Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Hes A Devil

Ch161 – Hes a Devil

Lin Xuanzhi continued, I didnt make up these words. Whether you believe them or not is entirely up to you. In my last life, I cultivated for a thousand years inside your world, so I can essentially name and identify the treasures that you recognize.

Soul Bead was confused for a long time and, after digesting the information for a while, he finally asked incredulously, How can that be possible? I am already a soul item myself, so only soul bodies can enter my world!

As such, I entered your world after my death in the form of a soul body and used my soul to cultivate the craftsman path. Lin Xuanzhi did not lie and laid it out straight as he talked about the past.

It was precisely because of that chance from his previous life that he was able to return to this life and cultivate a craftsmans soulfire. If he didnt have this period of coincidental events, then he would never have been qualified to become a craftsman.

This also happened to corroborate Lin Xuanzhis words.

According to Lin Xuanzhis many years understanding of the Soul Plate, this small world that trapped an old ancestors soul consciousness held countless secrets, and this old ancestor never told lies or made empty promises.

Soul Plate must know the method for crafting that magic tool, and Lin Xuanzhi was also reluctant to deceive him after all, even though he was only a Soul Bead right now, he absolutely had the ability to distinguish whether Lin Xuanzhi was telling the truth from his consciousness.

Lin Xuanzhi did not dare gamble.

Soul Bead sucked in a breath of cold air, still full of astonishment, So, all those materials that you know about, are from what Benzun once told you?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, There are some things that you took me to see with my own eyes. You left the Five Continents and went to the Nine Lands, but you avoided the Royal Heavenly Capital. You gave me a broken Revert World Mirror and told me that as long as I repaired that broken mirror, I could go back to my past life.

Soul Bead remained silent for a long time, as if it had disappeared.

Lin Xuanzhi was also silent, lost in his thoughts.

Yan Tianhen had already finished talking to Ling Chigu, who left first after being fed a drop of Yan Tianhens blood.

Yan Tianhen stood behind Lin Xuanzhi and looked at him, Dage, I may have to wait a little while longer.

Lin Xuanzhi came back to his senses and looked at Yan Tianhen, Whats wrong?

Yan Tianhen looked at the corpses on the ground, I just remembered that there is a kind of puppet technique in the Imperial Corpse Technique, and one of the simplest skills is to control these skeletal remains for your own use. Unfortunately, the puppets will break after being used several times.

Lin Xuanzhi looked around and told Yan Tianhen, I will set up boundaries first, you wait here for a moment.

Lin Xuanzhi set down his boundary-making magic tool in eight different locations, so he would be able to immediately sense anyone who stepped foot within a hundred li hundred-li radius of his location.

After Lin Xuanzhi completed this series of security measures, Yan Tianhen confidently began.

The Yin Qi inside his body began to circulate, driving a gust of spiritual qi that he could freely control and gradually changing its quality.

There were some that he couldnt touch, but there were also others that he could completely connect with.

Yan Tianhen didnt understand where these connections came from, but he really felt that he could revive those dark, decayed, dried, and dead things at will.

He had this power.

And he was born with this power.

Yan Tianhen gently moved his fingers and the spiritual Qi within his body surged forth. Suddenly, a tremor shook the entire Yudai Mountain!

Whos doing this? The mercenary groups hunting in the mountains and the people out there training themselves all felt the tremor that couldnt be ignored.

Look quickly! A cultivator suddenly cried out. He was horrified to find that, not far from him, the skeleton of a demonic beast that had been dead for who knows how long and was on the verge of being weathered into dust actually put itself back together and stood up!

Kill it! Another cultivator cried out as he drew his sword and slashed towards the corpse. The demonic beasts skull immediately shattered and was blown away by the wind, scattering into dust.

The cultivators were confused by this strange scene.

What the hell is going on here?

How could the skeleton of that demonic beast suddenly stand up and even put itself back together?

I have never seen such a strange thing before.

In the mercenary team, fear burst out from the eyes of a knowledgeable cultivator. He gritted his teeth, This is the work of a demonic cultivator!

Shixiong, look over there! A female cultivator pointed to the front as she cried out.

The other cultivators all looked over and saw dozens of skeletons that stood up one by one. Some had flesh that had yet to completely rot away hanging from their bones, making people sick.

These people were all disciples from Sky Peak Sects business branch who came here to look for wild spiritual plants and demonic beast materials. Although they often visited Yudai Mountain, this was their first time witnessing such a scene.

What in the worldIs this? A male cultivator murmured.

Is it a demonic cultivator? Someone speculated.

No, not a demonic cultivator. The team leaders expression suddenly changed and he retreated a few steps in disbelief, Could it be that another Divine Devil has been born?

In reality, it wasnt only these people who came to Yudai Mountain to gain experience, but even Lin Xuanzhi, who was standing beside Yan Tianhen, felt stunned by the situation in front of him.

One by one, the white skeletons stood up and, like a puppet army, neatly turned to face Yan Tianhen at the same time. They reached out their bony arms and used their hollow, empty eyes to stare at Yan Tianhen, who currently had one hand raised, pointing in front of him to a location nobody knows.

Lin Xuanzhi looked into the wilderness in all four directions, and he could see dense legions of white skeleton armies all over the mountains. Furthermore, there were many skeletons buried deep beneath the dark soil for who knows how many years, and they were currently trying their best to break through the ground.

