Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Terms Of Exchange

Ch158 – Terms of Exchange

Translated by: Zryuu

Edited by: Zryuu and Atsam

When Boss Bai saw Young Master Bai, a respectful glint flashed through his eyes. Young Master, youre back.

Young Master Bai cast a light glance at him, If I didnt come back, then the Bai familys face would have been thrown into the gutters by you today.

Although Young Master Bais calm appearance made him look very young, his words made cold sweat appear on Bai Yings forehead.

Im the one with eyes who couldnt recognise Mt. Tai. Id like to request for Craftsman Lins forgiveness, and also for Young Masters forgiveness. Boss Bai had already lowered his stance a lot and didnt care at all if he was losing face.

Although he was not afraid of Lin Xuanzhi, he was still very much terrified of the one who wielded actual authority in the Bai family.

Young Master Bai no longer paid any attention to Boss Bai. He turned to face Lin Xuanzhi with a smile and said, After we parted the last time, I never received any news of Brother Lin. With so many forged stones in my hands, I didnt know where to send them either. I even passed by Qing City when I was heading to the Middle Continent from the East Continent as I wondered if I would be able to see Brother Lin, but I didnt expect that Brother Lin had already left for the Middle Continent.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded a little and smiled. Thank you for your concern, Young Master. There have been a lot of family affairs I have been busy with, so I couldnt attend to anything else.

Then Brother Lin would have to take a good rest while youre in Middle Continents Sky Peak City, and also allow I, the official host for the gathering, play a good host to you. As Young Master Bai, he tilted his head slightly to one side and said, Leave the address of Young Master to others. Why dont Brother Lin just call me by my name directly?

Yichen. Lin Xuanzhi said.

Bai Yichen was stunned, and an unusual glint flashed through his eyes. He pursed his lips and smiled. Xuanzhi, Im beginning to feel more and more curious about you. Youre always so surprising, and seem so mysterious as well.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly paused and realised that he had made a huge mistake.

Young Master Bai, Bai Yichen, often stayed in seclusion and rarely appeared in front of others. Very few people in the Bai family dared to mention him as well it wasnt that they were unwilling, but because they indeed did not dare to.

Bai Yichens age became a mystery, and his name was synonymous with authority and mystery in the Bai family. So far, few people know what his real name is.

After Lin Xuanzhi slipped up, he didnt panic and instead said, Compared to me, Yichen is more of a mystery that people cant figure out.

Bai Yichen looked at the crowd below the platform and stopped talking. He knew this place wasnt convenient for them to talk, so he changed the subject, With Xuanzhis capabilities, Im afraid that these items alone arent good enough for you. You should also be able to take all of the materials in the Treasure Appraisal Conventions that will be held tomorrow and the day after.

Lin Xuanzhi wasnt too modest, but neither was he too arrogant, and merely stated, Yichen is praising me too much. How could I easily guess all of the Bai familys treasures? However, I should be able to guess about 50 to 60% of it.

Boss Bais legs went limp. He uttered to himself secretly in shock, 50 to 60%? 50 to 60%! How many treasures would that be?! Fortunately, his Young Master and this Lin Xuanzhi seemed to be acquainted. In fact, Lin Xuanzhi might have left the Bai family a way out because he was giving his Young Master face.

Bai Yichen shook his head and smiled, Youre still being so modest.

Lin Xuanzhi said, No matter if its modesty or not, I do want to make a deal with Yichen now.

Bai Yichen said, No matter what conditions you put forward, I would most likely accept them.

It was one thing to go back on ones words in public, but making peace in private was another.

Lin Xuanzhis gaze fell on the seventh material.

He looked at the leaping dark red fire and said, I want that small Mingyin flame.

As soon as he said this, Boss Bais back was drenched in sweat he really did know everything. He even knew about this unusual small Mingyin flame that was left behind from the ancient Great War between Immortals and Demons!

Bai Yichen looked at Lin Xuanzhi and said enigmatically, Since you can recognise this small Mingyin flame, then you should know how rare and valuable that flame is for a craftsman. Moreover, its not something that can be controlled by just anyone. If one is just slightly careless, they would suffer a serious backlash. Are you sure you want it?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and looked at Bai Yichen. Since I dare ask for it, then I naturally know what that flame would bring me.

Bai Yichen pondered for a moment, then nodded slightly and said, Bai Ying, take out all of the materials Xuanzhi won for his perusal.

Bai Ying was stunned and his expression changed. The small Mingyin flame is the Bai familys secret treasure that can not be divulged to others!

Bai Yichen said coldly, If one is willing to bet, then one must also be willing to pay.

Boss Bai quickly said, Okay, okay.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Thank you very much.

Bai Yichen waved his hand and said, I should be the one saying that to you.

Boss Bai respectfully presented the items to Lin Xuanzhi, but Lin Xuanzhi merely swept a glance over them before keeping all of them into his storage bag.

Bai Yichen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, The wine flask you crafted last time is very comfortable to use. I realised that the soul force it contains can coincidentally restrain the chaotic Qi in my body, as if you had customised the flask specially for me.

Really? Lin Xuanzhi raised an eyebrow in surprise, If that really were the case, then it truly is a lucky coincidence. Now I dont need to feel uneasy about taking advantage of you by taking that forged engraving pen.

