Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Huangfu Family

Ch143 – Huangfu Family

Didnt you say that the people here have been venturing into the mountains ever since they were young? Lin Yurou asked, puzzled.

Even if they were venturing, they were still not alone but were instead accompanied by their ancestors, who are familiar with the situation in the mountains. Lin Liuchun said with a smile. Besides, the person accompanying them should at least be above the Foundation Stage, and they will not venture deep into the mountains. They will also take special care to avoid the places where large demonic beasts come and go. No one knows what kinds of monsters reside deep in the mountains.

Lin Yurou nodded pensively.

Lin Zezhi said, Before coming here, I heard that the Middle Continent had already delivered a map to every family. We can follow the instructions on the map and go straight through the forest road they opened up, pass through Yudai Mountain, and reach Sky Peak City before sunset.

Standing right in front of the procession, Lin Xuanzhi looked at the ancient trees that flourished with abundant branches and leaves. Im afraid that well have to choose another road.

Lin Zezhi frowned, Well have to bypass Yudai Mountain if we take the other road. In that case, the time well arrive at Sky Peak City will be delayed for two whole days.

Lin Xuanzhi flatly cast a glance at him and said, You may dare to use the map they gave, but I dont.

Lin Zezhi gritted his teeth and endured it.

Lin Xuanzhi turned around to Lin Liuchun and said, Fourth Elder, how do you feel about us taking a detour and prioritising safety?

Lin Liuchun smiled and waved his fan as he said, Its fine for you to make the decision, why are you asking me?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and looked at the sky. He said, Its getting late. The foot of Yudai Mountain isnt safe either, lets set off now ba.

Lin Zezhi felt like he had lost all face, so he went back to his carriage.

As soon as the Lin familys convoy was ready to leave, they heard the sound of galloping approach from the distance behind them.

Lin Xuanzhi lifted the curtains and looked back. Everything that one could think of was flying in the air and running on land, and they were all dashing towards them.

From a distance, Lin Xuanzhi saw the family emblem emblazoned on the flag that fluttered in the wind, as well as two intimidating-looking Huangfu written with gold and Daoist arts.

Lin Xuanzhi was stunned. He let the curtain fall down and gently knocked on a corner of the soft couch, Ah Hen, go down to see who they are.

Yan Tianhen nodded and jumped down from the carriage. Ah Bai and Hu Po also followed along and ran happily behind him.

Aside from Yan Tianhen, many other Lin family pupils also looked back from their carriages.

A Snow Eagle with golden eyes and sharp claws saw the two running balls from the air. A glint of starving desire flashed through its savage eyes. It immediately dived fiercely and hastily snatched at the white ball.

The enlarged image of a ferocious beast was reflected sharply in Yan Tianhens eyes. He was just about to pick the two balls up and run, but who expected Ah Bai and Hu Po to react even faster. They roared at the Snow Eagle, and two thick bolts of lightning, one from either side, struck the Snow Eagle on its wings. It gave a hiss of pain, twisted its body and flapped its injured wings, and flew to hide in the convoy that was now in sight.

Who dares to hurt my Chaotic Sky Frozen-Toothed Eagle? A loud shout rang from the top of a ferocious-looking demonic beast. A young cultivator clad in a black robe leapt off and drew his sword. Without another word, he promptly hacked at the Yan Tianhen who was currently holding Ah Bai and Hu Po in his arms.

The sound of a long sword tearing through the air reached everyones ears. Yan Tianhen was just about to throw a thunder bomb when three thunder bombs, each from a different direction, covered that cultivators three important life gates.

Huangfu Chengxuans face changed, and he knew the benefits and drawbacks clearly in his heart, so he rapidly retreated back.

Only to hear three loud Bang bang bang sounds as the thunder bombs exploded in midair, blasting a large hole three to five meters long in diameter and one meter deep.

