Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Royal Heavenly Capital

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the sky, “Keep yourself busy first, I’ll go prepare the medicinal bath.”

Yan Tianhen said, “Thank you Dage, I keep causing trouble for you.”

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhen’s head, “We’re family, why make it sound like you’re an outsider? If you don’t cause trouble for me, then who would you cause trouble for?”

Yan Tianhen was still smiling like an idiot at the door until Lin Xuanzhi walked out.

His Dage was really treating him better and better recently, and he felt like he was beginning to rely on and love his Dage more too.

Yan Tianhen gathered his thoughts and looked at the corpse on the bed that now wore a clean, white robe. He poked his cheeks a bit unhappily and said with some sourness in his heart, “Next time, you need to treat my Dage really well. You’re probably the first person he personally dressed, you know?”

The corpse didn’t budge an inch, and lacked any sort of sense.

Yan Tianhen changed the position of the corpse such that it was sitting down cross-legged, then he sat behind the corpse in a cross-legged position as well and stretched both his hands out to press down on the corpse’s back.

In accordance with theImperial Corpse Technique’s method, Yan Tianhen passed all of the corpse Qi he had absorbed today to this corpse.

By the time he was done, the sky outside was already bright.

Yan Tianhen stretched lazily and looked at the corpse whose face seemed a lot less purplish than before, and he felt an indescribable sense of achievement in his heart.

He pushed the door open and was about to go see if Lin Xuanzhi was awake when he saw the door of Lin Xuanzhi’s room get pushed open from the inside.

“Dage!” Yan Tianhen ran towards him with a huge smile on his face.

Lin Xuanzhi studied his complexion and sighed, “It seems like you really are suited for cultivating the devil’s path. I should have realised that sooner.”

The more Yin Qi a cultivation method requires, the more beneficial it would be for Yan Tianhen.

After he cultivated for an entire night, Yan Tianhen’s complexion actually looked this good.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his face and blinked, “I didn’t expect that Dage would support me.”

Lin Xuanzhi tapped his nose, “You’re a little rascal who acted first before you reported it to me, so what else could I do?”

Yan Tianhen hugged Lin Xuanzhi’s neck and gave him a slight peck on his cheek, “Dage, you’re really great.”

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned by Yan Tianhen’s sudden intimate action, but he quickly smiled and fireworks were set off in his heart. He patted Yan Tianhen’s back, “I will become the person who treats Ah Hen the best in this world.”

Yan Tianhen was extremely touched. He nudged against Lin Xuanzhi’s embrace as he acted all coquettish, “Ah Hen will also be the one who’ll treat Dage the best in this world.”

“Alright, let’s leave these words for later. I refined some medicine used for a medicinal bath last night with the materials we bought. You can pour it straight into the bathtub and let him soak in it.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Logically speaking, only alchemists can refine spiritual medicinal liquid. But after Lin Xuanzhi saw theImperial Corpse Technique, he realised that the kind of medicinal liquid used to clear up a corpse’s muscles, bones and meridians didn’t have a lot of restrictions. He just needed to follow the usual steps and use a spiritual fire to stew all the materials in a pot.

Of course, refining the medicinal liquid with this kind of method would require at least ten days for completion.

Lin Xuanzhi thus used his own craftsman soulfire and spent almost a whole night in refining the medicinal liquid.

Yan Tianhen knew how much effort Lin Xuanzhi had invested into it, so he immediately frowned as his heart ached, “Dage, next time, just leave these time-consuming matters that dont require much skill to me.”

Lin Xuanzhi said willingly, “There won’t be a next time. Hurry and goba, we still need to select cultivation method manuals later.”

Yan Tianhen threw Lin Xuanzhi a huge smile before taking the small bottle of medicinal liquid that Lin Xuanzhi had refined from him. He limped with one leg and hopped back to his own room.

