Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Fully Equipped With Top Grade Items

Ch164 – Fully Equipped With Top-Grade Items

A clear figure flashed through Bai Yichens mind. Even though he had never seen Lin Xuanzhi refine an item, this tyrannical style of taking all the spiritual qi was very like Lin Xuanzhi.

Im afraid that in the entire Sky Peak City, there is only one craftsman whose monstrous talent borders on demonic. The corners of Bai Yichens lips lifted into a smile as he spoke leisurely, The Hua Yurong who makes one forget even immortals at first glance, Lin Xuanzhi.

Bai Wuya digested this for a while, then said, The craftsman who directly took away four sky-level materials a few days ago should be this person ba.

Bai Yichen hooked his lips, There is only one Lin Xuanzhi in this world.

Bai Wuya sighed with emotion, And I had been wondering exactly what kind of special person could force you to make a personal appearance. I didnt expect that he really was a peerless genius. Im really curious about exactly what kind of treasure he crafted, that actually needed to be refined just before the competition starts at this critical juncture. If he was late by even a day, then he would not be able to make tomorrows Hundred Families Gathering.

It should be an item thats extremely important to him. Bai Yichen smiled, If you really want to know, then ask him, but whether hell actually tell you is another matter.

Bai Wuya blinked at Bai Yichen, Most likely, the only one in our family who has this kind of face, is you.

Bai Yichen swept a glance over him, Want me to ask?

Bai Wuya nodded, Dont tell me that you dont want to know exactly what kind of priceless treasure that treasure tool is?

What does it matter whether we know or not? Its not for me anyways; I wont ask. Bai Yichen responded.

Bai Wuya suddenly smiled, Youre being childish again. Remember to ask Lin Xuanzhi to personally craft a magic item especially for you next time. Its an honor for him to receive a personal request from the Bai familys young master.

You cant say it like that. Perhaps the entire situation for Five Continents craftsmen will experience a change after this. Besides Bai Yichen retrieved a wine flask from his storage bag, his eyes flashing a sly light, How do you know that he has never refined magic items specially for me?

Bai Wuya saw that wine flask and couldnt help the corners of his lips from twitching, Dont tell me, this thing that you constantly carry around as if some priceless treasure came from Lin Xuanzhis hands.

Bai Yichen, who treated the wine flask as an extremely precious treasure, raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard Bai Wuya, Why, do you have something to say about this wine flask?

Bai Wuya, .

This tone, this attitude, even if he had an opinion, he would still need to suppress it!

And yet, this wine flask really was hard on the eyes. Just casually pull out any younger generation member from the Bai family and the items they craft would all be stronger than this one at least appearance-wise.

Down-to-earth was still saying it lightly, in fact, what Bai Wuya wants to say even more is Ugly and dirty, being seen holding it in ones hand is simply downgrading Bai Yichens level.

What its for? Isnt it just to drink wine?

This is actually a top-grade magic tool, Bai Yichen smiled and said with certainty, The ingredients for the wine flask, at the very least, included spiritual water crystals, demonic blood vines, sacred Buddha lotus heart, and even incorporated an earth-level sou-nourishing pill. As for what other important materials went into this, I cant tell anymore, but they are absolutely not ordinary.

When he looked at Bai Yichen again, his expression gradually changed from its original shock-speechless state to an inexplicably complex expression full of suspicion.

Young Master, have you ever know this person before? Bai Wuya asked carefully.

Naturally, I did not know him. When I resided in Qing City, Id heard his name, and also saw him several times from afar, but he probably had not seen me.

Bai Yichen gently rubbed the wine flask in his hands as he spoke with carefully-measured words, Many years ago, I once asked a prophet where I could find the opportunity to extend my life, he told me to go to East Continents Profound City. Unexpectedly, I found it.

Bai Wuya had a weird feeling and frowned, But, the materials and pills that he used were all things that you needed, and he even took this handcrafted magic tool to come ten thousand li to Profound Citys Hidden Tools Pavilion, and specially sold it to you.

Do you think that this is a coincidence?

Even though Bai Wuya didnt ask this, but he didnt even need to ask.

Bai Yichen looked at that clumsy and lovely wine flask and thought about the great benefits it brought him when he drank the wine obtained from this flask. He thought for a moment and asked, Wuya, in this world, do you think that besides prophets, there are other people who can tell the future?

How can that be possible. Bai Wuya shook his head, How can the Dao of Heaven be so easy to see through. At the very least, Lin Xuanzhi does not have the aura of a prophet. The more people are cared for by the Dao of Heaven, the more impossible it is for them to peep into the Dao of Heavens inner workings. His talent is already so high, there is absolutely no possibility of him being a prophet.

Bai Yichen frowned slightly, Then, what do you think is the probability of Lin Xuanzhi harboring a secret crush on me?

Bai Wuya, ..

Bai Wuyas eyes violently twitched. This kind of question, how should he answer?

Its possible for anyone to have a secret crush on Young Master. Bai Wuya thought for a moment and immediately said solemnly and earnestly, If Lin Xuanzhi saw Young Master and was overwhelmed by Young Masters demeanor, then that is also within expectations tsk, I was wondering how that brat was able to understand and care so much about Young Masters situation, he really is deep-hearted.

This time, it was Bai Yichens turn to stare at Bai Wuya speechlessly.

I was just joking around and spoke that casually, you dont have to think in circles just to follow me. Bai Yichen spoke earnestly.