The soil splashed towards the front. If the cultivators sitting on the demonic beasts were any slower in retreating, then they would surely have been splashed all over.

Young Master, are you all right?

Young Master, a little bit of mud splashed on your face.

Young Master, do you want us to kill these people?

Huangfu Chengxuan wiped his face, saw his mud-stained fingers, and felt humiliated.

Thus, the conflict between the two parties escalated immediately.

Who dares to be so unbridled in front of the Huangfu Family? Huangfu Chengxuan shouted angrily.

East Continent, Qing Citys Lin Family. A cool voice came from the carriage. Each word was pronounced clearly, and neither humility nor arrogance could be heard from the tone.

Huangfu Chengxuan paused for a moment, then sneered, The honourable me thought it was some major familys ignorant descendent, but I didnt think that it would be a third-class family not even worth mentioning! Your supervising officer should roll down in front of the honourable me right now, or else you dont even need to participate in the Hundred Families Gathering: right here, right now, this honourable me will send you all to the Western Paradise!

Lin familys pupils couldnt help but draw a cold breath at his words.

Lin Zezhi ground his teeth and scolded, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen are really talented at causing trouble. The Huangfu Family is an elite first-class family on the Five Continents and one of the organizers of the Hundred Families Gathering. Furthermore, the head of the Huangfu Family is actually the city lord of Sky Peak City. If we provoke them, then we wont ever live peacefully.

Lin Dong sucked in a breath of cold air and said fearfully, Then, then what should we do now?

Lin Zezhis eyes sank. How do I know?

Lin Yufan pushed aside the curtain with his hand and swept a glance outside. He then withdrew his gaze and looked as if all this was none of his business.

Roll, I cannot. Its better for the person who just spoke to give a demonstration first so that I can learn from it. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly.

Instantly, Huangfu Chengxuan became furious. As the Huangfu familys young master, it wasnt often that he was subjected to such direct provocation!

You fucking second son, kill him! Huangfu Chengxuan gestured to the youth behind him.

Huangfu Liyang narrowed his eyes, and the demonic beast underneath him flew up. He made a hand seal, and all the sand and leaves in the surrounding area flew up into the huge cyclone. He pushed his hands forward suddenly, and a huge whirlwind full of killing intent rushed towards the Lin familys carriages.

The Chasing Sun Horses were frightened, and several neighed as they nervously shuffled their hooves.

Just as Lin familys death knights currently hidden in the surroundings were about to take action, a golden bell of average size flew from the second carriage. With a loud and crisp Dang! sound, the vortex of killing intent was actually swallowed up by this palm-sized bell.

He! Huangfu Liyangs expression instantly changed as he fell back on the demonic beast and gazed at the bell in disbelief.

Several other young masters of the Huangfu family also had various expressions. Most of them were stunned.

Who are you? Huangfu Chengxuan asked coldly.

A gust of wind blew, and a tall youth with a brilliant temperament and an extremely beautiful appearance clad in an outfit purer than snow stepped down from the carriage. He raised his hand, and the bell fell obediently into his hand.

Several Huangfu familys young masters who were sitting on the backs of their demonic beasts couldnt help but gaze at the young man.

This ones surname is Lin, name Xuanzhi.

Huangfu Chengxuans gaze instantly deepened. He stared at Lin Xuanzhis face for a moment, and a strange laugh suddenly issued from his mouth.

Lin Xuanzhi, you are actually Lin Xuanzhi, hahaha! Huangfu Chengxuan narrowed his eyes, and his gaze disdainfully scraped over Lin Xuanzhis body. He licked his lips and said, You can really be called a peerless beauty! I didnt actually think the Lin Family would let a waste like you tag along. Did they want you to fight for the Lin familys ranking in bed?



Several of Huangfu familys followers also laughed along.

However, the Huangfu Liyang who just lost face from Lin Xuanzhis magic tool could not even laugh one bit.

