Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Two Profound Level Books

Ch118 – Two Profound-Level Books

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Right at that moment, the spiritual Qi in the surroundings suddenly began to exhibit a strange change they all seemed to get sucked away by a tremendous suction force as they all flew towards the Cultivation Method pavillion.

An old gatekeeper was sitting at the entrance of the Cultivation Method pavillion. He suddenly opened his eyes, which had always been squinted with a scorching gaze, then raised his eyebrow, That kid is seriously bold he dared to advance to his Foundation Stage in the Cultivation Method pavillion?!

As soon as this remark was made, everyone who was present revealed all sorts of expression.

How can that be? Lin Xuanzhi is already at his Foundation Stage? Lin Yurou said in disbelief.

When we came out, he was still at the seventh layer of his Refining Qi stage. He actually managed to break through in less than two hours?!

Lin Dong said unhappily, He should have waited for us to come out before breaking through on purpose ba?

Lin Yaer bit her lower lip as her face turned ashen.

Lin Zezhi felt like he had been slapped twice by Lin Xuanzhi, and now his cheeks were burning up. At the same time, he felt a very strong sense of helplessness when someone was just a bit stronger than you, you would feel jealous, but when he reaches a completely different level from you, your jealousy will be quickly replaced with helplessness.

With a blast, the door was pushed open from the inside.

Three figures appeared in front of the crowd. Lin Xuanzhi stood in the middle as he said to the old gatekeeper, Please forgive us for the delay.

The old man scrutinised Lin Xuanzhi and narrowed his eyes, then nodded in satisfaction, Kid, youre pretty daring. Looks like youve taken a few profound-level cultivation methods.

Lin Yan grinned, Not many at all, just two.

The old man raised his eyebrow, Just two? Then what manual is the third?

Lin Xuanzhi passed the three manuals on the table, OneAn Introduction to the Nine Lands Cultivation Method System, one Burning Heart Secretsand one Slaying Sun Swordsmanship.

The old mans gaze swept over them, The first book has no level or grade; the second book, profound-level mid grade; the third book, proground-level mid grade. Within these three books, two of them are fire elemental cultivation methods, and one is an instructive one without much use. You really do know how to conduct yourself.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, That isnt necessarily the case. There arent any manuals in the family thatre suitable for my cultivation.

The old man nodded and sighed in regret, Even if your spiritual root hadnt been destroyed, it was still a wind spiritual root, so there really isnt a cultivation method within the familys manuals thats suitable for you.

After the old man registered these three manuals, he said, Before you leave, you need to return these manuals.

Yes. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Lin Yaer bit her lower lip and walked over to Lin Xuanzhi with a long face. She glared at him angrily, Lin Xuanzhi, you obviously did that on purpose!

He clearly could have taken three profound-level cultivation methods, but he only took two cultivation methods that could only be used by those with fire elemental spiritual roots, and he would rather make use of his last opportunity to choose some junk that wouldnt be useful for anyone instead of takingReturn of Springout the manual that was of the highest level in the pavillion. From Lin Yaers point of view, it just seemed like he did it intentionally to provoke her.

Lin Yaer said, You deliberately waited for the rest of us to leave before advancing to the Foundation Stage. You never thought of helping the rest of us take profound-level cultivation methods ba? He, what those from the same family should help one another, in actuality, isnt Lin Xuanzhi just a sanctimonious hypocrite? I didnt expect you to be such a selfish person.

Tianhen, it really wasnt very right for Xuanzhi Tangxiong to have done that. Lin Yurou walked forward and stood beside Lin Yaer, Since were all part of the Lin family, and well all be representing the Lin family in the Hundred Families Gathering in the near future, then it is of utmost importance for everyone to improve their performance markedly as a whole.

Then what do you think I should have done? Lin Xuanzhi lightly cast a glance at her.

Naturally, you should have let us all obtain the Foundation Stage cultivation method after your advancement. That wouldve been the best choice for all of us. Lin Yurou said bluntly as if it was a matter of course.

Hehe. Lin Yuran had been standing far away and was already ready to leave, but when she heard Lin Yurous words, she couldnt help but mock her, A bunch of idiots. Do you think that you can casually take out any cultivation method as long as youre of the Foundation Stage?

Then what else is required? Lin Yaer asked, frowning.

Didnt you see the attack from the prohibition just now? You need to avoid its attack and expend your Qi and soul force before you can get a book out by a fluke. Im afraid that Lin Xuanzhi must have exhausted all his energy just from taking those two books ba? Lin Yufans line of sight fell upon Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi looked back at this tall woman who had a unique temperament.

Lin Yaer let out a cold sneer before she turned around and left.

Lin Yurou said, So Xuanzhi Tangge couldnt take it out. I was the one who misunderstood you.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at her, Actually, you didnt misunderstand anything.

Lin Yurou was stunned.

Lin Xuanzhi said, I did want to wait for all of you to leave before advancing, and I never thought of helping any of you take out a profound-level manual thats suitable for you guys to cultivate with.

Lin Yurous face turned slightly pale.

Dont you think that it would make you seem petty and narrow-minded? Lin Zezhi asked as he suppressed his anger.

He originally had a stable hold over Lin Yans head, but he didnt expect that now Lin Yan would have two more profound-level fire elemental cultivation methods!

You must know, primary-level top grade cultivation methods can match up to a profound-level low grade cultivation method, but it was far superior than a profound-level mid grade cultivation method. Let alone how he had two of them in his hands now!

How could he not get angry?!

