Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Painful Losses

Ch132 – Painful Losses

Yan Tianhen thought about it for a bit and concluded that it was very reasonable. He slightly relaxed the ugly expression on his face and nodded his head. I will listen to my Dage.

Yan Tianhen summoned the currently rampaging Ah Bai.

A healthy and sturdy tiger cub came running over, shouting ao ao.

Yan Tianhen opened his arms to welcome the tiger cub.

Unexpectedly, Ah Bai rushed past him and threw himself onto Lin Xuanzhis body.

Yan Tianhen,

Yan Tianhen awkwardly retrieved his arms and rubbed his nose, pretending nothing happened.

Lin Xuanzhi felt like something was slightly off, but what Ah Bai said made him realize what was going on.

Ao Ao Ao!

Demonic Delight fruits!

Ah Bai kept squirming toward Lin Xuanzhis storage bag and pawing at it.

Lin Xuanzhi,

This gluttonous little beast!

Lin Xuanzhi opened his storage bag and threw an entire bag of fruits to Ah Bai.

Ah Bai Aooo-ed and immediately crouched on the ground, eagerly and impatiently grabbing one to lick.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Qing Yuege, Why does it seem like Ah Bai hasnt eaten any Demonic Delight Fruits in eight hundred years?

Yan Tianhen looked distressed, But Dage would always bring a bag of fruits every few days!

When Ah Bai first appeared, a few demons had shrunk back a considerable amount. Now, they all looked toward the sky ah, back then, they must have left some scraps of fruit for Ah Bai and Hu Po, right?

Qing Yuege was visibly ashamed and was about to apologize when the golden eyed leopard spoke, The world of the Beasts has always been one where the weak must bow to the strong, and where strength speaks for itself.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head, That is indeed true

The golden eyed leopard blanked for a second. He had never thought that Lin Xuanzhi was easy to persuade. Despite the fact that he spoke neither too slow nor too fast, had a pleasant voice, and overall seemed calm and graceful, in truth, Lin Xuanzhi was a very cunning person.

Yet the one standing beside him was easy and effortless to read. Yan Tianhen was really simple and pure.

How could Lin Xuanzhi be convinced so easily?

But what happened next showed that the judgment of the Golden Eyed leopard, trained from reading countless people, werent wrong.

Therefore, considering what you just said, the actions of our familys cubs, no matter what they do here at the demonic beast institute, Teacher Golden Leopard should bear the responsibility for.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled as if his face was the oncoming of spring, it would make you forget who mere mortals were.

However, the Golden Eyed leopard just wanted to cry.

Very soon, Hu Po also arrived at this place.

When he saw Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, Hu Po quickly stopped his movements and focused on gazing at the two. He still hadnt decided how he should greet these two guardians when Yan Tianhen rushed forward and enveloped him in a hug.

Yan Tianhens eyes were filled with tears as he roughly stroked Hu Po all over. Ah Bai told me you had fallen down a cliff. Its all my fault, I should have checked up on the two of you after dropping you off.

Hu Po originally wanted to maintain the dignity of being the king of the beasts, but under the dual attacks of Yan Tianhens warm embrace and tear-filled eyes, he immediately collapsed.

Hu Po ao-ao-ed a few times and licked Yan Tianhen all over.

Because their fur was very long, Ah Bai and Hu Po still looked like two round balls of fluff. They were very comfortable to hug.

Hu Po, Ao ao ao!

Lin Xuanzhi looked towards Qing Yuege and demanded, Translate.

Qing Yuege could only become a translator and said, Hes saying that when he had fallen halfway down the cliff, he awoke his blood inheritance. Not only did he immediately become a seven-star beast, but he also grew a pair a wings and flew straight up the side of the cliff. He wasnt injured in the slightest.

When Yan Tianhen heard this, his heart was filled with joy. A smile broke through the curtain of tears on his face and he praised, I just knew that our familys Hu Po was amazing!

The Beasts started to make a ruckus.

Fuck me, he grew wings?

No way, could they be some variant of an ancient beast? There shouldnt be wings.

Those with wings are almost definitely a variant, but as to whether they are a variant of an ancient spiritual beast is hard to say.

You guys are ignorant of the world. In this world, I dont know how many weird and strange beasts there are. Some even have three heads! Whats a pair of wings worth?

The demon beasts all shared glances between themselves. Regardless, Hu Po has become really strong now, how and why wasnt relevant anymore.

They sympathetically cast their gaze upon the wolf demon lying unmoving on the rock.

Ah Bai tossed a demonic delight fruit to Hu Po. Hu Po picked up the fruit with a face full of restraint and started licking it with joy.

Yan Tianhen looked far off into the distance, at the fallen trees, and said,Ah Bai, you two have been wronged. But, why destroy so many trees?

Ah Bai, Ao ao ao!

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, so Yan Tianhen started Ah Bai is saying that after felling those trees, their mood became much better.

Lin Xuanzhi,

It is true that this is a method beasts use to vent their frustration.

Then why did Hu Po go and destroy trees as well? Yan Tianhen was a bit curious. If it were him, he would definitely search out the other beasts and give them a good beating.

Ah Bai and Hu Po shared a look, then started ao ao ao-ing again.

Yan Tianhens expression became harder to read.

Lin Xuanzhi quirked his eyebrow, What did they say?

Qing Yuege looked like he couldnt bear to watch and explained, He said that when Hu Po managed to fly up the cliff side, he saw Ah Bai destroying trees and thought that he must have discovered some amazing new game to play. So he joined in with great enthusiasm.