He unscrewed the cork of the bottle and poured the rolling black liquid into a bathtub filled with water that he had prepared the night before. Within a moment, the medicinal liquid began spreading and its black colour swept throughout the entire bathtub.

In the Imperial Corpse Technique, it said that the most important material in this medicinal liquid is the refiner’s internal Yin Qi.

Yan Tianhen didn’t know how much Yin Qi there was in his body, but he had never doubted that his body wouldn’t have enough Yin Qi.

In any case, if one drop of blood wasn’t enough, then he could just add two drops.

Yan Tianhen pulled out a golden needle and pricked his finger. A red drop of blood dripped into the bathtub, and just this one drop of blood actually turned the black liquid in the bathtub into a blood-red colour like it had been covered in magma, and it even began bubbling.

It was obviously boiling, yet a strong Yin Qi lowered the temperature of the whole room.This kind of bone-chilling temperature would make one shudder involuntarily, it was so cold that you could feel it seep into your bones.

But Yan Tianhen didn’t seem to notice it at all. He observed the medicinal bath, and when its shade began to stabilise at a blood-red colour and was bubbling with bubbles about the size of a thumb, he knew that the medicinal bath was a success.

“I am a genius indeedah.” Yan Tianhen happily clapped and rushed to the bed, then picked up the man’s corpse. He wanted to throw him into the bathtub straight away, but he couldn’t bear to ruin his Dage’s clothes like that.

Thus, when Lin Xuanzhi entered the room to see which step Yan Tianhen was at, he saw that Yan Tianhen had stripped the corpse until it was stark naked.

Lin Xuanzhi, “.”

If that was going to be the case, then why on earth did he specially put on clothes for this well-developed male corpse?

“Dage, you’re here?” Yan Tianhen was completely unaware. He carried the naked corpse over his shoulder and ran to the bathtub to throw him straight into the bathtub with asplash.

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Do you know that man’s origins?”

Yan Tianhen, “I actually do know a little.”

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrow, “Tell me later.”

After he left, Lin Xuanzhi first put up a prohibition array around Yan Tianhen’s room, then took out a complimentary magic tool and hung it on the door.

Yan Tianhen looked at the bright red bamboo tube out of curiosity, “What kind of treasure is that?”

“Blasting Bamboo.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “An offensive tool refined using Purple Bamboo, Silver Sand and Blazing Scorch as the basic materials, in addition to some additional auxiliary materials.”

Yan Tianhen was about to reach out and touch it when Lin Xuanzhi quickly pulled his hand back.

“This isn’t something you can touch.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “Blasting Bamboo and the prohibition array have already become one. As long as someone touches any part of your room, this Blasting Bamboo will explode and its power is equivalent to a Foundation Stage third layer cultivator.” Yan Tianhen’s eyes immediately widened, “That’s so amazing. Dage, can you mass produce this kind of Blasting Bamboos?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “It’s slightly easier than wine cups, but the raw materials are more expensive.”

Yan Tianhen’s eyes twinkled. “Dage, have you ever thought of making more Blasting Bamboos to sell?”

Lin Xuanzhi immediately laughed and pinched Yan Tianhen’s small face, “Little money grubber.”

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out, “I’m not a money grubber. It’s because cultivation really uses up too much money. Yesterday, just buying those materials for refining the medicinal liquid alone cost almost 20,000 gold.”

Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen’s hand and walked out. He said as he walked, “The Blasting Bamboo can be sold for quite a bit, but, this kind of offensive tool is above my level, so I don’t plan on taking them out for sale now. But as for those wine cups”

Heaven and Earth Winery’s Boss Feng had already dispatched someone to send him an invitation a few days ago, to invite him to go to Heaven and Earth Winery for a drink when he was free.

Come to think of it, they wouldn’t just be ‘drinking’. Some big business must have been delivered to his doorstep.

On their way to the Cultivation Method pavillion, Yan Tianhen described in detail how he had found that corpse, and how he had barely escaped from those three cultivators without any mishap.

