Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Fighting Over Cultivation Methods

Ch117 – Fighting Over Cultivation Methods

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Romana

Lin Xuanzhi pulled out a scroll that was hidden in an obscure corner. It was already covered with dust, Lets take this scroll out ba.

Yan Tianhen took a look at it and immediately revealed a joyous expression, This is a scroll explaining the general situation of the Nine Lands cultivation method system! Dage, this book isnt easy to find ah.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, As for the cultivation method for cultivating alchemy, Ill find one for you after we leave this place.

Yan Tianhen nodded and said, unconcerned, Well do whatever Dage thinks is best.

In any case, he wasnt very enthusiastic about alchemy. It doesnt matter much to him if he were to practice it a day sooner or a day later. Whats more, the Lin family doesnt have a good collection of alchemy manuals.

Lin Xuanzhi took the scroll and was about to look for Lin Yan to ask if he had found a manual he wanted when he heard some clamouring at the adjacent bookshelf.

Lin Yan was pinching one corner of a scroll with one hand. He raised his eyebrow and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who had was pressing down on the scroll with an entire hand, I say, young man, everything abides by the principle of first come, first served. Clearly, I was the one who found thisBurning Sky Palmfirst, and even had it in my hands. How thick must your skin be to directly come over to snatch it from me?

Because of the strong appeal of the Lin familys strongest primary-level fire elemental cultivation method Burning Sky Palm even the Lin Zezhi who had always pretended to be a sanctimonious person couldnt maintain his usual disguise.

Lin Zezhi smiled coldly, Today, I came just for thisBurning Sky Palm. If you know whats good for you, then youll withdraw of your own accord. Otherwise, once were out of this pavillion, your peaceful days will be over.

Lin Yans face turned ashen, What I, Lin Yan, hate the most is being threatened by others.

Oh really? Lin Zezhi narrowed his eyes and said in a voice filled with threat, But that is the truth. My foundation in the Lin familys main branch is far superior than your background. The Lin familys magic treasure for the Hundred Families Gathering this time still depends on my mother, whos already a teal soul Fifth stage craftsman. Do you think the Lin family will offend me just for someone like you?

Lin Yan was about to explode from anger. He really wanted to beat up Lin Zezhi on the spot and teach him a good lesson. But, he wasnt a fool. Of course he knew that Lin Zezhi dared to say all that because he really would execute it.

Lin Yan didnt want to cause trouble, so he uttered a tsk and loosened his grip, You can treat this item as a reward from Young Master me.

When Lin Zezhi saw that the cultivation method had landed in his hands, a joyful glint flashed through his eyes.

Before he entered the pavillion, he had already received Third Elders hint that he must get his hands on thisBurning Sky Palm. After all, for someone with a fire elemental spiritual root, the Burning Sky Palmis the most suitable manual for them. Moreover, it was the highest level primary level cultivation method that was the easiest to cultivate.

Lin Zezhi kept the Burning Sky Palm and said proudly to Lin Yan, Lin Yan, the most you can do is talk, huh.

Thats still much better than a baby like you who cries for your mommy even though youre already in your twenties. Lin Yan ridiculed.

Lin Zezhis face turned slightly cold and glared at Lin Yan threateningly, Get rid of your crass mouth. Sooner or later, Ill let you have a taste of my strength with this Burning Sky Palm.

Wow, I was so frightened I almost died! Im soooo scared now~ Lin Yan reacted in a very exaggerated manner, yet he couldnt stop rolling his eyes while doing so.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, That truly is a huge grievance for me. I didnt expect that the Lin family wouldnt even have a craftsmans cultivation method, our familys really not up to par with the rest. Ill suggest to the head another day, that when craftsmans cultivation manuals appear in the auction house, that he definitely has to buy it by any means at any cost.

Lin Zezhi was almost dumbstruck by how shameless Lin Xuanzhi was.

Craftsman and alchemist manuals, even the lowest level ones, were secrets that werent circulated. They often costed hundreds of thousands of gold, and he didnt expect that Lin Xuanzhi would boast so shamelessly about getting the family to fork out this sum of money.

Lin Zezhi only wanted to say Youre so shameless.

However, when he saw that Lin Xuanzhis expression hadnt change the slightest bit and still remained as calm as ever, he couldnt utter a single word.

Lin Xuanzhi probably thought that the entire family revolved around him, so it was only natural for his needs to be prioritized ba.

Lin Zezhi uttered a disdainful snort, then became the first to leave the Cultivation Method Pavillion with hisBurning Sky Palmin hand.

Immediately afterwards, the other Lin family pupils found the cultivation methods they liked one after another, leaving in succession.

WIthin the Cultivation Method Pavillion, only three people were left Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen and Lin Yan.

Lin Yan looked bored stiff as he chose a cultivation method in low spirits.

Yan Tianhen walked over and followed him, Yanyan, do you have any cultivation method you like?

Lin Yan felt a bit upset as he said, It wasnt easy for me to choose one that was suitable for me, but I didnt expect that it would be snatched by Lin Zezhi just like that. Ai, a small cabbage without parents is destined to get bullied by others.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose and patted Lin Yans shoulders. Dont be sad. My Dage and I will choose a good one for you.

Lin Yan sighed again, Ive already looked through the cultivation methods here. Aside from that primary-level top grade cultivation method, there isnt another one that has caught my eye. I might as well continue cultivating my currentBreathing Fire Palm.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Are you sure there arent anymore?

