Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Raising The Price And Fighting

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Soul Bead was stunned, How did you know that? Out of ten thousand Flaming Cloud Stones, only one companion stone would appear, and in this pre-magical era, its probably a secret that few people knowba?

Within the entire East Continent, this was probably the first Flaming Cloud Stone that has a companion stone attached to it. Since Lin Xuanzhi has never left the East Continent, it was impossible for him to know of it.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi just said lightly, I heard my Father mention it in passing.

But as a matter of fact, how could Lin Xuanzhi not know about it?

In his past life, because he was in a soul body and had attached himself to the Soul Plate for close to a thousand years, Lin Xuanzhi had the time to think up of all sorts of ways to repair the Revert World Mirror to turn time back. In addition, he had also racked his brains as he mulled over how to eradicate Yan Tianhens Mingyin body.

Later on, Lin Xuanzhi realised that a Mingyin body type was a gift bestowed upon its bearer by the heaven, so it was absolutely impossible to eradicate. However, he did find some ways to suppress the Yin poison.

The heart blood of a Chiyang body is one of it, while the Flaming Cloud Bug was another indispensable material.

Lin Xuanzhi thought that he had to search through the Five Continents mainlands before he come upon the extremely rare Flaming Cloud Bug, but he never expected that the Flaming Cloud Bug would appear in his life in such an unexpected way.

The auctioneer put on a fitting smile and said, The auction starts now; the starting price is 2,000 gold.

Because of the limitations of the usage of the Flaming Cloud Stone, it wasnt very expensive. However, the Flaming Cloud Stone is a fourth class material after all, so its starting price wouldnt be too low.

3,000 gold. Someone offered.

3,100 gold.

3,300 gold.

The quoted price increased along with the crisp ringing sounds of the bell. Within the blink of an eye, it had already soared to 5,000 gold.

5,500 gold. An old man adorned in a craftsman attire calmly quoted this price as he sat in a reserved room upstairs.

Right after he spoke, no one dared to bid for the stone anymore.

This old man was one of the elders that oversees the Han family. He doesnt come out often, but once in awhile, he would catch wind of news of special materials at the auction house that he wishes to obtain. Then, he would personally come over to the auction house to bid for the items he wanted.

In the past, someone did try to fight over a material with him before, but that person didnt end up well. In fact, there were a few people who couldnt even make it through this street.

This Han elder conducted himself in an extremely domineering manner.

As soon as Duan Yuyang saw him, he immediately pulled a very long face. Its him again. He doesnt bring much money around, but if someone offers a higher price than him, hell dispatch someone to threaten them. If it wasnt because we couldnt offend him because of his craftsman status, honourable me would have personally chased him out of the auction house!

Although no one has managed to find the murderer until today, but after observing how this elder from the Han family usually deals with his affairs, everyone couldnt help but suspect who it was that had committed the crime.

Lin Xuanzhi now had an estimation in his mind.

30,000 gold isnt considered much.

6,000 gold. An alchemist glanced at Elder Han and continued to bid.

Elder Han narrowed his eyes, 6,500 gold.

7,000 gold.

7,500 gold. Elder Hans complexion didnt look too good now. This price has already exceeded his expectations. One glance at that alchemist and he could tell that he wasnt from Qing city not only did he lack judgment, but he didnt understand the market prices as well.

The alchemist wanted to continue bidding, but the cultivator beside him secretly tugged him and whispered, You cant snatch that Flaming Cloud Stone anymore.

The alchemist was stunned, then asked, baffled, Why cant I?

That person said, You cant afford to provoke the person whos bidding with you. Hes an elder from the Han family, and hes their chief craftsman so he has a lot of power. If you do manage to get your hands on it, you probably wouldnt be able to leave Qing city alive.

The alchemists face suddenly changed.

He was merely a passer-by in this city, and had come to the auction house on a whim to see what good items were being auctioned. Coincidentally, he had also wanted to look for a craftsman to craft a medicinal furnace for him, which was why he was interested in bidding for that Flaming Cloud Stone. He didnt want to cause any trouble at all and end up losing his life here.

Thus, the alchemist stopped bidding.

No one else offered a higher price. Elder Han revealed a triumphant and satisfied smile.

Just when he thought that the Flaming Cloud Stone had fallen into his hands, a bell rang out with a crisp sound. After the dingdang sounded, a calming voice that sounded like it was reciting the Sanskrit travelled over slowly and leisurely.

10,000 gold.

The whole auction house erupted in an uproar.

Who would dare snatch an item away from Elder Han?

How generous, he added a third of the price to the bid just like that. Hes a rich manah.

That voice actually sounds a little familiar.

Duan Yuyang was so shocked his jaw dropped onto the floor. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who had just rang the bell, Are you trying to invite disaster?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at him, My surname is Lin.

Duan Yuyang shut his mouth.

That is true. Other people might fear Elder Han, but Lin Xuanzhi wouldnt be afraid of him. In fact, Duan Yuyang doesnt fear him either. After all, they both had the backing of powerful families in Qing city, so no matter how angry Elder Han gets, he wouldnt be able to act rashly against one of the members from the three big families in Qing city.

Moreover, Lin Xuanzhi was now someone who received heavy protection in the Lin family.

Whos that in the room? Elder Hans face was dark as he asked coldly.

