Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Group Bullying

Ch102 – Group Bullying

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Butter

Dage, isnt that kid a little dumb? Yan Tianhen asked.

He is quite dumb. Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Lin Xuanzhi did have some impression of that kid who called himself the Third Young Master of the Duan family.

Duan familys Third Young Master seemed to have suffered some injuries when he was in his mothers womb, so from the moment he was born, his brain hadnt been doing very well. Sometimes, he couldnt even wrap his brain around his situation and was easily deceived by others.

In his past life, the Duan familys Third Young Master was bitten to death by a demonic beast that had invaded the Duan residence. When Lin Xuanzhi saw how he abused the kitten demon today and heard the words that he had said, he could somewhat understand the karma he suffered in his past life.

But, he is quite easy to trick. Yan Tianhen chuckled twice.

Hes not innately bad, but someone must have deliberately forced him to walk on the wrong path ba. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Thats right. I heard Yuyang Ge say that Duan Yuhao loves abusing and killing demonic beasts. That Little Fatty listens to everything Duan Yuhao says, so he was probably influenced by him.

The moment Lin Xuanzhi thought of Duan Yuhao, his eyebrows furrowed. Ah Hen, when you meet Duan Yuhao next time, you must not clash with him, nor get into a conflict with him.

Duan Yuhao is a madman. Hes an inhumane madman who would dare to be vicious towards anyone.

If you could avoid coming into contact with this type of person, then avoid them. Or else no one would be able to predict what disaster may happen in the future.

Whenever I see him, I would always walk around him. Yan Tianhen blinked as he spoke, Dage, was I particularly smart and wise today?

When Lin Xuanzhi saw his expression that was obviously asking for praise, his heart softened and he smiled, Ah Hen is the smartest. That fatty fell for your provocation, so he will definitely feed that kitten demon well. At the very least, its life wont be in danger anymore.

Soon, the two of them and the tiger cubs arrived at the entrance of the Demonic Beast Institute.

The Dongji Golden-Eyed Leopard strode out with graceful and haughty steps. He walked over in an unhurried manner, and immediately rushed toward Ah Bai and Hu Po when he saw them on all four of his strong legs. He lowered his head and began sniffing Ah Bai and Hu Pos heads.

These two tiger cubs who were afraid of both soft and hard tactics immediately stood upright and didnt even budge an inch as they allowed the Golden-Eyed Leopard to sniff around their bodies. Their appearance made them look like they were lying flat on the ground and would allow anyone to bully them.

Yan Tianhen was about to come forward to rescue them when he heard that leopard speak discontentedly, Theyre both spiritual beasts, so why are they only at their infant stages two stars level?

Yan Tianhen watched as the puzzled leopard retreated backwards and immediately understood that his inner thoughts had been going in the wrong direction.

That could be because they left their mother when they were very young, so there was no one around to guide them. Yan Tianhen said awkwardly.

The Golden-Eyed Leopard said with extreme dissatisfaction, Also, they are very much overweight. They must have eaten too many demonic delight fruits. Theyre obviously spiritual tigers, yet theyve degenerated so much that they seem like dogs. Parents like you dote on your kids way too much!

Yan Tianhens face flushed red and he looked towards Lin Xuanzhi a bit helplessly.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Those two tiger cubs lost their parents ever since they were born, so naturally we would spoil them a little. I heard that Golden-Eye Laoshi in Qing citys Demonic Beast Institute is extremely amazing at guiding demonic beasts, so we wanted to send them here to study for a period of time.

Golden-Eyed Leopard uttered a soft hng, Since the two of you didnt abuse your spiritual beasts, Ill take these two tiger cubs in for a short while.

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Yan Tianhen was scolded by the leopard so much that he couldnt help but rub his nose out of embarrassment. He kept nodding as he said, Thats right, thats right. Its all our fault, we never ever let them suffer any hardship, so well have to rely on Mentor Golden-Eye to instruct them in the future.

Only then did the Golden-Eyed Leopard nod his head in satisfaction, Three months later, Ill let the two of you see what true spiritual tigers should look like.

After Lin Xuanzhi handed in 300 gold as the training fee for training these two spiritual beasts for the next three months, he stepped in between the reluctant gazes that Yan Tianhen and the tiger cubs were casting at one another and brought Yan Tianhen away.

Ah Bai and Hu Po both stood at the entrance of the Demonic Beast Institute. They were facing Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen as they wagged their tail.

Youre not allowed to wag your tails, youre not dogs. Golden-Eyed Leopard appeared behind these two tiger cubs without a sound, then let out an eerie roar.

The two tiger cubs immediately stiffened and their tails stood up.

Golden-Eyed Leopard, .

The Golden-Eyed Leopard flung them away with one sweep of its tail. When the two tiger cubs were about to free fall and fall on their heads from a high altitude, a teal figure leapt into the air and caught the two tiger cubs in each of his hands.

Qing Yuege hugged the two tiger cubs who were almost scared silly and landed on the ground. He stood in front of the Golden-Eyed Leopard and said with a helpless face, Golden Eye, you should fix that bad temper of yours. They are spiritual beasts after all, so theyre really precious.

Golden Eye huffed angrily and cast a disdainful glance at Qing Yuege, Theyre worthy of being called spiritual beasts? Any random demonic beast in our institute can beat them up until they piss their pants in terror.

When Hu Po heard him, he roared with great indignance at Golden Eye, You can look down on me, but dont look down on my bloodline!

Pft, and they have a pretty big temper too. Golden Eye slowly walked over with graceful steps. He looked at Hu Po, who was still staring at him though he was shivering all over, and said, Rascal, since youre dissatisfied with what I said, then from today onwards, you can go live together with the other demonic beasts ba.

