Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Corpse Got Exposed

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Romana

“And how would you know that they didn’t use those kinds of methods too?” Madam Bai’s voice turned cold, “There are too many abnormalities surrounding Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. Third Elder and I guessed that they must have obtained some sort of unbelievable cultivation method.”

“What kind of cultivation method could it be?” Lin Zezhi frowned.

“It won’t be a righteous cultivation method. Only the methods of the devil could achieve that sort of effect.”

Madam Bai took a deep breath, “There is no need for you to be jealous of him at all. Now, even Second Elder suspects him. If it was only Lin Xuanzhi, then so be it, everyone had to admit his genius. But that Yan Tianhen could not show the slightest progress even after Lin Zhan used all sorts of means to help him. But now, within a short span of a few months, he has become a Refining Qi Stage fifth layer cultivator. No one would believe you if you said that he didn’t cultivate the devil’s path.”

Lin Zezhi was stunned. His eyes twinkled as he pondered, “Actually, mother, as long as you can improve your cultivation and become a powerhouse, what’s wrong with cultivating the devil’s methods?”

Madam Bai’s expression changed within an instant and she slapped Lin Zezhi. Then she exclaimed sharply, “Youmust notsay such words in the future. You will definitely be the future successor of the Lin family, if someone were to know that you hold such ideas in your head, you’ll be finished!”

After Lin Zezhi was slapped, he became absolutely dumbfounded.

When he looked at the Madam Bai who seemed as if she had gone mad, Lin Zezhi felt strangely out of sorts. He didn’t understand why his mother would have such a strong reaction when he mentioned the devil’s methods.

However, Lin Zezhi lowered his head immediately and said with a face full of regret, “Mother,Hai’ermust have been possessed just now. I won’t dare say such words again.”

Madam Bai took a deep breath to calm her rage, then said patiently, “Zezhi, Mother solely depends on you now. You must take note of your words and actions, and not take any unconventional gambits.”

Lin Zezhi nodded, “Don’t worry, Mother.”

Madam Bai sighed again in her heart.

All mothers in the world are probably like this. Even though she had already cultivated the devil’s arts, she was still absolutely unwilling to let her own son walk onto this road full of brambles and trepidation.

Lin Yaer walked over to Lin Yangzhi’s side and frowned, “Dage, that Yan Tianhen’s rate of progress is truly quite terrifying!”

Lin Yangzhi nodded, “I’ve already dispatched a Breaking Sky Bird to monitor Yan Tianhen. As soon as he exhibits any strange movements, I would sense it.”

Lin Yaer was stunned, then said with some envy, “A Breaking Sky bird? Isn’t that the demonic beast that can serve as a spy to gather information?”

“Yeah.” Lin Yangzhi smiled, “It was a gift from my Shifu before I went down the mountains.”

“Your Shifu treats you really well.” Lin Yaer said with a lot of envy, “Breaking Sky birds aren’t even exchangeable with spirit stones even if you wanted to buy one in the market.”

Lin Yangzhi looked at his sister who was as delicate as a flower, and as refined as a precious jade, then said with a gentle expression on his face, “Yaer, someone from Cloud Jade Sect has already shown interest in you. As long as you perform well in the Hundred Families Gathering this time, you would definitely clinch an invite to Cloud Jade Sect.”

Cloud Jade Sect is an all-female Sect in the Middle Continent. All of its disciples were young and beautiful, and their cultivation levels were impressive as well. This was why it was a unique and independent existence in the whole of the Five Continents’ mainlands.

Many daughters of influential families would choose to cultivate in Cloud Jade Sect, and a lot of Madams took up roles as mentors or elders in Cloud Jade Sect as well. Cloud Jade Sect’s status was thus not any lower than any other Sect.

Lin Yaer’s face revealed a triumphant and ambitious look. “Don’t worry, Dage. I’ll definitely do well in the Hundred Families Gathering, enter Cloud Jade Sect, and bring glory to you and Daddy!”

Lin Yangzhi nodded with satisfaction. He was about to say something when his face changed slightly, and his expression suddenly turned extremely strange.

“What’s wrong, Dage?” Lin Yaer asked in concern.

