Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Continuous Shocks

Ch105 – Continuous Shocks

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Romana

He was once the Lin familys rising star who had been acclaimed to be the number one cultivator in the Five Continents, and he was once the Lin familys, or even the whole Qing citys as well as Profound Sky Sects pride and representative. But one year ago, his Dantian Qi sea had been completely destroyed, so he fell from the clouds and plunged straight into a muddy swamp.

The Lin family had also suffered a huge loss, and they were the laughing stock of the other families and sects for awhile.

Everyone thought that Lin Xuanzhi would continue falling from grace and would never be able to make a comeback. But they didnt expect that within the short span of one to two years, Lin Xuanzhi would actually rise back from the ashes in an absolutely unexpected way, and stand under the limelight in the Lin family once again!

The tester looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said, Young Master Xuanzhi, are you going to test your Qi or soul force?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Soul force, of course.

The tester said prudently, If youre going to test your soul force, then you just need to place your hand on the testing stone.

The tester looked at the Lin Xuanzhi who walked slowly towards the testing stone and couldnt help but think, the rumours going around the family are true indeed.

Lin Xuanzhi had really turned into a craftsman. This is the so-called blessing of the heavens ba, those who receive the favour of the heavens are all like this for the most part.

Can you deceive the testing stone? Lin Xuanzhi asked in his consciousness.

Soul Bead said lazily, I can deceive it. Benzun wont even spare a glance at this kind of low-level testing stone. But, if you let them know that you not only have the fire elemental soulfire, but also the metal elemental soulfire, they will definitely value you even more. Are you sure you want to hide your metal elemental soulfire?

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, I like to keep a low profile.

And be a high-profile person. Soul Bead didnt even think before he added.

Lin Xuanzhi,

Soul Bead said, Since you like being low-key, then why not just hide the fact that youre a Refining Qi Stage seventh layer cultivator too?

Thats not necessary. Lin Xuanzhi said.

You dont like keeping a low profile for that?

It is also particularly important to give the Lin family pupils the stimulation and shock that they require. Lin Xuanzhi replied with ease.

Soul Bead sighed, Benzun has really never met anyone more hypocritical than you.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Actually, Ive never met someone like that either. Thanks for the compliment.

Soul Bead, And youre thick-skinned too.

He placed one hand on the testing stone, and a chill spread from his palm to his body. Lin Xuanzhi could feel like the chill was rapidly probing his meridians and acupoints.

Under the gazes of the crowd, the testing stone changed from its original black colour to a wandering red gas, starting from its bottom. It rushed all the way to the demarcation line between the Refining Qi Stages seventh layer and the Foundation Stage before it stopped.

After a moment of silence, the crowd burst into heated discussion as they were all in disbelief.

It hasnt even been two months since he made a comeback, ba? He actually broke through to the Refining Qi stages seventh layer already?!

My God, that kind of talent is even more terrifying than before. Isnt it just heaven-defying at this point?!

Horrifying, hes truly too horrifying!

Damn, is this world even giving everyone else a chance to live? It would have been fine if it were just one or two who were that amazing, but that Lin Xuanzhis Dantian Qi sea had already been destroyed, yet he could still fucking turn into a craftsman! What kind of terrifying luck is that?!

Everyones gazes were focused on Lin Xuanzhi.

Yet the protagonist wore a look of indifference on his face and looked at the elders who sat at the top before he turned around to get off the stage.

Second Elder narrowed his eyes as he stared at Lin Xuanzhis receding figure, Fifth Brother, you didnt tell me that he was actually at his seventh layer already.

Fifth Elders face was full of surprise too, I just came to know that. When I saw him the last time, he was but a Refining Qi fifth layer cultivator!

Second Elder was stunned. He looked at him and inquired, When was the last time you saw him?

Fifth Elders hair stood on its ends, After he came back from Profound Sky Sect, which was a few days ago.

Second Elder didnt speak for a long time.

Was it really that easy for craftsmen to advance these days?

