eyes widened as he said, How can that brother of yours have such a terrible notion?

Little Fatty looked at the two tiger cubs with lustrous fur, then looked at his own withered and ugly kitten demon. His eyes twinkled, You think demonic beasts are good because your demonic beasts are strong. Whenever my demonic beasts join demonic beast competitions, they always disgrace me. If youre willing to exchange demonic beasts with me, I definitely wont hit them.

Yan Tianhen shook his head, Our familys Ah Bai and Hu Po are really stupid too. Theyre already 7 or 8 years old, yet theyre only infant stage two star beasts.

Theyre mere two stars? Youre not lying to me ba? Little Fatty was shocked as he looked at the cultivator next to him, Wang Chong.

Wang Chong could tell the level of those two tiger cubs at a glance. He nodded, Young Master, they are indeed two star beasts.

Wang Chong had also recognised who Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen were. He couldnt help but recognise them one of them was famous for his beauty, while the other was infamous for his ugliness. Moreover, Lin Xuanzhi was the hot topic in Qing city recently, so almost everyone knew that the Lin Xuanzhi who had turned into trash had awakened his craftsmans soulfire, and was now a craftsman.

Wang Chong didnt want to get into a dispute with the Lin family, and especially not with a craftsman.

So, it was important to not cause any trouble. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Little Fatty immediately revealed a disgusted and disappointed look, My kitten demon is only 2-years-old and its already a one star beast. By the time its 7 or 8, itll be a three star beast at worst.

When he said that, he even seemed a bit proud of it.

Yan Tianhen sighed heavily, Thats why I said that these two tiger cubs of mine are just well-fed. They are gluttonous and lazy, and they dont like to cultivate either, thats why Im sending them to the Demonic Beast Institute.

Those two demonic beasts of yours really ought to be sent here for an education. Little Fatty said as if he was very experienced, If demonic beasts are disobedient, then hit them. The harder you hit them, the more obedient theyll get.

Ah Bai and Hu Po roared at Little Fatty at the same time.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Theres a beast tamer and demonic beast instructor professionals here who will guide them. After some time has passed, theyll probably become quite obedient ba.

Thats right. Little Fatty nodded and said with some lingering trepidation, That leopard demonic beast cultivator inside is super fierce. He even wanted to bite me just now.

Yan Tianhen asked, Why did it want to bite you?

Little Fatty pondered for a bit, Because I didnt want to leave this stupid kitten at the Demonic Beast Institute for it to teach and bully.

Yan Tianhen looked at the Lin Xuanzhi beside him who hadnt uttered a single word, Dage, looks like we didnt choose the wrong place.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly nodded, Its getting late, we should get going.

Yan Tianhen nodded and said to Little Fatty, Well be on our way now. That kitten demon of yours is just too young now, so its cultivation isnt on par with the rest yet. If you raise it well, itll definitely become more amazing than these two tiger cubs of mine after awhile.

Little Fatty looked at the kitten demon, who was a mere bag of bones, and doubted if it couldnt advance because he didnt feed it well enough. He said, Then, little Gege, what do you always feed your tiger cubs?

I feed them spiritual plants, spiritual items and demonic delight fruits and I feed them one fruit per day. Yan Tianhen said, Ah, but demonic delight fruits are quite expensive, so if you dont have the money its okay if you dont feed it those.

Little Fatty immediately pursed his lips and puffed his chest out, then patted his chest and said, What a joke, how could honourable me not have money? Do you know who my dad is?

Yan Tianhen shook his head, I dont know. But looking at the state of your demonic beast now, your family shouldnt be very well off ba.

Little Fatty immediately exploded. He lifted up his wrist that had a defensive bracelet around it, and lifted his storage bag that was hanging at his waist, I am the Third Young Master of Duan family, my Dad is the head of the Duan family and my mother is the mistress of the Duan family. My Dage might be a good-for-nothing, but my Erge, is the most amazing cultivator in the Duan family. You dare say that Im poor?

Yan Tianhen responded with an o, and thought in his heart: I didnt expect this fatty to be that little idiot who only knew how to eat and play all day that Yuyang Gege talked about.

Yan Tianhen pointed at the shivering kitten demon, I dont trust you. Unless that kitten demon is as fat as Ah Bai and Hu Po the next time I see it.

Little Fatty uttered a tsk, then said disdainfully, Whats so difficult about that? Youre just a country bumpkin who hasnt seen the world yet. Next time, honourable me will let you understand what it means to be rich!

Yan Tianhen smiled, Ill wait for it then, Ill head off first.

Go, go. Little Fatty impatiently waved his hand. He was anxious to get home so he could feed his kitten!

The kitten demon looked at the two tiger Geges and the two humans who looked kind at first sight as they walked away, and despair rose in its heart.

Someone picked the kitten demon up by its neck.

Kitty, in order to prove that honourable me is rich, from today onwards, youll have to eat proper meals. Or else, Ill skin you and turn you into a scarf! Little Fatty sneered and waved his chubby hand as he said to the cultivator beside him, Lets go, follow honourable me to go buy some demonic delight fruits. I want the biggest, the best and the most expensive ones!

He actually dared to say that he was poor! So hell let that country bumpkin see how rich he really is!

Little Fatty didnt seem to have realised that he had forgotten all about how he had been knocked down flat on his back.

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