His strike just now was solely aimed at completely obliterating these people and utilized all his power, but it was all easily absorbed by Lin Xuanzhis bell.

This is his first time seeing such a formidable magic tool. Hes afraid that even the Huangfu family couldnt possibly take out such a crazy magic tool.

The Lin family members looked at each other with stunned expressions. Even Lin Zezhi, at this time, couldnt help but feel angry this group of people was simply insulting the Lin family!

Lin Xuanzhis eyes turned slightly cold, while Yan Tianhen couldnt endure any longer.

Huangfu Young Master, you have such a smelly mouth, it cant be that you grew up eating shit? Yan Tianhen raised his voice and countered.

Huangfu Chengxuan slapped his hand across the empty face towards Yan Tianhens face. You brat, youre looking for death!

Youre the one looking for shit! Yan Tianhen replied angrily as he dodged the slap with unexpected agility. He shouted, Ah Bai, Hu Po!

Two tiger cubs received their orders and let out two Aos as they flew towards Huangfu Chengxuan at lightning speed.

Shua shua two swipes later, six symmetrical claw marks actually appeared on Huangfu Chengxuans face, three on each side!

The tiger cubs rapidly retreated after they clawed his face, not giving their opponent any opportunity to capture them.

The people around Huangfu Chengxuan immediately paled and hurriedly rushed to get medicine.

Kill them for me, kill them! Huangfu Chengxuan roared aloud, his eyes red.

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Of the two Di young masters of the Huangfu family, the one with the highest cultivation is only at Foundation Stage third layer, but my two tiger cubs are at Infant Stage seven stars, which is equivalent to a Hardened Body Stage first layer cultivator. They have no problem handling both of you.

Huangfu Liyang stared at Lin Xuanzhi with a pale face. He found that this man with a first-class appearance and was as beautiful as an immortal actually felt like a fierce ghost.

Presumably you young masters are used to tyrannizing the area around Sky Peak City all day long and only took three Hardened Body Stage cultivators with you. It just so happens that the Chaotic Sky Bell in my hands can cope with a Hardened Body Stage third layer cultivators attacks. As for the other followers, Im afraid that they cant even defeat the other Lin family pupils participating in the Hundred Families Gathering? Lin Xuanzhi spoke leisurely and even lightly shook the bell in his hand. He smiled lightly and said, Its okay to ask for help now, but the Sky Peak City lords residence is still a long way from here. In the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, its already enough for several young masters to die.

You- you actually dare to threaten us? Huangfu Chengxuans expression was full of disbelief.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze passed over the talkative Huangfu Chengxuan and landed on the one who was hiding his cultivation in the back but was in actuality the most powerful one among the group.

A turbulent mood flashed through Lin Xuanzhis eyes but was soon suppressed by him.

Huangfu Young Master, what do you think of us each taking a step back? Lin Xuanzhi asked lightly.

The third Di son of the Huangfu family who had yet to speak a word rode his unicorn and came to the front.

He gazed at Lin Xuanzhi and said, Arent you afraid of death? Arent you afraid of bringing destruction to the Lin Family?

Lin Xuanzhi lightly swept a glance at him. Its better to be a broken jade than a complete tile.

Huangfu Jins pupils shrank, and he fixed Lin Xuanzhi with a stare.

Lin Xuanzhi locked gazes with Huangfu Jin, his eyes quiet, as if a deep pool that cannot be seen through.

What a good Yu Huarong who makes one forget immortals at just a glance. Huangfu Jins pair of slightly greyish-blue eyes showed a strange expression. He hooked his lips and said, Lets just say my Huangfu family was rude first. Eldest Brother, Second Brother, lets go.

The Huangfu Chengxuan who was preparing to ask his family for help had a dark expression as he said, Third Brother, isnt it too shameful for you to be like this? Are you telling me that my distinguished Huangfu Family has to apologize to such third-rate goods? Second Brother, wouldnt you say so?

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