When the Third Elder who sat beside them heard this, he frowned and snorted, In my opinion, there must be something strange about such an abnormality. If it doesnt have something to do with any dishonest demonic arts, then the speed of Lin Xuanzhis advancement would have surpassed all of our talented ancestors who have ever appeared in the Five Continents mainlands. Do you guys think thats possible?

That. Fifth Elders eyebrows also began to furrow.

It is 10, 000 times more difficult for a craftsman to cultivate their souls than it is for an elemental cultivator to cultivate their Qi. Firstly, a craftsmans refining soul manual was rarely seen; secondly, there are very few craftsmen and most arent willing to impart the knowledge that they have garnered their whole lives to someone else. Thus, in many cases, craftsmen have to fumble about the craftsman path by themselves.

Lin Xuanzhi has never asked his family for a soul cultivation manual, but his cultivation has been progressing at an incredibly alarming rate. In fact, his speed could be said to be unprecedented.

So? I dont think you have anything you can say in reply to that ba? Third Elder had a triumphant look on his face as if he had just taken revenge.

Fifth Elder frowned, We can not make such conjectures without evidence. Xuanzhi is someone who knows what hes doing.

Third Elder said with disdain, Does he really though? Dont forget, he used to fight in a place like the Tyrant Martial Hall before, and had almost been killed there too. He had completely disgraced the Lin family.

Second Elders expression turned ugly, Something like that happened?

Third Elder smiled evilly and said in a peculiar manner, But that wasnt the only thing that had happened. After Lin Xuanzhi became a craftsman, the first thing he did was to go to the Han family and break off his engagement in front of everyone at his fiances 18th birthday banquet. Nowadays, there are many people who say that people from the Lin family are all dishonest and have no regard for other people, that we are a family who you cant make friends with. He has completely ruined our reputation.

Fifth Elder quickly said, Third Elder, youre wording it too gravely. I heard that the kid from the Han family clung onto the Yuan familys young master when Xuanzhi was down and out. Right after Xuanzhi broke off the engagement with him, he got engaged again immediately, so dont spread falsehoods.

I do think that the Han familys kid is very good, but Lin Xuanzhi is the one whos more particular and thinks hes not good enough.

Since thats the case, then why dont you pay their family a visit yourself and get the Han family to betroth their kid to Lin Zezhi? Fifth Elder flared up.

Third Elders face turned green. He snorted, The harmony between Yin and Yang is a law decreed by the heavens, only someone as slovenly as Lin Zhan would engage his son to another man.

Both of you need not argue anymore. After Second Elder had pondered over it for a bit, he said, Runru, after this ends, bring Xuanzhi to me. Ill ask him personally.

Fifth Elder nodded his head a little helplessly, Okay.

Lin Xuanzhi lightly jumped down the platform under the testers gaze that was full of admiration.

When his shoulder grazed the next person to be tested, Lin Yaer, he could feel her gaze on him that was filled with fear.

Lin Yaer, Refining Qi Stage seventh layer, Metal and Wood double spiritual roots!

Lin Yaer wore a cold and haughty expression on her face as she strode off with her long, powerful legs. She turned around and jumped off the stage.

There were many Lin family pupils who began to cheer loudly.

Lin Yaer was noble in status, had an enchantingly beautiful appearance and a crazy hot figure. Most importantly, she had a high cultivation level and outstanding talent, so naturally, she had become a highly sought after partner of many Lin family male cultivators.

Although she had just returned to the Lin family not too long ago, she had already attracted many people of the opposite sex and gained her own cluster of followers.

Lin Yaer had found her confidence again, so she raised her chest even higher now.

The last person to take the test Lin Yangzhi.

Lin Yangzhi jumped onto the high platform with a graceful and carefree demeanour.

He formed a hand seal that seemed dissimilar to the Lin familys; the Qi around his body began to flow and congregated into a cyclone of Qi that encircled him. He pushed both his hands out and the Qi cyclone rushed onto the testing stone. Everyone only heard a loud blast as the testing stone actually broke through the Refining Qi Stage boundary and reached the line that indicated a Foundation Qi Stages second layer level!