Lin Xuanzhi quivered with fear and trepidation as he listened to him, during which there were many times when he wanted to just take Yan Tianhen’s pants off and give him a harsh beating!

This kid is way too bold!

As long as the thought that Yan Tianhen had brushed past death passed through his mind, he felt like he was about to break out in cold sweat.

“In the future, no matter what you want to do, you must tell me in advance.” Lin Xuanzhi’s slanted eyebrows that were neither too thick nor too light furrowed deeply.

Yan Tianhen patted his chest and looked like he was still in a panicked state, “I won’t dare to act on my own anymore.”

“It’s good that you know that.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded and his eyebrows smoothened out, “You said that the corpse escaped here from Royal Heavenly Capital?”

Yan Tianhen nodded, “That is what those people said. But, what kind of place is the Royal Heavenly Capital? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Lin Xuanzhi fell silent for awhile, “That’s one of the places in the large world of the Nine Lands beyond the Five Continents’ mainlands.”

“Is it very famous?” Yan Tianhen thought about it for a bit, “I’ve always heard about the customs of the Nine Lands from Daddy, but he had never mentioned that place to me before.”

“Then it probably isn’t famous enoughba, or Dad has never been to that place.” Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Yan Tianhen looked like he came to a sudden realisation as he nodded, “That’s true. The Nine Lands is so huge, and I haven’t heard of a lot of places in the Five Continents’ mainlands, let alone a city in the Nine Lands. But, that Chigu is rather pitiful. I don’t know if I’ll be able to successfully”

As he listened to Yan Tianhen ramble on and on beside him, an undulating, raging wave was surging through Lin Xuanzhi’s heart.

The Royal Heavenly Capital is located right in the middle of the Nine Lands. It is the legendary gathering place of the nine heavenly clans of the Nine Lands, and it is said that the royal family that rules over the entire Nine Lands is situated there!

However, the more powerhouses are born and aggregated in one place, the harder it is to spy on them.

The Nine Lands that the Royal Heavenly Capital was located in was the Great Heavenly World mentioned in legends. It was completely surrounded by prohibitions that ordinary cultivators would never be able to break through.

Apparently, only earth-level cultivators had a 1 in 10,000 chance to enter the Great Heavenly World.

Although the Great Heavenly World was an independent existence that was sealed off from the rest of the world, there were many rumours about it.

And the Royal Heavenly Capital was the legend amongst legends.

In Lin Xuanzhi’s past life, due to the limits of his cultivation level and his wholehearted devotion to reverting time, he didn’t know much about the Great Heavenly World. His knowledge of it was limited to the tidbits of information he occasionally heard from others.

Even though the circumstances were like this, it was enough for Lin Xuanzhi to be in awe and alarm of the Great Heavenly World.

Yan Tianhen was really amazing.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart. Yan Tianhen was just casually looking for a corpse and ended up stumbling upon a descendent from a famous family in the Great Heavenly World’s Royal Heavenly Capital.

He had once suspected if the Great Heavenly World was just a figment of some cultivators’ imagination, because during the period when he travelled through the Nine Lands in his soul form, he had never found the entrance to the Royal Heavenly Capital.

But now, Yan Tianhen had proven the existence of this world to him.

Also, even though Ling Chigu was dead, no one would know what intractable problem may occur in the future because of his identity.

As he looked at the carefree Yan Tianhen, Lin Xuanzhi instructed, “Ah Hen, regarding your experiences that night and Chigu’s origin, you definitely can’t mention either of them to anyone else.”

Yan Tianhen nodded, “I know. I’ll only tell Dage, and the one I trust the most is Dage.”

Lin Xuanzhi felt comforted. He thought, “Let’s change his name tooba. Just in case.”

The difference between Ling Chigu and Chigu was too minute. If someone managed to infer his identity from it, it would be troublesome.

Yan Tianhen blinked and asked, “Then what name does Dage think would be nice?”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Let’s call him Baiguba.”

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