Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Blind And Deaf

Ch137 – Blind and Deaf

In Lin Yangzhis outer courtyard.

When Feng Jianian entered the door, all he saw was Lin Yaer in a sheer pink dress.

Feng Jianian let out a smile and asked warmly, Yaer, its been a while since weve seen each other, have you been well?

Lin Yaer let out a forced smile, Its been alright.

Feng Jianian frowned, It doesnt look that way,

Lin Yaer looked at Feng Jianian, then said with downcast eyes, It was good in the beginning, but after big brother returned, he has been bullied constantly by that Lin Xuanzhi.

Feng Jianians expression was somewhat unnatural. Ive also heard rumors about that.

So weve been waiting for Feng dage to return and support us. Lin Yaers eyes were shining with worship and expectation. Feng Dage, I heard that when you arrived at the Lin family today, every member of the household came right out to greet you, and that the scene looked particularly impressive.

Feng Jianian nodded, but couldnt help but think back to what Lin Xuanzhi had said previously that he was someone who was extremely courteous. Feng Jianian felt a bit guilty he had, after all, injured quite a few disciples when he arrived.

Lin Yaer took a deep breath and looked at Feng Jianian with bright eyes. Therefore, Feng Dage will definitely not let the culprit, Lin Xuanzhi, go right?

With this, Feng Jianian was reminded of his reason for coming here. It was to support Lin Yangzhi, and simultaneously take revenge for him!

But after meeting with Lin Xuanzhi and getting along, it didnt seem like there were too many issues with him.

So Feng Jianian thought about it for a bit and said cautiously, I still need some more time to properly understand what had happened.

In Lin Yangzhis heart, he was already somewhat disappointed with this soft and easily bruised persimmon. He really couldnt tell why his master sent him when he was so gullible.

Lin Yangzhi repressed his negative feelings. Shixiong doesnt know, but the reason that I was stabbed in the back by Lin Xuanzhi was because I saw him refining a corpse through the Breaking Sky Bird that was given to me by my master. But when I brought the family elders to catch him for his misdeeds, he had already destroyed the evidence!

The cultivation method that Feng Jianian looked down on the most were those practiced by demonic cultivators. His expression changed, and he said with a bad tone, Something like that happened? Refining corpses is one of the most orthodox methods used in Demonic cultivation.

Lin Yangzhi nodded his head, Thats right, I know Shixiong looks down on this type of cultivation the most.

Yet, Feng Jianian was still suspicious. He frowned and said, But earlier, when I was walking with Lin Xuanzhi, there was no sign of Yin energy in his body. Although his Qi was still too weak, its still all Yang energy.

Lin Yangzhi coldly gave a shallow smile, I havent finished yet. Lin Xuanzhi might just be an accomplice in this. The person I really want to accuse of refining corpses is that ugly and lame brother of his that follows him everywhere. That night, the one I saw searching for a corpse was that kid! Yan Tianhen!

Feng Jianian startled, and his expression sunk.

When other people walk with Lin Xuanzhi, they will be like fireflies, outshone and overcome by the light of Lin Xuanzhis fire, and very easy to overlook. Yet, Feng Jianian had a very deep impression of Yan Tianhen.

After all, so long as a person who has practiced some Dao methods gets close, they will be able to feel the Yin energy coming from Yan Tianhens body like thousands of thin strands. Furthermore, Feng Jianian is even more sensitive to this, as hes practicing the most orthodox kind of Dao, considered to be extremely pure and conservative.

At the time, it wasnt proper to directly ask. But after hearing the explanation by Lin Yangzhi, Feng Jianian straightforwardly trusted it a bit more.

Feng Jianian had a very good impression of Lin Xuanzhi, yet it did seem like Yan Tianhen might be practicing demonic cultivation

Go, well go find them. Fang Jianian decided at that moment and turned to leave.

Lin Xuanzhis outer courtyard.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen had not yet entered the courtyard, when they heard a peng peng dong dong pili-pila sound coming from inside Yan Tianhens room.