My goodness!

A Foundation Stage second layer cultivator who isnt even 30 years old yet!

Oh my God, this Lin Yangzhi really hid himself well! He could match up to the Lin Xuanzhi of the past, ba!

The Lin family would definitely be able to obtain a good placing at the Hundred Families Gathering this time!

Those siblings Lin Yangzhi and Lin Yaer are really the geniuses of the Lin family!

Lin Yan propped his chin on his hand and clicked his tongue, Amazing, hes actually a Foundation Stage second layer cultivator. That level of his is enough for him to be recruited directly by Profound Sky Sect. I say, does your main branch have some sort of special cultivation method? Why are you all so heaven-defying?

Yan Tianhens face scrunched up, and his face obviously revealed his displeasure.

When Lin Yan saw this, he asked, Whats wrong? Youre not happy?

Yan Tianhen said, When I saw him the last time, he was still a Foundation Stage first layer cultivator. Why is he suddenly at the second layer within the blink of an eye?

Lin Yan said, Thats very normal though? Usually, aside from those who love to act cool and show off, who wouldnt conceal their true level?

Yan Tianhen nodded and said unhappily, Such a dishonest person! Hypocrite! Shameless!

Lin Yan, .

He was certain that Yan Tianhen must have a bone to pick with Lin Yangzhi.

Fifth Elder was extremely pleased as he said, From what weve seen today, looks like our Lin family can finally have a firm hold in the Hundred Families Gathering this year.

Second Elders eyes lit up. He nodded with satisfaction, Good, very good. Lin Jiang really does have his way when it comes to mentoring his children.

When the Lin Jiang who sat below heard this, a smile spread across his face. He clasped his hands and said, It is their good fortune; I didnt do much.

Madam Bai who sat beside him forced herself to smile, Its still better to travel outside after all. Its not easy to obtain good cultivation methods if one were to stay within the Lin family. Demand always exceeds supply, and resources are always concentrated on those one or two people. It would be much better to travel outside and try ones luck. Third Brother really does have great foresight.

It seemed as if Lin Jiang didnt understand the underlying meaning behind her words as he only smiled honestly, Sis-in-law is right. Sometimes, we do need to experience what its like outside. And naturally, there would be more chances for fortuitous encounters as well.

At this moment, Lin Yangzhi performed a bow towards the high platform and said in a loud voice, Elders, seniors, Yangzhi has something he must report.

Fifth Elder said, Whats the matter?

Lin Yangzhi said, I can not represent the family for the Hundred Families Gathering, so I would like to ask all elders to please pardon me for that.

Fifth Elder was startled, then his expression turned dark, Why not? Dont tell me youre not willing to serve the family?

Of course not. Lin Yang revealed a regretful and pained look, I really want to fight for the honour and glory of our family, but Im already a disciple of Sky Peak Sect. According to the Hundred Families Gatherings rules, I can not participate in the gathering, so I hope that the elders can forgive me.

Within a moment, the crowd exploded in an uproar.

Even the Second Elder who was sitting down couldnt help but stand up at once.

Sky Peak Sect? Are you talking about the Middle Continents Sky Peak Sect?

It is that Sky Peak Sect. Lin Yangzhi nodded, Half a year ago, I was accepted to be an inner disciple in Sky Peak Sect.

Second Elder nodded several times. His beard was trembling as he said with excitement, Great, thats really great. Youve really brought honour to the Lin family. Youre the first person in the past hundred years to have been accepted into Sky Peak Sect as one of their inner disciples, youre really the pride and joy of our Lin family!

When Lin Yangzhi was complimented in such a way, the haughtiness on his face increased somewhat.

He didnt tell anyone in the Lin family about such earth-shattering news right after he came back because he wanted to let everyone know during this testing. .

As a result of this, even if Lin Xuanzhi had become a craftsman, he still wouldnt be able to be placed on par with Lin Yangzhi.

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