Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 148

Chapter 148 White Crane Immortal Carriage

Ch148 – White Crane Immortal Carriage

Jixue, how long have you been here? Huangfu Jin quickly stepped over the high doorstep, walked into the room, and closed the door with the back of his hand. Why didnt you have them light the fire?

The young man, who was originally sitting on a chair and playing with a magic tool, raised his head and smiled gently, Im equipped from head to toe with magic tools that provide warmth. I dont feel any chill and dont need that little spark you call fire.

Huangfu Jin frowned and walked over. Your body cant stand even a slight chill. This bunch of blind subordinates-

Its alright, Im not glass. Youre too nervous. Leng Jixue smiled and stood up.

Leng Jixues body was wrapped in a variety of heavy coats all year round, with countless treasures made by craftsmen on top of those coats to expel the cold and Yin energy. The pure white outfit was outlined with black fur and hugged his elegant face, which often had a smile year-round, making Leng Jixue exude a warm and gentle aura.

Huangfu Jins handsome face revealed hints of a smile, and his cold and solemn voice also revealed hints of a more coquettish tone, How can Shixiong be willing to leave the mountain?

Leng Jixue explained, During this period, there should be many distinguished families paying a visit to the city lords residence, so Ill have to take notice of any new sprouts with good potential in my Masters place and hold them for Shifu so that they wont be robbed away when the time comes.

Huangfu Jin was somewhat dissatisfied, This kind of thing can be done by someone else, how come it requires you to personally leave the mountain? Besides, its not like you dont know that the powerful ones have already been selected by the sects; how can those talents have the time to wait and attend the Hundred Families Gathering?

Leng Jixue smiled carelessly, Perhaps I can pick up someone that those sects missed.

Even if you pick someone up, itll still be someone from an elite family. Huangfu Jins expression was even more disapproving. He warmed a pot of hot tea and personally poured a cup for Leng Jixue, handing it to him. I especially asked someone to find this spiritual tea from the South Continent. Its said that drinking this tea will warm the Dantian Sea and dispel Yin Qi from ones body. Shixiong, try it.

Ive troubled you. Leng Jixue received the cup and gently took a sip.

Huangfu Jin watched him drink before continuing, You can pick up my little brother. He should be the most powerful among the ranks of Huangfu familys pupils who have yet to enter any sects.

Leng Jixue shook his head, Your younger brother is a little ancestor whom nobody can afford to provoke.

Huangfu Jin felt a headache forming after he heard this, My parents spoiled him rotten. Hell be better after a few beatings.

Leng Jixue said, There you go joking again. Who dares to hit the Huangfu familys little ancestor?

Huangfu Jin smiled, If Shixiong wants to beat him, then go ahead. I will support Shixiong.

Oh, you Leng Jixue smiled.

Just then, they heard a noise outside. As soon as Huangfu Jin showed some displeasure at this, something that made him even more dissatisfied occurred.

The door that he closed with his own hands was actually pushed open with a loud thud.

Huangfu Jin initially wanted to reprimand the newcomer, but he saw that the intruder was his most capable subordinate, so he restrained his anger, Clumsily knocking around like this, how disgraceful. Youd better have something urgent.

Huangfu Jins subordinate Liu Yun saw the Leng Jixue inside the room and smiled wryly in his heart as he lit a candle for himself. Nevertheless, he still put critical matters first and braved the danger of being slapped out of the room to say, Leng Immortal, Young Master, a fight just started at the city gate.

Huangfu Jin frowned, Whats so rare about such an everyday occurrence? Dont tell me you cant handle the troublemaker this time?

Liu Yun couldnt help but laugh bitterly, This is not an ordinary fight, nor is it a single person, but a group of people.

Huangfu Jin looked unhappy. Those people are really not afraid of death.

Leng Jixue was slightly surprised, Thats strange. Ive been here for many years and have never heard of anyone who dared to challenge the city lords authority. Tell us about the cause.

Liu Yun took a deep breath, It was over ten third-class families who had originally lined up in front of the city gate. I dont know what conflicts occurred between the gate guards and them, but those families suddenly formed an alliance and attacked the city together.

Huangfu Jin, ..

If he didnt know that Liu Yun would never dare to play games with him, Huangfu Jin would have thought that this brat was joking with him!

Huangfu Jins eyebrows twitched slightly. What does attack the city mean?

Liu Yun blinked his eyes, What Young Master understands it to mean. They attacked the gate guard in an orderly fashion, and with heavy-handed attacks too.

A cold light shone from Huangfu Jins eyes as he grasped the sword at his waist. Ill go take a look.

Leng Jixue followed, I will also take a look.

Huangfu Jin looked at Leng Jixue, his gaze softening slightly. You wait here. Ill come back and accompany you again after Ive dealt with the events at the city gate.

A strange expression appeared on Leng Jixues face as he smiled slightly, Dont forget that I am already a primary-level cultivator my cultivation is not below yours. There must be something wrong with this unusual case, so maybe I can help you solve the problem. Besides, my crane is already at the door, which is convenient.

Huangfu Jin saw that he insisted and didnt refuse him again. He could never refuse Leng Jixues requests. Who let him have this person in his heart!

Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue together rode a carriage pulled by three white cranes and flew from the high rise of the city lords mansion toward the city gate.

By the time they reached the skies above the gate, the attack was still ongoing but was nearing its end.

Both sides sustained injuries, but those injuries were still within the acceptable range for both parties. Its clear at a glance that this kind of fight was meant to catch peoples attention and not to actually invade the city.

