Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Business Delivered To The Doorstep

Ch119 – Business Delivered to the Doorstep

Translated by: DMlations/Zryuu

Edited by: Romana

The two of them headed towards the streets.

Duan Yuyang has never liked staying at the Duan residence. If you wanted to find him, you would have to look for him in places where people from all walks of life would gather, such as the street with the Tyrant Martial Hall, a place where Duan Yuyang often hangs around at .

Sure enough, when they found Duan Yuyang, he was throwing dice with others in the casino.

Big big big! Give honourable me a big one! Duan Yuyang roared, his neck flushed red. His concentrated-to-the-brink-of-madness appearance made him look like a fanatical gambler.

In the end, three smalls came out.

A peal of laughter burst out in his surroundings. Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and pushed aside the gold in front of him. If Im willing to bet, then Ill accept my losses. These are now yours.

His gold was all snatched within a second. When Duan Yuyang was preparing for his next round, his collar was pulled backwards by someone.

Who the fuck is so audacious as to Duan Yuyang immediately started cursing. He turned around and saw Lin Xuanzhi, who had an indifferent expression on his beautiful face.

Duan Yuyang turned meek at once. He swallowed his saliva,So its you.

Lin Xuanzhi said, I must have dampened Young Master Duans spirits, do you have some time for a little chat?

Since a beautys inviting me, of course I would have the time. Duan Yuyang stood up, You guys continue playing, dont wait up for me.

A few of them looked at one another. Young Master Duan, you were having so much fun here and yet youre just gonna withdraw like that?

Yeah, youre on a roll now. Maybe your next round will be the round where youll be able to make your money back.

One more round ma.

When Duan Yuyang heard them chime in one after another to urge him to stay, he couldnt help but laugh. Dont think I dont know the bunch of you did something to the dice. Quit while youre ahead ba. Otherwise, if honourable me is in a bad mood later, the streets outside are all filled with Duan familys fighters, you know? Just imagine the consequences for yourselves ba.

As soon as he said that, the gamblers who had cheated all stopped talking.

Duan Yuyang only saw Yan Tianhen, who was standing at the entrance of the casino, after they went outside.

A bright smile spread across Duan Yuyangs face. He rushed over to give Yan Tianhen a bear hug, I havent seen you in so many days. Ah Hens a good boy! Come come, let Gege give you a kiss.

Lin Xuanzhis mouth twitched as he pulled Duan Yuyang away, Young Master Duan, I didnt expect that after not seeing you for a few days, you would change from tyrannizing men and women to a life filled with food, wine, prostitution and gambling.

Its not very right of you to say that. I only eat, drink and gamble; Ive never looked for a prostitute before. Duan Yuyang corrected him immediately in all earnestness.

You obviously knew that those people had cheated, yet you rushed forward to give them money. Ive never seen anyone do that before. Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and sighed.

You can treat it as honourable me robbing myself of my own wealth, to relieve others of their poverty ba. Duan Yuyang said.

Lin Xuanzhi,

What else could he say?

Yan Tianhen scrunched up his little face. Yuyang Ge, I still think that gambling isnt too good.

I dont think gamblings good either. The games I played with those kinds of people werent interesting at all; gambling with stones is where the funs at. Duan Yuyang started a new topic for conversation, Why dont I bring you to go gamble with stones ba?

Yan Tianhen revealed a longing look on his face. He blinked, Are there a lot of unimaginable treasures in those stones? And once you split them apart with a knife, youll be able to turn into the richest person in the city?

Yeah. Duan Yuyang nodded.

Then Yuyang Ge, have you ever gambled on stones before?

Of course I have. What havent I played before in this Qing city? When it comes to eating, drinking, and being merry, Duan Yuyang can be said to be the founder of this cult.

Yan Tianhen blinked and asked, Since thats the case, then why havent you become the richest person in Qing city yet?

Duan Yuyang staggered and almost fell onto the ground.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and looked at Yan Tianhens little face. He felt that his familys little brother can be quite worry-free sometimes.

Duan Yuyang said in embarrassment, Thats becausemy luck hasnt been very good, so Ive never been able to find good things in them.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Its not that your luck isnt good, its because out of all the stone gambling dens in Qing city, there arent any stones that will allow you to earn your money back.

Duan Yuyang was stunned, What are you saying? How could that be? I saw with my own eyes someone cutting into a stone, revealing an emerald colour within!

Lin Xuanzhis gaze swept over Duan Yuyang, It was just a prop. All those stones have already been cut before, then got glued back together again through a special method. They cut it open in front of everyone again so that you would mistakenly think that its possible to find something good after cutting the stones in the stone gambling dens, but in realityhehe.

Duan Yuyang almost jumped right up, Fuck, they actually dared to trick honourable me! Then according to what you said, the stone gambling dens are all out to deceive people?

Thats not necessarily true, Lin Xuanzhi shook his head.There are a few real ones. But, those stone gambling dens are all controlled by major families and sects, and its very difficult to discern the materials inside the stone, so no one would know what was inside.

When Duan Yuyang heard this, he felt so stifled that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He wasnt afraid of losing money. What he was unhappy about was losing money without even knowing that he had been tricked.

Duan Yuyang sighed again, then said. You would never come to find me for no reason, so why are you guys looking for me again?

When Lin Xuanzhi saw that he was finally in the mood to talk about proper matters, he slowly told him about the purpose of their visit.

You want a cultivation manual for becoming an alchemist? Duan Yuyang frowned. After he pondered over it for a moment, he said, I can get something like that, but I wont be able to obtain medicinal recipes and pill recipes for you.