Lin Yan cast a glance at Lin Xuanzhi. His line of sight fell upon the last and tallest bookshelf, then he shrugged, There is one. But that profound-level high grade cultivation method is the manual for fire elemental spiritual roots Burning Heart Secrets. But, you understand.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, Thats not necessarily true.

Lin Yan was stunned, and his eyes immediately lit up, Does Xuanzhi Ge have a special way to obtain it?

Its not easy to find a special way of obtaining it. But, I can break through to the first layer of my Foundation Stage and try to get it out. Lin Xuanzhi said calmly.

Lin Yan, ..

He was completely dumbstruck. Was it possible to say something like break through to the first layer of my Foundation Stage in such a calm tone as if he was talking about the weather?!

Are you kidding me?

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at Lin Yan, Set up a protective veil for me with Ah Hen. If someone comes in, dont let them disturb me.

Before Lin Yan could react and was still stranded in an enigmatic state, Lin Xuanzhi had already found a corner to sit down cross-legged. There were a few forged stones in front of him used for crafting, then he fished out a few more materials used for crafting from his storage bag. Clearly, he looked like he was about to start crafting!

Lin Yan,

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, then said to the Yan Tianhen beside him, Your Dage isnt joking?

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi as he nodded, My Dage has never joked around when it comes to such matters.

Lin Yan arduously gulped, We only have about 2 hours left, arent you worried that hell fail?

Yan Tianhen shook his head. My Dage has never failed before.

Lin Yan,

Where exactly did this kind of mysterious confidence come from?

Outsider the door.

Although Lin Zezhi and the rest had already picked the cultivation method they liked a long time ago, none of them left straight away.

After registration, these few people stood outside to wait for the last few inside to see their selection.

After all, they not only wanted to be familiar with their own situation, but to also know their opponents inside out. Even if it was someone from the same family, they would still inevitably be competitors.

Lin Yurou looked at Lin Yufan and asked, Jiejie, what cultivation method did you choose?

Lin Yufan glanced at her with an apathetic expression, What I choose seems to have nothing to do with you.

Lin Yurous expression changed slightly. She said a bit awkwardly, I just wanted to care about you a little, I didnt mean anything else by that.

Lin Yufan sneered, You dont need to scout me out. After all, Ive already far surpassed you. No matter what, you will never be my opponent. Also, our spiritual roots are different, so the cultivation method I chose wont be suitable for you. You dont need to care about it so much.

Lin Yurou bit her lower lip and her face flushed red with shame. Her eyes welled up with tears and she looked like she had suffered the biggest grievance of her life.

Lin Yaer frowned and walked over, Yufan, were all sisters in the same family, why talk to her like that?

Lin Yufan said indifferently, Yaer Tangjie, this doesnt amount to much. I was just telling the truth.

Lin Yurou said, upset, I know Jiejie doesnt like me because of your misunderstanding towards my mother. But Father has always said that were biological sisters of the same branch, so we should love and encourage each other. And we should also share what we have with each other.

Yeah, since our childhood, whatever belonged to you was yours, and whatever belonged to me was also yours. Lin Yufan revealed a sarcastic smile.

Lin Yurous expression changed slightly and she said with much unease, Jiejie must be joking.

Lin Yufan ignored her. Whether or not it was a joke was something that she should know best.

When Lin Yaer saw this, she stopped talking.

However, everyone present could tell that Lin Yufan and Lin Yurou didnt have a very good relationship.

And from Lin Yufans words, it could be inferred that Lin Ruhai and his second wife didnt treat Lin Yufan very well either.

Nevertheless, it was more than enough to know who was at odds with whom. No one would be so senseless as to interfere with other peoples family matters.

After a short moment, Lin Zezhi was the first one to get impatient.

He frowned and strode towards the Cultivation Method Pavillion that had its doors shut tight, Dont tell me those three inside went blind from choosing their manuals? What does it mean for them to not come out even after such a long time has passed?

Lin Dong got very impatient too, Theyre really such country bumpkins who havent seen enough of the world.

The edges of Lin Yaers lips curved up, But I would really like to see what kind of good item they would pick.

Lin Dong looked at Lin Zezhi, No matter how good the cultivation method they pick is, it wont be better than ZezhisBurning Sky Palm.Thats the only primary-level top-grade cultivation method in there.

After he spoke, several pairs of envious eyes cast glances on Lin Zezhi.

Lin Zezhi smiled, and said without being complacent while also pretending to be modest, Thats just because I was lucky. There were so many cultivation manuals in there, but I didnt expect to see this one at first glance. I guess I have quite the affinity withBurning Sky Palmba.

Lin Cheng looked askance at Lin Zezhi and thought with much disdain, hes really quite shameless. He obviously snatched that manual from Lin Yan.

Lin Cheng was from a side branch that was the most distant from the main bloodline, aside from Lin Yan. When he came to the Lin familys main mansion before, he was often met with contempt, so he felt a natural sense of closeness to Lin Yan and couldnt help but empathise with him.

Lin Dong ha always fawned over Lin Zezhi. He revealed a slightly flattering smile on his face, Zezhi Tangxiong, with that Burning Sky Palm, you should be able to break through the shackles of your seventh layer and become a Foundation Stage cultivator soon ba?

Lin Zezhi laughed with a lot of confidence and said proudly, If I were to stay in the cultivation room for a full two months, it definitely wouldnt be a problem to break through the shackles of my seventh layer.

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