Huangfu Jin narrowed his eyes, pulled out his sword, and directed it towards the ground with a wave. With a Pa! sound, the sword qi carved out a crack three chi deep on the ground before the gate. Immediately afterward, the qi triggered the thunder bombs buried beneath the ground, and a string of explosions occurred, forcing the two sides that were originally still fighting to rapidly retreat backwards.

Lin Xuanzhi gazed at the White Crane Immortal Carriage that had just landed atop the city gate and saw a faint white figure. His pupils suddenly contracted, a torrent of emotions surging through his heart. An indescribably complex expression appeared in his eyes.

Yan Tianhen stood close to Lin Xuanzhi. His entire line of sight was attracted by the White Crane Immortal Carriage. He couldnt help but exclaim, Three spiritual cranes, the city lords people are really rich!

Its easy to tame three spiritual cranes, but in order to find three cranes that can pull a carriage at the same time and still coexist peacefully, a vital condition must be satisfied those three spiritual cranes must be from the same parents and come from the same egg. Just the fact that the cranes are triplets or the fact that its three cranes with flawless white feathers would make the starting price alone exceed one million gold if sold at an auction.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, They are indeed rich.

Leng Jixues food, clothing, and items were all of the topmost quality.

Huangfu Jin alighted from the carriage and stood at the head of the city. He looked down at the cultivators gathered below with a heavy expression, May I know the reason why the families who came to attend the Hundred Families Gathering have rallied together to attack Sky Peak City instead?

Gu familys young master stood out and said loudly with a cold expression, The reason, dont tell me youre clueless about that?

He he, us major families came all the way from afar with great sincerity, but we didnt expect to be insulted and harassed by your Huangfu family in front of Sky Peak Citys gate. Dont think that we are afraid of you just because our families powers are inferior to yours! The speaker was the young master of a family from the North Continent.

What nonsense, standing so high and looking down on us, very cool isnt it?

We might as well settle the debt a hundred years ago and todays debt together. Id like to see whether our twelve families together can shake your Huangfu family even a little!

Leng Jixues eyes swept over the emotional and agitated young masters below. He couldnt help but have doubts in his heart. Ah Jin, there seems to be some misunderstanding here.

Huangfu Jin looked cold and solemn. He jumped down from the top of the wall.

Huangfu Jin stood in front of the various families young masters and exuded the immense pressure of a primary-level cultivator. The young masters who had been running their mouths endlessly all shut their mouths.

In the face of absolute strength, who dared to be so unbridled?

I will ask only one question: Why exactly did you attack Sky Peak City? Huangfu Jin did not waste time with idle chatter and immediately cut to the chase.

The young masters looked at each other, and one person among them clearly recounted the events that led up to the attack.

Huangfu Jin furrowed his eyebrows, Who told you that you need to be frisked to enter the city?

Isnt it precisely the people under your city lord, heh, borrowing their owners powers to bully the weak.

We all saw it with our own eyes. That person in red armor blocked the Lin family from entering the gate.

Lin family? Huangfu Jin seemed to feel something and looked towards the Lin familys carriages.

Huangfu Jin and Lin Xuanzhis gazes met just like that.

Huangfu Jin was stunned, an idea forming in his heart.

Huangfu Jin withdrew his gaze and murmured to the still-angry young masters before him, In the name of Huangfu familys Young Master, I assure you that neither the city lord nor the Huangfu family wish to show any disrespect to you guests who have traveled here from afar. The rumor of a body search is even less worthy of mention.

After a pause, a young master said, Could Huangfu Young Master be insinuating that all this is our own delusion?

Huangfu Jin replied, This matter requires careful investigation. Today, I invite everyone to first settle down in the city. Within three days, I will definitely provide everyone with an explanation.

Now that Huangfu Jin had given a way out, naturally none of the third-class families young masters would arrogantly entangle themselves further in this matter. Today, they just wanted to take the opportunity to work off the anger from not being able to enter the city even after waiting for so many hours.

At this time, they finished venting their anger. The humiliation suffered a hundred years ago at the Sky Peak City gate was also given a resting ground. Thus, all the families that fought earlier expressed their willingness to give Huangfu Jin this face.

After the crowd dispersed, Huangfu Jins gaze landed on Lin Xuanzhi, and he walked toward their side without hesitation.

Yan Tianhen tugged on Lin Xuanzhis sleeve, Dage, is he coming to hit you?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, He shouldnt be.


Because he has his pride. Lin Xuanzhi said. A primary-level cultivator attacking a craftsman like me, whose Dantian Sea has been destroyed; if word of this gets out, then does he want his reputation anymore?

Yan Tianhen nodded and let out a breath in relief. What Dage said is really reasonable.

Huangfu Jin clearly heard these two peoples dialogue. He resisted the urge to pull his mouth and instead asked Lin Xuanzhi, Were you the one who caused todays events?

Lin Xuanzhi said with profound meaning, How could I have caused this? Huangfu Young Master might as well go home and ask your familys eldest son who actually caused this.

As soon as Huangfu Jin heard that the unexpected attack occurred right after the Lin family had been stopped, he had guessed that someone had instructed the gatekeepers to deliberately make things difficult for Lin Xuanzhi. Therefore, when Lin Xuanzhi bluntly complained, he was not surprised.

Huangfu Jin felt a headache coming up, and in his heart, he cursed the Huangfu Chengxuan who couldnt do anything right but was a talent at causing trouble till Huangfu Chengxuan was full of dogs blood.

Huangfu Jin took a deep breath, You really know how to incite peoples hearts.

Its obviously your Huangfu family tyrannically bullying others. Dont tell me that we cant even fight back? Yan Tianhen pursed his lips as he glared at Huangfu Jin.

Huangfu Jin glanced at Yan Tianhen, I dont bully children.

Yan Tianhen,

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