Yet Lin Xuanzhi revealed an apathetic smile and his gaze swept over Lin Zezhi, Ive always marked a clear distinction between gratitude and grudges. If you want to obtain benefits from me, then youll have to let me see what kind of benefits you can bring me, instead of obstructions. Besides, I like listening to flattery, not words that are unpleasant to the ears.

Lin Xuanzhi spoke in such a straightforward manner, as if it was common for him, and after he was done, he didnt remain a second longer before he left with Yan Tianhen and Lin Yan.

Lin Dong spat at Lin Xuanzhis receding figure, Thats the first time Ive seen someone asking people to fawn over him, he really has no sense of shame.

Yet Lin Zezhi was immersed in his thoughts for awhile before saying, He wasnt like that in the past.

Lin Cheng, who rarely spoke, also added, He really wasnt like that in the past.

Lin Dong asked, puzzled, Then why has he changed so much?

After his Dantian was destroyed, his temperament/nature changed dramatically. It was probably because of excessive stimulation ba. Lin Zezhi said.

Lin Yao said enviously, Putting the matter regarding Lin Xuanzhis personality aside, that Lin Yan is such a lucky bastard. Amongst everyone here, hes the only one with such a rich harvest. Im afraid that after two months, Lin Yan will be another notch above the rest of us in strength.

Lin Zezhi recalled Lin Xuanzhis words again.

He wasnt the only one; the others had also changed their attitudes towards Lin Xuanzhi.

After all, who wouldnt want to obtain benefits that normal people would find difficult to reach?

On their way back, Lin yan held two profound-level cultivation methods in his hands and could barely contain his joy from showing on his face.

Yan Tianhen pulled Lin Xuanzhis hand, Dage, its very easy for your words just now to destroy your image.

Lin Xuanzhi was indifferent, Image is nothing compared to their aggrieved faces and their stifled looks as they didnt dare say anything and had to suppress their rage.

Yan Tianhen thought about it for a bit, then nodded with the same sentiments, That is true.

Lin Yan smiled, Did you see Lin Zezhis face when he saw you take out the two fire elemental profound-level cultivation methods? He turned green immediately. That felt soooooo good.

Dage, I have a question. Yan Tianhen said.

Just say it. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Just now, you deliberately provoked them and left them with those brazen words just to see them make a fool of themselves? Yan Tianhen asked.

According to his understanding of Lin Xuanzhi, Lin Xuanzhi definitely wasnt such a shallow person who would do something so superfluous. Usually, he would disdain to bother with those people.

Of course not. Lin Xuanzhi casually answered.

Its probably not because you wanted them to fawn over and flatter you ba? Lin Yan blinked.

Lin Xuanzhi sighed, Those people will be the future pillars of the Lin family. I cant just do whatever I want to them because theyre unpleasant. If the Lin family wants to prosper, then it cannot be in disunity.

It suddenly dawned upon Lin Yan, Dont tell me, you want them to change their attitudes towards you through this method and treat you as an ally instead of an enemy?

They dont necessarily need to treat me as an ally instead of an enemy. Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, I just hope that theyll smarten up a little, and at least be more able to maintain some congeniality on the surface towards their family members.

Lin Yan nodded pensively.

Yan Tianhen spoke sadly after a little while, Dage, well be going to the cultivation room tomorrow. What will happen to my Ah Gu then?

For the next month, you just need to pour your Yin Qi into the bathtub every night. When the time comes, Ill accompany you back.

Yan Tianhen breathed a sigh of relief.

But Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, If youre calling him Ah Gu then just stick to Ah Gu, dont call him my Ah Gu.

Although he didnt really understand it, but since Lin Xuanzhi said so, Yan Tianhen would listen to him.

After he nodded, Yan Tianhen went on to say, Regarding my alchemy studies

Tomorrow, Ill take you to go find Duan Yuyang.

Why are we looking for Yuyang Ge?

To let him pay attention to the availability of alchemy manuals. There should be quite a lot of those in the Duan familys auction house.

During every auction, there would always be quite a few manuals that are being auctioned out. The Duan family is a first-class family within the East Continent after all, and half of their familys income comes from their familys auction house, so they would naturally have quite a few quality goods from different places.

Yan Tianhen scrunched up his face as his heart ached, Well need to spend money again.

Manuals easily cost at least tens of thousands of gold, theyre so damn expensive.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at his conflicted face and couldnt help but laugh, You dont need to worry about that. Tomorrow, we can still splurge on a good meal.

The next morning, after Yan Tianhen placed a drop of blood into the medicinal liquid, he observed the changes of the corpse for a while before running over to knock on Lin Xuanzhis door.

Lin Xuanzhi pushed the door open. He was still holding a wine cup fresh out of the oven that he had just crafted the previous night.

Yan Tianhen blinked and looked at the wine cup with covetous eyes.

When Lin Xuanzhi saw this, he pinched his face and smiled, You want to drink alcohol in the early morning?

Yan Tianhen smacked his lips and said, Yeah. I never understood why Daddy liked drinking so much. But after I used Dages cup, I understood why.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, Dad didnt like to drink because wine tastes good.

Then why? Yan Tianhen asked, puzzled.

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed Yan Tianhens head, Ah Hens still young, so you dont understand these things.

Lin Zhan loved wine as much as his own life. For the most part, it was because of the abject dejection in his heart, as well as the yearning he felt for someone ba.

However, Lin Xuanzhi didnt feel like there was a need to let Yan Tianhen know these things, because this kid would definitely rack his brains trying to figure it out.

Yan Tianhen stuck his tongue out at Lin Xuanzhi, Anyway, Ill definitely grow up one day.

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