Yan Tianhen startled, exchanged a look with Lin Xuanzhi, then rushed towards the noise.

He pushed the door open, only to see Ah Bai and Hu Po staring at Ling Chigu who was simply standing in the middle of the room as if he were a great enemy that they were going to take their time with. The two cubs circled him non-stop, trying to find a chance to attack him.

Suddenly, the two tiger cubs leaped forward like arrows released from a string, straight towards Ling Chigu!

Ah Bai, Hu Po, both of you stop right now! Yan Tianhen was shocked and cried out.

Only to watch as Ling Chigu unhurriedly raise a hand, swinging it once to the right and left. The two cubs, who were practically on top of Ling Chigu at this point, were slapped away one after the other.

Ao Ao!

Ah Bai was flung into Yan Tianhens arms, but Hu Po was not so lucky. He directly hit the table and caused the innocent tea pot sitting on top of it to fall to the ground.

Yan Tianhen looked at the messy room and took a deep breath.

Dage, what should I do? I really want to hit them. He said as he held Ah Bai up by their necks as he looked at Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi reached out and flicked Ah Bais forehead. No demonic delight fruits for a month.

Ah Bai, Ao?

Clearly, it was because this scary thing that randomly showed up in their owners house that he and Hu Po risked their lives to clean up this monster for the owner!

Hu Po felt wronged, stretching out a front paw and swiping at an overturned cup in front of him.

Pa. It shattered.

Hu Po straightened his shoulders and pumped out his chest, arrogantly and provocatively glaring at Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen was so angry that he wanted to beat the tiger cub. With an indifferent expression, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly said, Ah Hen, Let Ling Chigu discipline them.

Yan Tianhen vigorously nodded his head, Ah Gu, beat him up.

Ling Chigu turned towards Hu Po who was currently standing on top of the table.

Having already suffered under the hands of Ling Chigu, Hu Po immediately became vigilant. To start with, he and Ah Bai were the same Amethyst White tigers. To be conscientious of the owners house, and afraid that they might cause it to collapse, they had held back their strength and didnt use their magic. But now that he was in danger, naturally, there would be no such scruples.

Hu Po spit a thunder ring at Ling Chigu.

Not only did Ling Chigu not dodge the attack, he simply let it gather in his hand, and reached out to attack Hu Po with it.

Hu Po suddenly frowned and leaped high in the air. The table that Hu Po was standing on previously was now burnt and perfectly crispy on the outside from the thunder ring.

Ao! Hu Po was angered!

This damn Ah Hen, this hateable Ah Hen, to actually get such a baddie to hit him?! But the worst thing was that this infant stage seven-star white tiger was unable to defeat such a bad guy.

Hu Po bared his teeth and growled for a long time, facing off with Ling Chigu. A moment later, Hu Po let out a sad and miserable tiger cry and turned to rush out of the room with suspicious liquid in his amber eyes.

Ah Bai called out twice, then turned and lightly pawed at Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen was utterly confused, Whats wrong with Hu Po?

Ah Bai replied to Yan Tianhen through his consciousness, He feels like he suffered a huge blow. He cant even beat a dumb monster so hes extremely depressed.

He definitely went to do some soul-searching now.

Yan Tianhen,

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the condition of Hu Po and suggested, Perhaps Ah Bai should find Hu Po and comfort him?

Seemingly indifferent, Ah Bai licked his paws. He laid down in Yan Tianhens lap and scratched his stomach.

No need. That guys ego has been getting more and more inflated recently. Its perfect for him to finally meet some hardships, let him calm down a bit.

Yan Tianhen,

This situation was it right that the tiger cubs were already able to talk so philosophically?

At this moment, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly said, Someones coming.

Yan Tianhen whipped his head around to look at Ling Chigu who was still standing in the middle of the room. He didnt even open his mouth yet, the command only just formulating in his brain, but like a bolt of lightning, Ling Chigu managed to jump out of the house from a half-closed window.