Han Yanran who had followed alongside him frowned as well, and said with much indignance, Its probably some brat who came out from some corner who doesnt know how to act with propriety. Anyone from Qing city wouldnt have the guys to fight over an item with Grandpa.

Elder Han nodded and endured it, Ill give him one last chance. If he still doesnt know what to dohehe.

Then dont blame him for being vicious.

Elder Han quote a new price, 10,100 gold.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed in his heart, and thought that this Elder Han was really reluctant to spend money. He seldom saw someone who would add increments of 100 gold after the price of an item reaches 10,000.

This Flaming Cloud Stone was not easy to find on the market. If he really had to sell it at a store, then just this small piece could be sold for tens of thousands of gold.

Lin Xuanzhi stared at the companion stone and a triumphant glint flashed through his eyes. He rang the bell, 10,200 gold.

Bang! In a room not too far away, the sound of things being smashed could be heard.

Duan Yuyang utteredtsks and shook his head, then said disdainfully, That old guy is angry again. Every time his item gets snatched away by others, hed do that.

Elder Han narrowed his cold eyes and looked just like a poisonous snake. He suddenly raised his voice, The kid in the adjacent room. Honourable Elder is a third stage crimson soul craftsman, and I need that Flaming Cloud Stone to craft a pill furnace. If youre a sensible kid, then youll withdraw voluntarily. Otherwise, dont blame Honourable Elder for being ruthless!


He dared to threaten us!! Yan Tianhens expression changed slightly and he bit his lower lip.

Lin Xuanzhi cast a glance at Yan Tianhen to signal to him to calm down. He maintained an indifferent expression as he lightly said, Humble me is also a craftsman, and I need that Flaming Cloud Stone to craft a pill furnace. Elder, items at an auction have always gone to the highest bidder. Its a fair trade, so please forgive me for my reluctance to part with that treasure.

The moment he said this, Elder Hans expression immediately turned so dark it looked like it could start raining.

Where did a reckless dumbass like you come from?! Elder Han shouted angrily.

Yet Han Yanran was extremely stunned. Her eyebrows furrowed as she said, Grandpa, that persons voice sounded like Lin Xuanzhis!

Lin Xuanzhi? Elder Hans expression changed, Are you sure?

Han Yanran nodded, Im sure. His voice is unforgettable.

Han Yanrans eyes twinkled. She revealed an expression on her face that made it look like she had been horribly wronged, Grandpa, it was that Lin Xuanzhi who broke off his engagement with Dage during his birthday banquet in public. If it wasnt because Tianwen Ge was present that day, our Han familys face would have been ruthlessly trampled by that Lin Xuanzhi, and we wouldnt have been able to pick it back up no matter how hard we try! We wouldve turned into the laughing stock of the whole Qing city!

Elder Han sneered, Did you think that just because that kid Yuan Tianwen was around, that the Han family didnt lose any face? Didnt I say before that if anyone dares to bully you, then just find someone to cripple that person?! Why is it that Lin Xuanzhi still jumping around so lively now? And he even dares to fight Honourable Elder for the item I want!

Han Yanran was shocked and thought,is Lin Xuanzhi someone we can cripple whenever we want?

However, Han Yanran didnt dare say that in front of Elder Han.

Isnt it all because Dage was still concerned because of their past affections and didnt want to lay a finger on Lin Xuanzhi? Han Yanran said.

Yuran is still as naive and soft-hearted as ever. When Elder Han mentioned Han Yuran, there was a rare look of affection on his face.

After all, Han Yuran was the successor to the Han family that he regarded most highly. And amongst the entire Han family, only Han Yuran was fit to inherit his legacy of the craftsman path.

Elder Han narrowed his eyes and thought that a mere younger generation in the Lin family was bound to have little money in his hands. So he wanted to teach Lin Xuanzhi a lesson and humiliate him in public.

Thus, Elder Han continued to bid, 11,000 gold!

20,000 gold. Lin Xuanzhi said.

21,000 gold. Elder Hans face was dark as he continued bidding.

30,000 gold. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

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31,000 gold. Elder Han gritted his teeth.

40,000 gold. Lin Xuanzhi smiled.

Yan Tianhens heart was about to jump out as he listened to their bid war. His little heart was thumping wildly, and he couldnt sit still as he tugged on Lin Xuanzhis sleeve, Dage, that Flaming Cloud Stone isnt worth that much money. Dage, dont throw all our savings into it on a moment of impulse.

Duan Yuyang propped his chin on his hand and looked at Yan Tianhen, Henhen, dont you think youre being too straightforward? Your Dage isnt an impulsive person. He must have his reasons for doing such a thing.

Yan Tianhen nodded, I know, but my heart still aches to spend this sum of money.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and pinched Yan Tianhens cheeks. After he felt that softness, he was greatly satisfied.

Ah Hen, dont worry. The price wont go any higher. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Why wouldnt it? What if that old man raises the price with malicious intentions? Yan Tianhen asked.

It really cant go up anymore. Duan Yuyang said with a rueful look, Before this, that old man from the Han family had bidded for items with a high price, but there he didnt have the money to pay for it several times. So our auction house blacklisted him. Right now, the maximum price he can bid in the auction house is what he has saved in the gold card of the auction house he possesses.

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