Hu Po cried out a few times at Golden Eye, Well just live with them then, whats the big deal about that?! As long as youre not afraid that those demonic beasts would be bitten to death by me!

When Qing Yuege heard this tender tiger roar, he couldnt help but laugh and rub Hu Pos head, Youre giving them such a powerful shot the moment they come, looks like Golden Eye really regards the two of you highly.

Ah Bai and Hu Po were brought to the lodging area of the Demonic Beast Institutes infant beasts by Golden Eye and Qing Yuege.

The lodging area was halfway up the mountain. Some demonic beasts liked to stay in caves, while some loved living on trees, and others liked to live by a river. Golden Eye and Qing Yuege arranged different accommodations for the demonic beasts based on their preferences.

When Ah Bai and Hu Po arrived, they caused quite a stir.

A crane demon that was standing by the lake turned its slender neck around and called out once, Two spiritual beasts?

A monkey demons tail was curled around a tree branch as it looked at the swaggering Ah Bai and Hu Po while upside down, Thats rare, this is my first time seeing live spiritual beasts!

Theyre actually spiritual beasts!

This is my first time seeing one, and theyre only two stars? Didnt they say that spiritual beasts would at least be at the four stars level from the moment they were born?

It might have been because those two are both gluttonous and lazy ba, look at how fat they are. One glance at them and you can tell that they lack exercise.

Ah Bai exploded immediately. He faced the little fox that had just called him fat, Youre the fat one, your whole family is fat! My fur is just a bit thicker than the rest!

The little fox scrutinised Ah Bais round and full belly, then burst out into raucous laughter.

Aiyaya, they look so cute, I really want to gobble them up in one bite! A water snake slithered over as it spit out its red tongue that dripped with saliva.

Ah Bai shuddered from being stared at, so he quickly huddled together with Hu Po.

Qing Yuege laughed, There are caves and tree houses here. Where do you guys want to stay?

Ah Bai jumped and said, I want to sleep on a bed! A soft and warm bed!


Haha, did you hear that? That fat little tiger cub actually wants to be like humans and sleep on a bed. Whats so nice about beds? Theyre not comfortable at all. As demonic beasts, the most important trait you can have is to be adaptable to nature ma.

Those two tiger cubs must have been indulged by humans so much that theyre just trash now.

Yeah, its my first time seeing demonic beasts who want to sleep on beds.

When Hu Po heard these demonic beasts mock them, he suddenly felt really annoyed and upset.

Hu Po said to Ah Bai, Gege, is it true that we shouldnt sleep on beds like human beings?

Ah Bai immediately said, Dont listen to their nonsense. Theyre just jealous and envious of us.

He firmly believes that he has the best owner in the world. Everything that Yan Tianhen had given them must be the best.

These demonic beasts must have spoken in that way because they were jealous of how blissful their lives were.

The snake demon twisted its body and slithered over to Ah Bai. It stuck out its tongue and said, Kid, according to the rules, new demonic beasts have to clean up the houses of older ones like us.

Ah Bai was stunned, then immediately retorted angrily, Why should I?!

Usually, he wouldnt even clean his own nest.

Hu Po glared at the snake demon too.

The fox demons narrow eyes twinkled. It leaned against a tree and smiled, Based purely on the fact that the two of you are the lowest-levelled ones here.

When they looked around them, they realised that the demonic beasts here were all at least infant stage three stars. Only Ah Bai and Hu Po were still at the infant stage two stars level.

Ah Bai uttered his aoaos, I dont want to! I refuse!

Hu Po pulled a long face as well as all the fur on his body exploded.

The snake demon revealed an eerie smile, You really dont want to?

The Golden-Eyed Leopard had jumped onto a tree not too far away and was watching everything that was happening. He roared, You can bully the new students, but you cant eat them!

Calm down, I havent eaten demonic beasts in so many years. The snake demon threw the Golden-Eyed Leopard a coquettish glance, then its thick snake tail swept towards Ah Bai and Hu Po which immediately sent them flying.

The white-tailed monkey demon climbed up the tree branches and caught up to those two balls within the blink of an eye, then kicked Ah Bai and Hu Po towards the river like it was kicking soccer balls.

A red-crowned crane was admiring its own reflection in a mirror beside the lake. When Ah Bai was about to land next on the shore, it flew up and whipped up a fierce gale that ruthlessly smacked Ah Bai and Hu Po into the river.


After two flops sounded, the two tiger cubs that had fallen into the river resurfaced and used the standard dog paddling method to swim back to shore.

When Ah Bai and Hu Po looked up, they saw a group of eerie-looking demonic beasts encircle them.

Ah Bai,

Hu Po,

An hour later, Ah Bai and Hu Po bit leaves for cleaning up a cave and straws for laying out a nest respectively. One of them was sniffing, while the other drooped his head in silence as they cleaned up the nest of a bear demon.

After the Golden-Eyed Leopard patrolled the area once, it left, satisfied.

When Qing Yuege looked at the clumsy and pitiful Ah Bai and Hu Po, he couldnt help but sympathise them.

He looked for the Golden-Eyed Leopard that was standing on the edge of a cliff as he looked into the distance, Isnt it a bit too much for you to treat them like that? Those two tiger cubs obviously look like they havent endured any sort of hardship before, shouldnt we take it slow?

Golden-Eyed Leopard firmly refused, Theyve already passed the peak period for their awakening. If we dont force them into a dead corner, they will never improve. Im a demonic beast, so I understand demonic beasts better than you. Also, something of this magnitude is nothing.

Qing Yuege thought about it for a bit before he helplessly said, Okay then.

Golden Eye naturally has his own ways. For the next few months, these two tiger cubs probably wouldnt have a very good time here.

However, since Golden Eye had just seen a pair of spiritual beasts who were raised as if they were puppies, it was pretty understandable for him to be this grumpy now.

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