Bai Yichen saw that he wasnt willing to tell the truth, and it was difficult to find any clues from his expression, so he didnt speak any further.

Bai Yichun leaned against his wheelchair and said, I should be inviting you to pay us a visit, but I just arrived in Sky Peak City today and feel a little ill, so I wont be inviting you for the time being. Please pardon me for that, Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi revealed a concerned look on his face and said, Your health is more important. I will pay you a visit someday, theres no need to hurry.

Bai Yichen said, Then Ill take my leave first.


After Bai Yichen left first, Boss Bai, who had thrown his face away and lost quite a bit of money, hurriedly announced the end of the Treasure Appraisal Convention. Without saying another word, he quickly kept the remaining three materials and two magic treasures, as if he was terrified of someone snatching them away.

Yet Lin Xuanzhi had turned into the target of a siege.

Craftsman Lin, your performance today was truly an eye-opener.

Craftsman Lin, although you look incredibly young, your standard should be second to none throughout the entire Five Continents mainlands.

Craftsman Lin, Im from the Gu family in West Continent. Ive fought side by side with you at the city entrance before, do you remember me?

Craftsman Lin, Id like to beg for your forgiveness for all the offences Ive committed before. Im the one with eyes who couldnt recognise your greatness.

Craftsman Lin

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, who was surrounded by a group of people, with a dark expression. He uttered a hng and said, That group of people have no moral principles at all. They were obviously mocking my Dage before this, yet theyre being so brazen now!

Duan Yuyang nodded rather grumpily too and said, Yeah, theyre just a bunch of people who tend to change their tune to suit themselves.

Ji Yunwei said smugly, I truly am a person of good judgment.

Lin Xuanzhi, who had intended to look for Yan Tianhen but ended up getting trapped by a group of people, listened to the good intentions that everyone around him was showering him with and raised his hand. When the surroundings quieted down, he said, Everyone must know that my Dantian Qi sea had suffered a severe blow and got completely destroyed. If anyone can find a celestial-level medicinal pill that can repair my Dantian Qi sea, feel free to make a trade with me. The price I offer will definitely be higher than the value of a celestial-level medicinal pill.

The people of several large families couldnt help but suck in a cold breath of air in succession. A celestial-level pill? That wont be easy to find.

Yeah, theres probably only one or two celestial-level pills throughout the entire Five Continents mainlands ba? And they may not necessarily be the kind that repairs Dantian Qi seas too.

Isnt that condition a little too harsh?

Craftsman Lin, do you have any other conditions?

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and said, Thats the only item I need for now. However, if anyone wants to craft a magic treasure, you can come to me.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at once and grinned from ear to ear. It wasnt easy for them to encounter such a craftsman, so of course they would want him to craft magic treasures for them. However, most craftsmen were difficult to butter up to and deal with.

Lin Xuanzhis words made them feel very much at ease.

My family would like to request for the crafting of a magic treasure.

My mothers birthday is coming up, I want to get a pair of hairpins for her.

My wife wants a bottle that can be used to store medicinal pills.

I dont have any magic treasures that I want crafted for now, but I still want to join in!

Join your ass!

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, After the Hundred Families Gathering ends, please come to the Lin family to look for me.

As soon as everyone heard this, they quickly said, Of course, of course.

The most urgent task at hand was the Hundred Families Gathering. Everyone was busy trying to get stronger, and indeed did not have the time to attend to other matters. They dared not harass Lin Xuanzhi at such a time too.

However, although everyone here said that a celestial-level pill was extremely difficult to find, a lot of young masters and those in-charge said to their subordinates once they turned around, Go and make some inquiries and see if there are any traces of celestial-level medicinal pills anywhere, or a way to restore ones Dantian Qi sea!

Lin Xuanzhi finally managed to break free from the crowd. He came to Yan Tianhen and said, Lets leave here first.

Yan Tianhen nodded empathetically.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen and walked quickly to someplace else.

Ji Yunwen and Duan Yuyang followed along. Ji Yunwei even dispatched people in secret to stop the ones who wanted to follow them.

They finally arrived at a place with fewer people. Yan Tianhen rubbed his head and said apprehensively, Damn it, that was really scary.

Yeah, it was truly scary. But youll have to get used to it sooner or later. Duan Yuyang said in a profound tone, Craftsmen are the ones who are most sought after in this world. Whenever people get the chance to see a craftsman, they act like dogs who managed to find a bone.

The corners of Ji Yunweis mouth twitched involuntarily. He said, Cant you describe it in a more elegant and implicit way?

Duan Yuyang said, Im just worried that if its too elegant and implicit, my familys darling Henhen wouldnt understand it.

Yan Tianhen,

Its not like hes a fool! He feels like Duan Yuyang has a certain misconception of him.

Lin Dage! A crisp voice rang out from behind. Lin Xuanzhi turned around to look, and Baili Yunshan rushed over with a giggle as he swayed his arms back and forth.

Behind Baili Yunshan was Baili Yunsong, who felt very ashamed as his handsome face remained taut. He tried his best to maintain a dignified air as he walked over.

Lin Xuanzhi had a rather good impression of Baili Yunshan. He smiled and nodded slightly, Little friend Baili.

Baili Yunshan waved his hand. With worship evident in his bright eyes, he said to Lin Xuanzhi, Idol, you can just call me Yunshan ba. Can I ask for your signature?

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