Hehe.” Lin Yangzhi revealed a pleased smile. A cold glint burst out from his eyes, “The Breaking Sky Bird has sent some news over; it detected some strange movements from Yan Tianhen!”

Lin Yaer became more spirited as well, “Then let’s hurry over to take a look!”

Lin Yangzhi cast a glance at Lin Yaer, “Your cultivation level isn’t high enough, I can go alone. Wait here.”

Lin Yaer could only nod her head and watch as Lin Yangzhi’s figure disappeared, her heart beginning to jump wildly.

Yan Tianhen looked all around himself, and after he saw that no one had noticed him, he quickly entered the small yard and opened the cellar door. Then he sneaked inside.

After he lit up a torch, he placed it at one side. Yan Tianhen then touched the corpse.

Aiya, you’re a bit stiff.” Yan Tianhen sighed, then hurriedly took out some golden needles from his storage bag, and treated this corpse with ease.

A quarter of an hour later, Yan Tianhen kept his needles and breathed a sigh of relief. He gazed at that handsome face as he fretted and propped his chin on one hand, “What should I do? My Dage seems to have found out that I’ve already become a demonic cultivator. But, if I tell him the truth, would he be so angry that he’d burn you up?”

The corpse couldnt answer his questions, of course.

Yan Tianhen sighed again, “Forget it. If I don’t tell my Dage today, he’ll definitely get angry. Also, I don’t really have any ways to earn money, so if I want to let you soak in a medicinal bath, I’d still need to rely on my Dage. I’d better be honest with him,ba.”

Yan Tianhen didn’t get any answers, but he was talking to himself the whole time happily. In the end, he seemed as if he had made up his mind as he stood up and patted the corpse, “Don’t worry, Chigu, I’ll definitely protect your corpse.”

Yan Tianhen was really afraid that Lin Xuanzhi would find him, so after he finished his acupuncture treatment for today, he quickly left the cellar and sneaked back.

Yan Tianhen didn’t realise that after he left, someone with a face that harboured malicious intentions would walk out from behind a fake rockery that had concealed him.

Lin Yangzhi’s face looked a bit doubtful. He raised his hand and a Breaking Sky Bird as big as a fly landed on his ear.

Lin Yangzhi went to the place that Yan Tianhen had just crawled out from, and only saw a cellar door.

He opened the door without exerting much effort and jumped down.

It was very dark inside, and there wasn’t a single thread of light. Lin Yangzhi lit the torch and saw a man fully adorned in a black garment lying on the table.

“Who is this?” Lin Yangzhi frowned. He only realised that the person was actually a corpse after he walked over.

Lin Yangzhi was immediately taken aback, and he almost dropped the torch that was in his hands. He calmed himself down, then stretched his hand out to test the pulse of the man through his wrist. His face turned pale, and after he had retreated two steps backwards, his eyes widened as he stared at this corpse. He gritted his teeth as he quivered, “Yan Tianhen, you were actually this bold to dare to cultivate the demonic path!”

Rage immediately emerged in Lin Yangzhi’s heart. He felt like he had just been humiliated. If Yan Tianhen was like this, then what about Lin Xuanzhi?

That pair of siblings advanced that quickly because they had cultivated the devil’s methods!

And he was wondering how it was possible for them to advance so fast!

At the same time that Lin Yangzhi was consumed by anger, he was also very pleased. He left the cellar and looked at the tall and lofty Mt. Luojia, then made up his mind. He must completely expose Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen’s conspiracy, and to let everyone know that the genius cultivator that they have all been pursuing was actually this sort of insidious person!

“Yangzhi, was there even a single bit of a lie in what you just said?” Within the Elders Hall, Fifth Elder looked grave as he gazed at Lin Yangzhi who was standing below.

Lin Yangzhi’s expression remained unchanged, “I’m certain that I saw it with my own eyes. Yan Tianhen has placed a corpse in the cellar of that dilapidated yard.”

Fifth Elder frowned, “How are you so certain that he’s using the corpse to cultivate?”