At the same moment, Feng Jianian kicked open the rooms door with a bang sound. He entered with a longsword in his hand. He said nothing, his eyes staring at the open window.

There was an indescribable cold Yin energy left within the room which made Fang Jianian furrow his brows. He raised his longsword which shone like numerous stars and directly destroyed the window with a bang sound.

Feng Jianian himself leaped towards the window at an incredible speed.

Yan Tianhens heart leaped into his throat.



Something suddenly attacked Fang Jianians face. His body, which hadnt yet fully escaped from the window, was forced back in by a sizable white ball, and he fell down face first.

Who dares to launch a sneak attack on me?! Fang Jianian quickly grabbed the white ball and stabilized himself.

He looked at the ball of fluff and his jaw slightly dropped in surprise.

Hu Po didnt stop moving his four paws, continuously attacking Fang Jianians now open mouth with scratches and bites.

Feng Jianian seemed dazed for a bit, as if he couldnt accept that he was hindered by such a small tiger cub.

Hu Po felt a strong and terribly oppressing Qi come from this persons body. Just as he was thinking that he might have acted too rashly and that he was about to be skinned, Hu Po found himself bundled into a not-all-that-comfortable embrace.

Ah ya ya ya ya, is this your tiger cub? Fang Jianian asked, with stars in his eyes as he rubbed the Hu Po who was in his arms.

The corners of Yan Tianhens mouth twitched. He brought Ah Bai, who was still huddled in his arms, in front of Fang Jianian.

Both of them are being raised by me. You must have not seen this one since you were in such a rush when you entered earlier. Yan Tianhen said.

When Fang Jianian saw the second ball of fur, his breathing became a little rough. It seemed like he might even faint.

Lin Xuanzhi cut in lightly, Fellow Feng, you rushed into my familys Ah Hens room like you left the stove on, then in a similar fashion started to jump out of the window. Dont tell me its because you got the wrong room?

Hearing this, Fang Jianian put on a dignified air and held up one of the tiger cubs in the same way that Yan Tianhen had previously, while hiding the other behind his back. He asked, Have either of you been refining corpses and cultivating the demonic path?

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi. Fang Jianian looked at Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi said coldly, This kind of thing does not concern you.

When Fang Jianian heard this, his mood sunk and became more serious. Previously, he at least still had a simple and stupid air about him. He said sternly, Demonic cultivators are the poisonous cancer of the entire cultivation world. Although in the early stages, people can be kept from being corrupted, the higher level you cultivate, the more unstable your heart will be, and the more your heart demons will expand, so the less humane you become. Eventually, you will become a scourge for the entire cultivation world. If one of you is practicing demonic cultivation, as part of an eminent proper Sect, I must uphold the important responsibility of massacring devils!

Lin Xuanzhi was unmoved and looked at Fang Jianian indifferently, And what proof do you have that there is someone in my family practicing demonic cultivation?

Whether you are or not, I dont know, but him- Fang Jianians sword tip pointed at Yan Tianhen, His bodys Qi is completely that of a demonic cultivators. You dare claim hes not? he said with a frown.

Lin Xuanzhi, who only continued to look indifferent, said, Fang Jianian, I thought you were a reasonable person, but now I see you are a person whos only capable of repeating what others tell you. Utterly useless.

Fang Jianian slightly paused, only for Lin Xuanzhi to continue, You may want to take a closer look, and see whether my family is using demonic cultivation, or if its because his naturally born Yin body makes it seem like hes cold and has demonic Qi!

Yan Tianhen looked at Fang Jianian with some ignorance. Fang Jianian stared at Yan Tianhen in order to properly feel the Qi emanating from him. A moment later, he said with disbelief, It really is a Xuanyin body?

Lin Xuanzhi gave a cold laugh, It seems that at least Fellow Feng isnt blind or deaf.

Fang Jianian had no words. Slowly, his face and ears turned scarlet, and he felt an oppressive amount of shame pressing down on him.

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