Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Mingyin Body

Ch138 – Mingyin Body

Feng Jianian was a learned person, so naturally, he had heard of the Xuanyin body before.

Some people were born with quite a bit of Yin Qi, and were natural receptacles for demonic cultivators. But on the proper Dao paths, it was very easy for problems to occur, and the amount of effort that had to be expended would far exceed that of other cultivators. Difficulties would also start accumulating day by day.

At first glance, Yan Tianhen really does have a body suited for demonic cultivation. But after Feng Jianian settled down and observed him carefully, he could easily tell that the Yin Qi within Yan Tianhens body was not a result of cultivating the demonic path, but had arisen from a sense of Qi that emanated from within his body.

Feng Jianian didnt feel guilty. He clasped his hands to perform half a bow to Yan Tianhen, then sincerely said, It really was my misunderstanding, do forgive me.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen over and pressed him behind. He said with an expressionless face, Ah Hen is still young, and his cultivation level is low, so he cant accept Fellow Fengs bow.

At this moment, Lin Xuanzhi actually seemed a little angry. But not the slightest trace of it could be found in his expression.

However, the more it was so, the more people couldnt understand Lin Xuanzhis thoughts, which made the people around him feel apprehensive.

Feng Jianian rubbed his nose in embarrassment, then stood up straight and said, Im really sorry. I didnt expect to see a second cultivator in my life who would be born with a Xuanyin body type.

Only one person out of a million could be born with a Xuanyin body type. It was indeed extremely rare.

Yan Tianhen blinked and asked with utmost curiosity, Theres actually someone like me? Whos that? Is that person also a cultivator?

Since I know him, hes naturally a cultivator. Feng Jianian nodded, I entered Sky Peak Sect when I was little, and there are geniuses and powerhouses scattered throughout my sect. However, theres only one person who I feel deserves my utmost admiration and that person has a natural Xuanyin body type.

Lin Xuanzhi looked somewhat frightened, as if he had just recalled something far distant in the past.

But Yan Tianhen didnt notice that anything was amiss with Lin Xuanzhi. He continued, That person shouldnt be suited for cultivation ba?

That shouldve been the case. After all, the proper paths of Dao and the glory of all living things are mostly Yang in nature, and a Xuanyin body type is a body that goes against the heavens.

Feng Jianian said with a look of admiration on his face, But that person is actually a darling of the heavens his spiritual root is actually the extremely rare, ice spiritual root!

Ah, an ice spiritual root! Yan Tianhens eyes widened as he said excitedly, Ice spiritual roots are one of the divine spiritual roots. It would be considered a good thing to find just one person with such a root out of a million cultivators!

Yeah. Feng Jianian nodded, A Xuanyin body type is originally negative, and an ice spiritual root is negative as well. Putting two negatives together turns it positive. This Shidi of mine, through a freak combination of factors and coincidences, obtained the favour of the Dao. He truly has good luck.

Yan Tianhen sucked in a breath of cold air. He said with a face filled with yearning, Thats so amazing. His cultivation rate must be several times faster than ordinary geniuses.

Feng Jianian nodded solemnly, Although hes young, hes already a cultivator whos about to break through to the primary-level right now.

Hes that amazing? Yan Tianhen could barely keep his jaws closed.

Within the same Hardened Body stage, the difference between a Hardened Body first layer and a Hardened Body stage third layer was akin to that between the Heavens and the Earth. Some people may never even be able to cross through it all their lives. In the Lin family alone, there was someone who had been stuck on the peak of the first layer for more than a hundred years, and still couldnt even touch the gate to enlightenment.

Besides, that person seems even younger than Feng Jianian.

How terrifying must his cultivation rate be?

Feng Jianian looked at Yan Tianhen and was quite satisfied with his reaction. He nodded, You think its scary too, right? We all admire him a lot. But, your Xuanyin body type is really a bituh, pitiable.

The light in Yan Tianhens eyes dimmed in an instant.

Saying that it was pitiable was already giving him quite a bit of face. It should be extremely terrible instead.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose and said softly, Yeah. Im a double spiritual root cultivator with the wood and fire elements. Although wood and fire are divided into both Yin and Yang, if I dont cultivate the demonic path, then the Yin portion is useless. The remaining Yang wood and Yang fire naturally conflicts with my Yin spiritual roots. So Ive never been able to succeed in refining medicinal pills.

The Yin fire in his body in addition to the Yang nature of his spiritual roots when these two opposite attributes are added together, it would be inevitable for his furnace to explode.

Feng Jianian was chagrined at once and quickly said, Actually, Heaven never bars ones way. Since you have both the wood and fire spiritual roots, I believe that youll definitely obtain your own fated opportunity one day and become a true alchemist!

Yan Tianhen nodded and said to Feng Jianian, I think so too. So if you discover that I succeed in refining pills one day, dont suspect that Ive cultivated the demonic path again.

Speaking of this, Feng Jianian felt like his face just got slapped. He quickly waved his hand and smiled bitterly, That is my fault. I wont doubt you again in the future.

Yan Tianhen said without much concern, Its okay, a lot of people tend to misunderstand me anyway so Im used to it. If anyone were to suspect me in the future, please say a few words on my behalf then.

Feng Jianian nodded, Of course, of course.