I understand. Medicinal recipes and pill recipes are the lifeblood of medicinal cultivators and alchemists, so they wont let others see them easily. Lin Xuanzhi nodded. In addition, I require a piece of Gold Igneous rock, and three blades of Refining Grass.

Duan Yuyang looked at Lin Xuanzhi in surprise. Gold Igneous rocks and Refining Grass are the most basic materials for crafting a pill furnace. Dont tell me, you plan on personally crafting a pill furnace for Henhen to use?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, That is what I intend to do. Is there a problem with that?

Duan Yuyangs eyes widened as he stared at him. You must know that crafting pill furnaces isnt like crafting other types of equipment. The craftsman must have some slight involvement with the alchemy path, and during the amalgamation of the refining grass into the unfinished pill furnace, you cant be a second faster or a second slower. Youll need to craft it for seven days and seven nights in a row before you succeed. Also, pill furnaces have their own unique hand seals during the crafting process. The lack of just one hand seal would result in a defective furnace. Although alchemists wouldnt be able to see it, once they start using it, theres a very high risk of their furnace exploding.

I understand everything that you just said. Lin Xuanzhi nodded as he made light of it.

Duan Yuyang frowned. I have a pill furnace with me that I plan on auctioning out. Why dont I just stop its auctioning for you? I know that pill furnace is a primary-level top-grade auxiliary ware, and news of it had already spread half a month ago. Im afraid that many alchemists from all around the continents, as well as people who want to curry favour with alchemists, have already caught wind of it, and would come over for its auction. If you were to take it away in private, Im afraid that it wouldnt be good for the Duan familys auction house, and might even end up courting disaster.

Lin Xuanzhi rejected Duan Yuyangs unreliable goodwill. Since I dare to craft it, it means that Im confident that it would succeed.

Duan Yuyang sighed again and said helplessly, I give up. What about this: in the afternoon, make a trip down to the auction house with me ba. I remember that there should still be some other materials up for auction.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, That was what I had intended.

Heaven and Earth Winery.

Boss Feng was holding a wine cup as he drank with much pleasure, then he saw one of his subordinates rush over.

What are you panicking over? Boss Feng raised an eyebrow.

Boss, just now, someone saw Lin Xuanzhi in the streets! His subordinate quickly reported.

When Boss Feng heard that, he immediately stood straight up from his rocking chair and said, Did our people stop him?

The subordinate said with some embarrassment, He was with the Duan familys Young Master, and I didnt dare to go up to stop them. However, they have been standing in the same spot as they chatted for awhile now, so I dont think theyll be going anywhere soon.

Then whyre you still spouting so much nonsense? Hurry and follow me to go invite Young Master Lin! As Boss Feng spoke, he didnt forget to carefully place his precious wine cup into an exquisite box. Then he smoothened out his clothes as he rushed out.

Ever since Boss Feng bought those few cups from Lin Xuanzhi and tasted their sweetness, he realised that after spiritual wine gets enriched in those cups, it not only tastes more distinct and fragrant, but it also enhanced the drinkers spiritual Qi by quite a bit!

That should practically be the standard for Heaven and Earth Winery!

Boss Feng really wanted to find Lin Xuanzhi immediately and order a huge batch from him, but he hadnt expected that after thickening his skin to visit his residence, Lin Xuanzhi would have already left.

And this one wait lasted for about a month.

Although Lin Xuanzhi had left, there were still those one or two times he had stayed which Boss Feng missed entirely. This time, Feng Lun decided that no matter what, he wont let him escape again!

However, Feng Lun had obviously worried over nothing.

Lin Xuanzhi, Duan Yuyang and Yan Tianhen were all walking towards Heaven and Earth Winery.

Feng Luns sharp eyes spotted Lin Xuanzhi within the crowd, so he immediately waved his hand and shouted happily, Young Master Lin!

Passers-by all stared at him.

Feng Lun didnt mind their stares. He quickly walked up to Lin Xuanzhi and said with a grinning face, Young Master Lin, it has been a while. How have you been doing lately?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Pretty good. I see that Boss Feng is glowing with ruddy cheeks; have there been any happy occasions recently?

Boss Feng burst out into laughter, Of course there was a happy occasion, and that happy occasion has an inseparable relationship with Young Master Lin! Youve been a really big help!

Lin Xuanzhi raised his brow slightly and pretended to be puzzled. Oh? Why dont I remember helping Boss Feng with anything?

Boss Feng was anxious to dive straight to the point, and thought to himself that Lin Xuanzhi was really adept at beating around the bush. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi and laughed, Young Master Lin really is an eminent person with a short memory. Do you remember that some time ago, you sold me a few wine cups on this street?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, I do remember that, but those were just a few cups. How could it help Boss Feng with anything?

Boss Feng was startled and thought to himself. The quality and effects of those cups could practically be described with the word heaven-defying, yet Lin Xuanzhi merely described them as just a few cups?

How terrifying could Lin Xuanzhis current crafting realm be?

But in any case, he must curry favour with Lin Xuanzhi now, and do business with him.

Craftsman Lin, if those few cups in your hands could match the wine in my winery, then it must not be anything ordinary. Boss Feng said with a smile, You might not know this, but ever since I drank the spiritual wine in those wine cups, I could no longer stand the taste of spiritual wine in other ordinary cups.

When Duan Yuyang heard this, he nodded. The wine cups he crafted truly are unordinary.

Boss Feng agreed with an approving face, What I dont know is whether Craftsman Lin would be willing to provide us with the same series of wine cups again, and as for the pricehehe, that can be settled easily with some discussion.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly, I can do that business, but is Boss Feng sure that you want to do it here?

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