Qing Yueges heart was about to cry tears now these trees that they keep in the Demonic Beast Institute couldnt be compared to those ordinary trees outside. At the very least, these trees have been absorbing the essences of heaven and earth day after day and are now full of spiritual Qi.

Yet they ended up destroyed for such a reason. His heart really ached.

The why and the how of the current situation was quickly cleared up.

The wolf demon who had been leading the bullying against Ah Bai and Hu Po, early today, had been trying to force Hu Po to shovel its stool. Hu Po wasnt having it and exploded, engaging the wolf in a fierce battle.

The result was, Hu Po wasnt a match for the wolf demon and was thrown off the cliff by its tail. Ah Bai who at this moment had thought that Hu Po had fallen to his death also exploded and became an awakened beast, he even jumped straight to becoming a seven star beast!

As a result, the wolf demon paid the price and even had to be saved by the Golden eyed leopard and Qing Yuege, who had rushed over.

However, Ah Bais rampage was not over. In fact, it was only the beginning.

He originally planned on destroying the entire Demonic Beast Institute, but he hadnt thought that, when he lifted his head up, he saw Hu Po flying up the cliff side with wings outstretched through the dust.

Ah Bai,

Ah Bai originally didnt want to continue destroying his surroundings. But he thought that if he retracted his claws in this moment, he wouldnt be able to show off the strength of his current seven starred spiritual beast body. So he used this opportunity to continue going crazy.

Unexpectedly, Hu Po, who was still ignorant of what was going on, saw Ah Bai using the lightning spells that were part of the inheritance of amethyst tigers to attack trees incessantly. He thought it looked interesting, so he joined Ah Bai in targeting the tall trees in front of them, which, one after the other, split and fell to the ground.

After listening to the explanations of Ah Bai and Hu Po which they said with satisfaction and pride the Golden Eyed Leopard and Qing Yuege both couldnt help but smile bitterly. They had really brought this upon themselves and courted their own deaths. These two little beasts let loose just this one time, and their Demonic Beast Institute suffered such great losses. Each and every tree were all priceless treasures.

Even then, what could they do?

Afterall, it was because they didnt properly look after the weak cubs and let them be bullied to such an extent that the current uncontrollable situation had occurred.

They can only blame themselves for being unlucky.

Since things have been solved, and Ah Bai and Hu Po werent in any serious trouble, then I will not make things hard for you this time. Lin Xuanzhi lightly said.

The corners of Qing Yueges mouth twitched. His heart hurt like hell at this point. If it werent for the fact that the ones in the wrong were indeed themselves, he would have definitely extorted an exorbitant repair fee out of Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but add on, Then Ill reluctantly leave Ah Bai and Hu Po here for the time being. We can leave our familys children here because we trust you. But do not let such a bullying incident happen again.

The Golden Eyed leopard rolled his eyes, Theres no need for you to force yourself. You can directly take these two spirit beasts home. At this point, I have nothing left to teach them anymore.

Yan Tianhen pointed out in a severe and organized manner, How can Golden Leopard Teacher talk like this? They were, after all, taught by you single handedly. Furthermore, weve already paid for three months of schooling, for what reason would we take them back at this time?

Ah Bai and Hu Po were also nodding their small heads.

Theyve already awoken, so it was the perfect time for them to hold their head high and pump their chests to find revenge. How could they stupidly let go of the chance to enslave and bully this group of beasts?

Only idiots would leave at this time.

Ah Bai and Hu Po licked their teeth mischievously and let out a wicked grin. Their gaze swept through the group of beasts who were hiding far away.

The Demonic Beasts

Oh lord, those two tiger cubs are too scary, they must be planning to bully us to death!

Snake Demon shuddered, Damn, why does it seem like there is a chill on this

Monkey Demon nodded his head and hid behind a tree stump, My scalp is also feeling cold.

Before, when those two tiger cubs hadnt awoken yet and we were able to bully them, they never forgot to bite back every so often. Im afraid that their revenge now would be even worse. Fox demon shrunk back a little and its eyelids fluttered, I think Ill run first, you guys stop them.

The other demons,

Right now, Ah Bai was truly happy picking up a demon delight fruit and huddling with Hu Po. They cast a disdainful glance at the group of scared and shivering demons.

Golden eyed leopard saw this and turned a blind eye this world is still one where the strong has the say after all.

Lin Xuanzhi noticed this and smiled slightly, What goes around comes around. Ah Bai and Hu Po were almost ruined by our pampering and it was Golden Leopard teacher and Qing Yuege, who didnt let down our hopes, who were responsible for teaching these two cubs how to survive and fight.

In his past life, as far as he knew, after getting his hands on them, Han Yuran had sent these two tiger cubs to the Demonic Beast Arena and forced the two of them to become tools. They had to fight beasts several times stronger and fiercer than they were in a life-or-death competition, and only then were they able to awaken their fighting spirit and bloodline inheritance on the brink of death.

That process was unspeakably bloody and cruel.

Lin Xuanzhi, carefully and with hidden thoughts, looked at Yan Tianhen, who was currently playing with the cubs.

In this life, he had originally planned to let the two tiger cubs experience the same situations as the previous one after all, in the last life, they had betrayed Yan Tianhen and followed Han Yuran instead. So Lin Xuanzhi has always had some complaints and dissatisfaction towards the two tiger cubs in his heart.

However, Yan Tianhen cares for them so much, and likes them so much

Lin Xuanzhi sighed slightly in his heart.

In this life, no matter what it is, what Ah Hen wants to do, he will be allowed to do it.

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