Lin Xuanzhi still didnt seem pleased with Feng Jianian. He just stared at him coldly, causing Feng Jianian to feel more and more embarrassed and guilty. After he left a bottle of medicinal pills behind, he turned tail and ran.

Yan Tianhen blinked as he let Ah Bai down. He took the bottle that Feng Jianian had left behind, opened it and said with some surprise, There are actually ten Expel Cold pills inside.

Lin Xuanzhi took out one pill and took a look. Although Feng Jianian is rather suggestible, he does know how to conduct himself.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Yeah. I didnt expect that a cultivator of his status would apologise and try to make amends to me.

Thats not what I was talking about. Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, Does Ah Hen know what the highest realm of gift-giving is?

Yan Tianhen said, I dont know, Ive never given gifts before.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Its to be able to give the other party what they fancy and need.

Yan Tianhen nodded pensively, What Dage said does make sense.

If a wrong gift is given, it could end up in grudges instead.

Feng Jianian thinks that Yan Tianhen has a Xuanyin body type, while this bottle of medicinal pills from Feng Jianian was good medicine for suppressing the Yin Qi in Yan Tianhens body and relax his meridians and blood.

Yan Tianhen licked the corners of his mouth, Then would it be effective for me to take this?

Although he thinks Ah Hen has a Xuanyin body type, your body is actually a Ming Yin type. Lin Xuanzhi said, then paused and changed the subject, But eating it would bring you benefits and no harm, its just that it wouldnt be too beneficial either.

Yan Tianhen revealed a wide grin, As long as there arent any downsides to it, then it could be considered as beneficial, so its better than nothing. Dage dont worry ma.

Youre right.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen and rubbed his head.

In the past, he never mentioned the Ming Yin body type in front of Yan Tianhen. They might not even be able to find one person throughout the Five Continents mainlands with this sort of body type, and they could probably count the number of people who have even heard of it on one hand.

In his past life, he only knew that Yan Tianhen had a Ming Yin body by chance long after turning into a soul body.

However, even though it was leaked, Lin Xuanzhi didnt really mind it. After all, the one who heard it was Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen rubbed the medicinal pill bottle and said with slight worry, Dage, Im really worried that after we go to the Middle Continent, the powerful cultivators would be able to see through me at a glance.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhens hand over and covered it with his warm palm, Just now, Feng Jianian had inadvertently reminded me that Ah Hen has a Yin body in the first place, which is quite similar to that of demonic cultivators. Its not like this body type doesnt have its advantages. At the very least, it could serve as a cover for Ah Hen.

Yan Tianhen nodded and smiled, Thats what I thought, too. As long as I declare to the outside world that Im cultivating the alchemy path with a Xuanyin body type, then no one would probably doubt me by then.

Lin Xuanzhi revealed a slight smile too.

Spectators see the game better than the players do. He had always been trapped in the thoughts of how to prevent people from seeing through Yan Tianhens internal demonic Qi and Yin Qi after he walked down the demonic cultivation path, so he neglected that Yan Tianhens natural body type would easily mislead others to think that he was a demonic cultivator in the first place. This was why a lot of cultivators didnt regard Yan Tianhen highly, and didnt want to get close to him either.

Unexpectedly, this was what they meant by how there could be darkness under a lamp. (people cant sense whats happening around them)

So he would let Yan Tianhen openly display his Yin Qi, then no one would doubt him of anything.

After figuring this out, Lin Xuanzhi smiled lightly and took out a white robe embroidered with silver patterns from his storage bag, handing it to Yan Tianhen.

Dage, this is

Thats the robe I crafted for Ah Hen. Lin Xuanzhi carefully stroked the silver threads, Ive added a defensive array to the threads on it. These fine beads can hide the Yin Qi on you. Ah Hen can go try it on to see if it fits.

Yan Tianhen hugged the robe tightly and looked at Lin Xuanzhi with much gratitude, Thank you, Dage. I thought that Dage only made clothes for Ah Gu and had forgotten all about me.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, Silly child.

Yan Tianhen ran behind a screen with the clothes to try them on.

Lin Xuanzhi wondered if Ah Hen would like it.

The thought had just flashed through his mind when he heard the Soul Bead utter a hng, and say with utter exasperation, Fuck, how could he dare to not like a robe weaved from the silk of a thousand-year-old fire silkworm, an 800-year-old thousand vine defensive array, as well as a Ming River bead that would be difficult to buy even with a thousand gold? Tsk, and you fucking used all those just to make clothes for that kid to wear? I only dared to be that luxurious when Benzun was at the peak of my glory!

Lin Xuanzhi found it amusing when he heard that, Since those materials fell out of the book, then of course, I would have to use them. And with my cultivation level, I cant use them to craft weapons, so I could only craft clothes.

Ah peiI! Soul Bead rolled his eyes, Those materials are all treasures used to craft high-level weapons and magic treasures. They are extremely difficult to find, yet you wasted them just like that! If you cant craft them now, you can wait till later! Why dont you tell me whats wrong with your brain?!

Lin Xuanzhi didnt seem to mind it and just said lightly, What youre talking about is that if I were to leave those materials aside for later, and sell them at a high price once I can craft them into weapons, I would be able to obtain an even bigger profit. But, Ah Hen deserves the best. Whenever I see good items, I cant help myself from wanting to use them for him. I cant control that urge of mine.

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