Yan Tianhens pair of eyes had been stained scarlet, contrasting with the crack-like marks on his face from the seal. He gave off an eerie and sinister feeling, like a devil that had just crawled out from hell.

Ah Hen. Lin Xuanzhi called.

As expected, Yan Tianhen was unconscious, and he even took a step forward towards his skeleton army.

Mirroring his movement, all the skeletal soldiers simultaneously moved a step as well. Their movements neat and orderly, as though they were all one skeleton reflected in a mirror.

This wont do, Lin Xuanzhi thought.

Not to even mention the four-directions boundary field, he was afraid that the entire Yudai Mountain had already been occupied by these skeletal legions. His top priority right now was to find a way to take Yan Tianhen away from here while the people who came to cultivate in Yudai Mountain had yet to trace the skill back to this location.

He spared a glance at Ling Chigu, who had reappeared in the vicinity some time ago. Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand and chopped towards the back of Yan Tianhens neck, but before his hand even touched Yan Tianhens skin, the Yin Qi that had been pouring out crazily from Yan Tianhen was finally exhausted. With his eyes closed, Yan Tianhen fell down in a faint.

Ah Hen! Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen in his arms, rarely-seen panic and confusion flashing through his eyes.

Yan Tianhen was frozen stiff in Lin Xuanzhis arms, all his movements rigid.

In this instant, all the skeleton soldiers returned to their original forms as they fell to the ground in a loose heap, and the skeleton who had already stuck an arm out of the ground quickly retracted it, as if it had never appeared there.

Dazed, Lin Xuanzhi gazed at the Yan Tianhen in his arms, who looked white as a sheet of paper. He suddenly thought of a legend that had been passed down since the ancient Great War between Immortals and Demons.

He is not cultivating the devils path. Soul Plate said with an indescribably complex tone, He is a devil.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt respond. He ordered Ling Chigu, who was standing off to the side, Lead the people who chased all the way here away to other locations. After ensuring your own safety, think of every conceivable method in order to enter Sky Peak City. During this period of time, we can no longer come to Yudai Mountain.

Ling Chigus figure instantly vanished.

Lin Xuanzhi did not hesitate as he pulled out the fan that had been used as an attack device in the past and threw it into the air. He then leaped onto the fan with the help of his soul force, tightly hugging Yan Tianhen in his arms.

The fan turned into a boat-like flying aid and flew through the sky towards Sky Peak City.

After the two people left, the outline of a man with his hair down and dressed in a robe embroidered with exotic black flowers gradually became visible. His long silver hair, as soft as silk, hung down to his feet, and his facial features were inhumanly sharp and enchanting.

Blood-red robe, black flowers, and silver hair: this combination of colors possessed very high visual impact, but when placed on this tall and impeccable-looking man, nothing looked out of place.

He flicked out his scarlet tongue and licked his blood-red lips with the tip of his tongue, then laughed uncontrollably, I never expected to actually find a descendent of the Divine Devil tribe on this measly Five Continents Hahaha, indeed, the heavens did not destroy my Divine Devil tribe! What a good couldnt find it even after scouring the land and wearing out my iron shoes, but instead found it when I wasnt even trying!

Had Lin Xuanzhi still been there, he would have been shocked to hear the name Divine Devil clan.

This was a royal demon clan that should have already been completely wiped out in the Great Immortal-Demon War ten thousand years ago.

Just like that, this silver-haired crimson-robed man stood underneath the tree where Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen had been before. Not long after, a voice carried over from nearby.

Shixiong, I found it, this is the place!

That devil must be here!

My magic tool cant be wrong!

Soon, five young men and women wearing the robes of Sky Peak Sect descended from the sky.

When they saw the man standing underneath the tree, they immediately had a bad feeling.

However, their gazes would forever be locked onto this figure.

The Divine Devil needed only to move a single finger, and all that remained were five dried-out corpses with all their blood cleanly sucked out.

The dried-out corpses fell to the ground and were soon pulled underground by the white skeletal hands that poked out from the soil.

Not far away, the cultivator who was preparing to rush out and destroy this demonic cultivator to gain experience couldnt help but freeze up in terror upon witnessing this horrible scene.

He held his breath in fear that this terrifying devil would notice him.

My name is Lie Fenkong.

The silver-haired crimson-robed Divine Devil smiled conspiratorially at the tree, whose branches, leaves, and flowers were growing and blossoming at a pace visible to the naked eye, as he murmured in a voice only the two of them could hear, Next time you come, you need only call my name while facing this tree, and I will appear in front of you.

He hooked his lips, and a glint flashed through his long and narrow beautiful eyes, Ill wait for you.

Little rascal! Have you heard of the ancient Great War between Immortals and Demons? Soul Bead eagerly shouted nonstop, The Divine Devil clan and demonic cultivators have two very distinct meanings. Demonic cultivators, no matter how strong they are, are only human, but the Divine Devil clan is a devil dont just think that he looks human. In reality, hes just a foreign species wearing human skin!

Shut your mouth! Lin Xuanzhi shouted coldly as he jumped down from the fan.

He entered Yunlai Inn with Yan Tianhen in his arms.

Lin Liuchun was walking down the stairs while yawning.

When he saw the situation, Lin Liuchun paused his yawn midway to ask, Whats the matter with your Didi?

Lin Xuanzhi composed himself, Nothing much. He carelessly forgot himself during cultivation and exhausted all his spiritual Qi, which caused him to faint.

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