Bai Wuya said in confusion, But Im serious, and I really do think so. Otherwise, how could he find out the things that very few people from the Bai family know about? And he even crafted a magic item for Young Master. One can see that he really cares about Young Master.

Bai Yichen hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and smiled, Towards that Didi of his, now thats actually him caring about someone.

Didi? He has a younger brother? Bai Wuya was obviously ignorant of this.

The youth who follows him around everywhere he goes, short and only reaches to his chest, a thin and small body, black cracks on his face, his left foot is a little crippled. Bai Yichen described.

Bai Wuya suddenly realized, I thought that was his servant. I didnt expect that he was actually his Didi. He doesnt look like Lin Xuanzhi at all.

Theyre not blood-related, I heard that his father picked him up from somewhere. Bai Yichen explained.

Ive yet to actually see how Lin Xuanzhi treats him well. Bai Wuya frowned and thought, Yan Tianhens sense of presence really is too small. If not for his unique outer appearance, which makes him hard to forget, then he would never remember this person.

Bai Yichen said meaningfully, When you see him at the Hundred Families Gathering tomorrow, you can carefully observe the things he wears on his head, the clothes hes wearing, the items hanging at his waist, the things on his wrist over ten types of treasures are hidden on him, and not a single ones level is lower than high-grade magic tool. Im afraid that the majority are all top-grade items.

Bai Wuya opened his mouth wide, dumbfounded, his entire person shocked to the core, as though he had received a great impact.

Its already not easy to afford a mid-grade magic tool, but he actually wears high- and even top-grade items on his entire body? Bai Wuya exclaimed incredulously, Isnt this too extravagant? Do craftsmen nowadays all have this kind of money? This isnt logical, even our Bai familys main branch would not dare do so!

No matter whether the Bai family dared or not, Yan Tianhen indeed has a total of over ten magic items on his person.

Bai Yichen said, Whats there to not dare? Lim Xuanzhi has this ability, and the people around him will naturally receive these benefits.

Bai Wuya sucked in a cold breath. After a long time, he sighed, He really is a good Dage.

In Yunlai Inn, all the customers staying there felt the dense spiritual qi overflowing and gathering. They immediately sat cross-legged in their rooms and took advantage of this opportunity to absorb the spiritual qi and transform it into the spiritual energy in their bodies.

Yan Tianhen, on the other hand, jumped down from the bed at once and rushed out of his room, coming to a stop in front of Lin Xuanzhis room. He looked at the door nervously, his eyes unblinking.

Before long, he heard the sound of spiritual qi being sucked into the magic item, and the spiritual energy that had been hovering in the air in a spiral dissipated. The door was also opened from the inside.

Lin Xuanzhi saw Yan Tianhen at first glance, as well as the few other Lin family pupils standing behind him.

Dage. Yan Tianhen cried.

Lin Xuanzhi gave him a slight nod and then said to Lin Liuchun, who was standing on the other side, Fourth Elder.

Lin Liuchun narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Lin Xuanzhi, Treasure tool?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Its merely high-grade.

Lin Liuchun stopped talking.

Several Lin family pupils also stood beside Lin Luchun, all of them looking at him with complicated eyes.

Lin Yurou smiled with some difficulty, Congratulations to Xuanzhi Tangdi. you actually refined a high-grade treasure tool this easily. Dont know what this treasure tool will be used for?

Lin Dong also nodded, his eyes shining and mouth drooling, Is it related to tomorrows Hundred Families Gathering?

Lin Xuanzhi lightly swept a glance over them, Its only an auxiliary item and has no relation to the Hundred Families Gathering.

Lin Yurou felt a little uncomfortable and said, Xuanzhi Tangdi, this is not right. We are all family here. Since you have crafted a treasure tool, then naturally, you should let your own family take a look and broaden their horizons.

If it were other treasures, then there would be no harm in showing everyone here, only, the treasure tool that I refined today was ordered by another, so its not convenient for me to show it to others. After Lin Xuanzhi finished speaking, he told Lin Liuchun, Fourth Elder, I still have some matters to discuss with Ah Hen.

Lin Liuchun narrowed his eyes, What is your current cultivation level?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Foundation Stage Second Layer.

Lin Liuchun said, Although Im not a craftsman, even I know that a craftsman who just started on his path cannot possibly craft a treasure tool, let alone a high-grade one.

Lin Xuanzhi was indifferent, Does Fourth Elder suspect that I am hiding my strength?

If you have the ability to hide your strength in front of me, then its fine, but I want to ask, did you cultivate some crooked technique? Lin Liuchun had a frank nature, In this world, the cultivation method that can allow someone to improve by leaps and bounds in a single day, should be the crooked and evil Dao paths.

Fourth Elders words are not based in evidence. Lin Xuanzhi said, Its just a coincidence that I can craft a treasure tool. Fourth Elder should have heard that I obtained some materials from the Bai familys Treasure Appraisal Convention a few days ago. This kind of rare and advanced material can completely promote a treasures level. Therefore, it is not necessarily my credit.

Lin Liuchun naturally knew about Lin Xuanzhis great success during the Bai familys Treasure Appraisal Convention. He pondered a little and stared at Lin Xuanzhi, Do you dare to let me scan your internal qi?

Hearing this, Lin Xuanzhis expression immediately sank some, Fourth Elder, if you dont believe me, then I have nothing to say, but if you are really going to scan my body, then it will be difficult for me to have no bad feelings toward you.

Lin Yurou said hastily, Xuanzhi Tangdi, those words of yours were a bit rude. Fourth Elder is also thinking of everyones safety.

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