Lin Yangzhi said, “Although I don’t have much experience, but after following my father around as we travelled extensively through the Five Continents, I have seen some insidious cultivation methods before. I’ve checked that corpse; even though it was thoroughly dead, its body was still as warm as a living human, and its wrist had marks left behind from having been pricked by needles. Clearly, someone had administered some acupuncture treatment to stop the corpse from rotting.”

When he spoke up to this point, Lin Yangzhi clenched his teeth, “I’ve seen that kind of method being done before by demonic cultivators of a Yin Corpse Sect.”

“I’ve heard of that kind of method before as well.” Third Elder was surprised. He cultivated the Yin Corpse Sect’s cultivation methods, so he knew what administering acupuncture treatment for corpses meant. It’s just that he never expected that Yan Tianhen or Lin Xuanzhi would cultivate such a method.

Second Elder’s usual grinning face was now overcast. He immediately stood up and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s go look for Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. Yangzhi will lead the way, let’s go find out what exactly is happeningba!”

Fifth Elder looked at Second Elder, “There is no need for Lin Xuanzhi to cultivate that sort of method. He’s a craftsman in the first place, so it’s enough for him to focus on that one path.”

Third Elder sneered, “Fifth Brother, don’t forget; Lin Xuanzhi may not have that need, but he still has a younger brother called Yan Tianhen. He might have gotten that kind of insidious cultivation method just for that precious younger brother of his!”

Since he was caught red-handed, Yan Tianhen definitely wouldn’t be able to shirk responsibility for this. But Third Elder wasn’t going to stop there. No matter if Lin Xuanzhi was related to this or not, he would still try to drag Lin Xuanzhi down along with Yan Tianhen!

Fifth Elder could only sigh in his heart.

Lin Yangzhi’s words were definitely not born from no reason. He probably did see Yan Tianhen run out of the cellar with the corpse.

If Yan Tianhen really cultivated the devil’s arts, and if Lin Xuanzhi wanted to protect him, he definitely wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

Fifth Elder felt a headache coming. He scolded those troublesome rascals for causing trouble for him in his heart. However, the situation was beyond his control. No matter how much he favoured Lin Xuanzhi, he would still have to maintain a fair appearance on the surface.

Thus, Fifth Elder stood up and said solemnly, “Call Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. We’ll make a trip down to that cellar!”

Lin Xuanzhi was in the middle of crafting a ware when he heard some clamouring outside the door.

Lin Xuanzhi withdrew his seals, and the magic tool that was on the verge of formation immediately exploded and his crafting failed. Debris flew everywhere and littered the floor.

Lin Xuanzhi stood up from his cushion unhappily. He was about to open the door when a tremendous force kicked his door open from the outside.

“Young Master Xuanzhi. Second Elder, Third Elder, and Fifth Elder would like to invite you to make a trip with us.” A Law Enforcement Hall guard clad in armour said in a cold voice.

Lin Xuanzhi calmed himself down and swept a cold glance over this person, “Trespassing into my private quarters. When you go back later, accept 10 whips as punishment, then come and repair my door.”

Guard, “”

The guard clenched his teeth, “Yes.”

No matter how menacing his bearing was, Lin Xuanzhi was still the direct Young Master right now after all. Moreover, he was a seventh layer craftsman, so he had the right to punish him.

Lin Xuanzhi indifferently smoothed his robe, then walked out of his room.

Yan Tianhen had been detained in custody as he was taken out of his room. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi from afar with a frightened look on his face. He wanted to walk over, yet he couldn’t even budge an inch because of the two Law Enforcement Hall guards who were pressing down hard on his shoulders.

“Dage.” Yan Tianhen called out, and his heart was filled with apprehension.

Just now, someone had suddenly rushed in and detained him without a single word. Clearly, it must have been because they had some major discovery regarding his secretive acts.

The only thing Yan Tianhen could think about, was the corpse in the cellar of that courtyard.

Yan Tianhen was extremely ill at ease. He wasn’t afraid of those people discovering that he was now a demonic cultivator, but he was afraid of dragging the ignorant Lin Xuanzhi down with him!

Lin Xuanzhi’s face instantly turned cold. He held a fan in his hand and pointed it at those two guards, then shouted in a cold voice, “Who gave you the guts to treat my Didi in that manner?!”

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